Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another one of my hero's

Many of you will recognise Larisa here on the right , she is my friend that works with the people from the dump, from the little village where we put the water in, she is the person that heads up all the work at the invalid home, she is the person that works with a lot of the families and seniors that we support. Larisa is the person I go to for documents for people we are helping, and it is Larisa that brought us to the seniors home for the first time... is it any wonder that she is a friend of another one of my hero's .. Vera here on the left is an amazing women.... When I first met her, she was working our of her apartment trying to provide for the needs of those in her village... When we first spoke with her she had a dream on opening a centre in the centre of the village where she could provide meals for the needy, as well as build a playground for the children... a place where they would be safe, and would have someone that would care for them.
It is just over a year later, and she has that centre. An investment was made in her dream, of just over $7000. the centre is now full to capacity. Daily, Seniors and kids from the village come for lunch, and those that are to sick to make it that day are visited in the afternoon... She has also developed an incredible children's program. The summer program provides a safe place and a watchful eye for a couple dozen kids every day. She has a dream of expanding the building, and that is now possible... I think I have shared before that the building attached to her's has just come up for sale, and can be purchased for $6000. If any one was looking to work some very GOOD soil , this would be the place...

I did just get word that Vera has had a set back the end of her leter she writes "I had problems with health ...Необходимо urgent treatment which costs 200дол.. I Require prayerful support for healing and financial maintenance."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And... their off.....

This is a very momentous occasion for Aigula ...... This is the next big step in stability for her family. It was not that long ago that we first met her and her family when the 5 kids first moved into the orphange. Life for them has been a series of ups and downs, but with the support of so many of you, every up is a little higher then the one before... Today, through a project spearheaded buy a group in Colorado, Aigula has officially started her mattress making business.
Her she is with Anya as they unpack the new sewing machine.
It gets the thumbs up . Then it's off to load up all the quilting for the first 30 mattresses . (blessings for other families that will be able to afford to eat now)
Beksolten and Anya help bring supplies into the house .Now for the rest of the materials ... Aigula carefully checks her list ...And it's down to business for Aiperi and Aigula as they begin production ....Anya stops buy to inspect the finished product.... she is our quality control... They pass the test, and now off to the orphanages , invalid homes, seniors homes and hospitals..... stay tuned for those photo's .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

SEPT 15th

Sept 15th .. that's the target date... Stay tuned for more details, but if everything falls into place, I will be heading home to Central Asia in 6 weeks ... We have some incredible plans for this fall... wait until you see ... it's going to be wild !
Hay Jengish.. you better try to be rested by the time I arrive... I only have a month this time, and you thought you had a hard time keeping up with me before!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Larisa and Tanya update.

Some times I like to re post correspondence from our dream agents just as they arrive... Maybe it's only me, but I feel more like I am there with them when I read the accent into the letter... Besides, I think their spelling may be better then mine. Here is Larisa's letter this morning...

Hallo blessing family Wright . Please forgive us that last week didn't write.
I was not internet and my computer was broken.
We experience together with you your sorrow. And your grief stayed for us not someone else. ( I had not shared with them about the passing of Julie's Mom while I was there) We love you and remember about you.
John how is your health? How are you doing? How do you spend summer time?
John you so much worked in Kyrgyzstan, You was not even time for rest.
Please care about yourself and about your health.

We have good news. We wish you to please.
Men from the invalid house good,
But for one of these men the happiness waited.
Its big dream in his life to meet the parents.
We "spoke" with him..
He believed and hoped.
Larissa has written the letter on republican TV (maybe someone Can knows about this
But doctors have told that he haven't parents.
When he was born parents have left him in maternity home, then children's home,
+ +.after in invalid house.
Has passed 25 years and here the Divine miracle.
In TV have heard its surname and say his mother.
3 Day back they came in invalid house to met with him.
And soon it will take away home.
One person from invalid house now happy
He cried with happiness and would speak to all men that "spoke "
will hear.
He has a great faith
The Heart rejoices.

We so happy, what even it is impossible to transfer words.
Men say you hallo and ask about you. And
We with men on the serving "speek" for you and your family.
and always speak you thank you for your care for them Are very grateful for
All well shaved and pure.
Hairdresser Sasha is especially happy to work in very comfortable hairdressing
All people from village come to look at a hairdressing salon.
Give hallo and many thanks all who care about invalid house from all
of us.
Thanks all those people who opens the heart for them.
Now woman Nina happy and joyful.
And she eats the tasty meal heated in a pan like a person....
And today she not to need to ask meal in the Bazar and to ask food and money, or eat from garbage .
We have brought woman Nina to the house for elderly.
She very was afraid to go She does not have any documents and the passport to live in house John could you help finance for Her documents 60$

Dear Julie thanks you for your care and thought of this child Arafat.
Earlier he was very silent and closed, but today this child very active, plays
with other children and rejoices lives.
And when he eats meal , meal does not come in his nose now.
The Family send you big regard and wait you in guests.
They thank all those who helped to finance operation.
The head (Akim)of our area sends regards and especial gratitude.

