Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Beginning day four ON THE WAY

I want to start off by apoligizing ,  My spell check does not work here in KG and My editor is out of Internet access , so you will have to forgive my spelling ...

I just spoke with Julie and Acel.. they are doing great .  They said that the first days climb was harder then they ever imagined , Lots of times it was so steep that they could just lean forward a bit and climb with both their hands and feet.  This is the part where the pilgrims are not in the grove of walking yet and the rout is so difficult that many turn back .. But not our Girls .. they are determined, and they made it .. up early , train to the base of the mountain , registered, and then 8 km up the mountain.  all by 4 pm.  On top of the hard climb it was about 31 c out.  Julie says that All day Acel was grinning ear to ear and saying how happy she is to be able to do this .. she is on a high .. Growing up in the mountains at high elevations, she is running circles around everyone ..   

   Today when they got up, there is a heavy fog and they can hardly see anything , They are waiting to see about taking an alternate route to Ronsenfeld that is around the mountain rather then over it . they will know shortly whats going to happen .

Their target for today is the city of Roncesvalles where they will be staying at the Albergue .

. . This monastery is one of the earliest examples of medieval Gothic church architecture in Spain.at this point,  the modern era seems to fall away and the atmosphere of the medieval pilgrimage envelop you as you  continue  the way

Here in Tokmok we are still hard at it, Our guests left at 2am this morning , and today is back to school .  Emma and I will be going in a couple hours to take some kids from the orphanage back to school shopping. As well we had 4 older girls here with Baktagul to get them selves into school.. One has been sponsored for school in Bishke , and has just left to register, and one that I talked about earlier , who has been brid knapped twice now and is ver volnerable, went in to the Pharmacy collage to see about registering there .  If she gets in she will need to find a sponsor for her tuition, not shure yet how much it will be , my guess is about $500 .. we will know more soon.. She is close enough that she would be able to stay in the girls room here at the apartement.  Another young girl called that we help with her living expences , she gets about $10 a week for this, Last year we would give it to here once a week, Today we will discuss wether she feels ready to try for 2 weeks at a time .. we want her to learn to handle money, but don't want to set her up to fail.  
The yug mother with baby was talking with Emma today and the baby is doing much better so she was thinking that she would maybe not go in to the hospital .. Emma explained that even if the baby is doing better , it could just be themeds and she should still be seen at the hospital, besides there is still the possibility of TB and she needs to be checked out .   Thats eight young girls , and a young mother with three kids .. all products of the orphanage system here , all trying to mak their WAY..  helped along THE WAY .. by suport from people like you .. whith out the guidenceand suport , no telling where they would end up .. Please consider right now making a donation , suport Julie and Acel on THE WAY , and suport the women here in Kyrgyzstan ON THERE WAY ... Our goal is $100 000 so we can set up permanant programs that will help with  Protection, housing , food, medical , education and documents .. basicly everything necessary to bring abused and abandoned women to a place of self sustainability .. 

Please share this post, donate $25 and challange 2 friends to do the same. 

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