John thanks you for help for girl Sasha which sick heart.
Anya gave me the money
We ask that you remember for it.
I spend some money buy vitamins and food.
When her mother has learnt that for its child money it has given much cried and
could not believe that so can occur
but then
When her mother has learnt that for her baby sponsor give money ,she cried and could not
believe that somebody could give the money for her child.
And she thought that her daughter would have died .

Thank you John so much
I have got from Anya 200$ please could you write for which my plan I could
spend this money.

Good by
Larisa and Tanya.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not all fun and games....

Never a dull moment in the summer, and this summer is no exception. ut at Vera's, things have been under full swing again this year with the feeding program. With the construction of the playground, they have become the center for children's activity in town... not only do they run a daily program for the kids all summer, they provide a meal for them as well... many of these kids would otherwise be left alone for the summer while the parents work in the fields... I love seeing photo's like this, especially when I recognise the cloths and the Teddy bares that the kids have....( if you are viewing this post from facebook you will need to click View original post at the end of the post) This program has become such a draw, that they have had to consider how they will continue to support the kids on this level once the summer is over... I had shared a few months back about their desire to put on an addition so the could have a children's centre before winter.I have just learned that the other 1/2 of the building that they are in has just come up for sale... the owner would like to move in the fall... who all would like to agree with me for the finances ($6000.) to purchase and open a new children's centre.... I have said it before and I will say it again.... Vera and Alic are good soil if someone wanted a pet project to do some planting in...

Summer is also a time when our friends open up a camp in the mountains that the children from the orphanage can attend... here is a family you may recognise ... look closely and you will see Benson ( Acelbeck ) up in the mountains for a visit with his family at the camp.

Summer is not just a time for play, it is also a time for work... I was just listening to Jengish saying that he needs to invest in a pair of gloves because his hands are all blistered from working so hard at the rehab centre.... He is young... he will get over it.... her also says that the bees are doing exceptional and they have a bumper crop, and the farm flowing with milk and honey will soon be supporting the work with the homeless.... His is not the only honey that is doing well.. Vlady's Goji berry honey is flowing as well... he also tells me that we have a bumper crop of potatoes this year as well.... We always hire Vlady to grow the potatoes for the families we support as well as the orphanage and Vera's feeding program...

He is not the only one working , Altynai will be working with Anvar ( the boy with the facial reconstruction Sergery) and his sister to help them get ready for school... For the next two weeks, she will try to help him catch up from his time away from school.... Another young lad we are helping is hard at work this summer ... This young boy has not been in school for several years because of a speech impediment... We have made arrangements for him to receive one on one speech therapy over with Olga at the Knowledge store... He does not have a sponsor yet, but at $50 for the summer, and a chance at a fresh start on life, we could not say no when his mother came to us... she has not been able to afford help for him since her husband died a couple years ago.
Torat and Acelbeck are hard at work as well... under the direction of Anya's brother, ( Christina's husband) they have been busy renovating an apartment that another very good friend of ours purchased.... Now you can just know that this is going to turn into one incredible storey when the time comes to share it, but all I can say is that I am sooooo pumped........ It has been very timely as the boys and their families where starting to get desperate for the food money....,

... Now Torats family will be missing him, but may be to busy to notice for the next little while... this next photo is of Sergey and Anya coming out of the shop with a new sewing machine that they had ordered for Igoola's mattress sewing business.... She is now into full swing with the materials and orders for the first 20 mattresses... we are also looking for some one to partner with us in a project for the rehab centre... we will be getting Aigolla to make the winter covers for the bee hives as well... we need 54 of them made... I think we have someone in place to purchase the materials, and now we just need someone to sponsor the labour and the transportation expenses... about $5 each.....

But wait ... the excitement does not stop there.... while this was going on, Sammy and 19 ladies were on the shop till you drop in the Ukraine...
they were taking children from the orphanages on shopping trips for new clothes... this is something I have had the privilege of doing a lot of, and it never gets old.... The joy and the excitement when kids who have NEVER had the opportunity to choose what they might where, never mind the colour, but will it even fit... when they get to the market and get to choose... it is simply over whelming, and the kids like it well in only Sammy style, they finished off the week with the fashion show of all fashion shows... when the kids got the chance to strut their stuff down the runway, and enjoy a great celebration...... I'm telling you, these ladies hit one out of the park for these kids.....
Thats just some of the excitement of the last two weeks... stay tuned and we will see how the rest of the summer goes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Alone

So apparently I am not alone in my disgust with the world around me at times.... Here is an article I just read by Columnist/ Michael Coren called Priorities Perverted...

Can you imagine if he had of seen the story about the rats....!.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Over 100 Rats rescued from a cramped home !

This makes me see RED !!!!

The Canadian Press reports today: Montreal- More then 100 rats have been handed over to humane society officials after inspectors visited a cramped Montreal apartment and found animals living under squalid conditions.

The article goes on to tell how rescue workers brought the Rats back to the humane society where their medical conditions were cared for, and they were all given baths and are ready to be adopted....
So who pays these people?... what did this little adventure just cost us.?... I get so sick of this "CRAP" !... Do we not get it are suffering, people are dying , all the while we are saving rats from living in squalid conditions.... I thought rats like squalor... I know my friends living back at the dump don't like it much, and I can not seem to raise the support to get them a bath and a new home, yet people continue to send money to the humane society.... I am all for treating animals well, but what is it about this society that in these rough economic times, we can still give money to rescue RATS, and Jengish and I had to walk away from our friends living in the dump because we do not have the resources to help them.......

Oh Just had a thought ..... maybe this will help! Maybe we can just pretend that they are all rats like..... Vera here !

Is it any wonder that we are such a mess, that life is such an emotional roller coaster. People say to us " It must be hard to go"... the truth is it is hard to come home when this is what we find.......... now please excuse me as I go puke !

Oh It has just come to my attention that I may have offended some of my readers that currently support the humane society ... if that is the case.... GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE, and come back and see me when my friends are not so hungry.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Why 1760 mattresses ......?

A great way to restore Hope and dignity is to help a family to become self sustaining... This is one of the families in Central Asia that is on there way to meeting that goal.... Mom and the five kids have been receiving help through the sponsorship program... you can see them here a few hours ago receiving groceries... ( the oldest is in the fields with the animals while this photo is being taken) ... Today they also heard the good news... A wonderful group in Colorado has raised the funds to help them to fulfill a dream that they have had... The group has raised the funds to purchase sewing machines and supplies to set up a sewing business.... The oldest daughter is even interested in going to a sewing school in the fall to learn the business side of sewing. Before starting into any business, you want to know that there is a need for the service that you are providing... When we were working on a business plan with them, it was evident that PI alone currently spends enough on items they will be producing to make a significant start to there micro enterprise....
We are always looking for things like over coats for the workers at the invalid home and Seniors home, blankets in the winter, sheets for the orphanages and other institutions, and many other basic sewing projects... The greatest need we have right now is that of Mattresses....
My very first visit to one of the institutions in Central Asia, I was horrified when I discovered the condition of the mattress in the Seniors home there... we were moving the mattresses so we could work on the rooms... the old mattresses had been discarded, and I was moving the "GOOD"ones... when I went to pick it up, my fingers poked right into the thread bare , damp and musty mattresses... the were so disgusting, and smelled so bad, that suddenly I got this involuntary gag reflex, and just about lost it right then and there... and these were considered the good ones that they wanted to keep.
From that point on, I started noticing the condition of the mattresses where ever we went, and in doing so noticed that in many institutions they don't even have mattresses for everyone. In one of the homes we are trying to help in, out of 287 men and boys that they house, only 200 have mattresses.... Last winter , approximately 75 men died of malnutrition and exposure.... the majority of them were the men with no mattress.... Men that just faced the cold of the winter, in a sparsely heated building with only a thin blanket and a board to sleep on.
Even in the hospitals, patients must bring there own mattress with them because of the shortage... many times the families we helping are sleeping on the floors with no mattresses either... and any seniors or kids that have medical issues, are often on very old urine soaked mattresses...if they have one at all...
Because of this, we usually buy mattresses every time we are there, but we do not have the resources to buy as many as are urgently needed... just to get every one a bed, never mind replacing the ones that are to old and disgusting is not obtainable for us ....
Then we had a brain storm... If we were to make the mattresses ourselves, we could make them for about 1/4 the price that we are buying them for... this would leave ample room to provide a small salary, and still save a bundle....
But now there is one more part to this storey... The local textile plant has had difficult economic times, like every one else, yet they have come up with a way of solving there financial short fall.... They simply pay their employees in material... this has left many families that are otherwise viable, struggling to maintain.... We will be able to purchase materials from these families to make the mattresses, and in doing so return dignity to them as well.....
This is such a win win situation all around.... all we need to do is to sponsor a mattress....The cost will be only $15 each .... With such a need, I got thinking what would be a good target ?, and since there is such a great need at this time, I figured what could we expect to produce in the next year..?.. at full production, we could conceivable produce 1800 mattresses... so my target is an easy one.... 1760 mattresses... now why 1760 as a target... watch this video and you will understand....

Now I understand that the odds of finding that one person that willing to spend as much on a mattress as the person in the video is pretty slim, but if we each did what we could it would not take us long to overcome this problem ....and at $15 each, I think we can do it...
If you would like to be a part of this project, go here, or use the donation button on the top right of this blog

Try Packing This !

If you have ever had the opportunity to walk through some of the orphanages in Central Asia, you may notice something a little out of place. Beautiful modern wheelchairs in an old run down orphanage ... they are certainly not the norm, but they are showing up more and more all the time... Most of this is because of a very special couple ... They are Loren and Joanne... Every year they work tirelessly raising funds and support for their project. They bring new and remodeled wheelchairs to Central Asia, then custom fit them to those that are in need... Here is a photo of them with PI's very own Jengish as they are fitting wheelchairs in Jengish's home town in the mountains....
I had the privilege of meeting them last summer. They day they arrived, they came for a visit with us to one of the orphanages we support... It's funny Loren was shy about getting his photo taken here because he had been up for over 40 hours at this point.... Hummmm not sure he looks much different in the photo above taken a week They had so much to do themselves, and such a busy schedule, yet they took the time to make the rounds with us that day... With all the needs that they face, they still recognized the need for mattresses that we had, and actually sponsored 20 beds and sheets... This year while we were there, A load of wheelchairs arrived that they had just sent... what a blessing it is for those that may have thought the world had forgotten about them ...
I just got word that they are ready to travel again...they have another load of wheelchairs that are destined for our kids in a few weeks. As you can imagine, there are many logistical difficulties when traveling around the world with a load like the one shown above, some times things can get a little tight....but nothing a little $ GREASE $ can't help... If you would like some more information about what they will be doing this trip, or how you might be able to be a part of it, feel free to drop them a line at

Monday, July 06, 2009

Emma's Custom Portraits

Emma now has her own blog where she will feature her paintings and take orders for custom portraits. check it out She is hoping to use this as a means of raising money for her return to Central Asia.

Broken Wings - The Orphans Edition!

This weekend a good friend of mine was in town to put on a concert... I still find at times that I am amazed at those that I am privileged to call my friend... In the last few years, we have developed an incredible group of friends, both in real time and on the Internet. Our circle of friends continues to grow all the time .. from California to Florida to Northern Ontario and so many stops in between... in fact the circle of friends is almost growing as fast here in North America as it is in Central Asia. but I digress.....

When Kevin was here, he shared with our friends a little about how he first met us... He had come to Central Asia with Sam, and had come prepared to sing anywhere and everywhere asked. I am sure that when he started out, he envisioned himself singing for grander and bigger venues then we had arranged... He shared with us the impact on his life when one of the first places he sang was in the home of one of the families that Larisa helps... The Grandfather had stomick troubles, the grand mother had cancer and could not get out of bed, the daughter had a brain tumor and was blind, and the grand daughter was in bed with something else for about three weeks .. I just can't quit remember, it was all a bit overwhelming... The house was dark and damp, and as Kevin says that her has more in his garage then the some total of their worldly positions...

Yet in this little room filled with such depression and desperation, Kevin sang as if he was standing on the stage of the ACC with the Gaithers. In fact likely a little better... There needs were far beyond the little bit of food we brought them, we had no "gold or silver" to bring, but we were able to let them know that they were special... an amazing thing happened that day, on our way out of the house, the little girl was up, running around and even waved goodbye to us from up the tree in the front yard.

Kevin received a special treat later that day...After serving lunch to families in the dump, and delivering chickens to an old babushka, we went out to the orphanage... What Kevin did not know is that we had gotten the kids a copy of a song he had not yet released. They learned the song, and during the concert when he thought he was going to sing to them, they all joined in on the corus... you will have to watch his reaction in this video

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Newest face of Joy

Kudrat is a young boy our friends found in a small remote mountain orphanage. Because of his age and the distance to the City, he has been over looked for a cleft pallet surgery that he desperately needed... Sort of fallen through the cracks so to speak.... Here is his new smile ......