Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Bringing the gift of life

One thing I have noticed this past few months is the Covid is no respecter of person.  Rich or poor, the needs are the same.  I was just looking at some photos from today's deliveries and I could see the differences .. but the need was the same .  I am sure that there is a message in there some where.  

Lots more deliveries of both food and medications.  Our friend from one of the churches was contacted by the mayors office looking for help, so we were so pleased that we were able to help.  Bringing the gift of Life 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

No amount is too big!

We have not had a sponsor come forward to help Altai yet, but we felt strongly to move ahead and help her anyways.  Today Vlad delivered a bunch of supplies for the new baby .  

We will keep an eye on her situation and continue to help where we can. 

In the last couple days we have also distributed over $1000 worth of medication to the hospitals and individuals. 

We have also run low on our vitamins and have just placed an order for another $500 worth.   There are just so many needs right now and they continue to grow.. friends and family of friends, and friends of family so many have covid  now, and the cases continue to grow by the hour..   If anyone would like to donate toward life saving medications and vitamins, please consider doing that now. and we will transfer the funds over as they come in.  No amount is too small, but at this point, no amount is too big. 

Friday, July 24, 2020

Look for the exceedingly and abundantly !

A few days ago while out on deliveries, Vlad came across a situation .. Some times the, for some reason. we feel lead to "stop for the one in front of you." The person that God stops you in your tracks and says "THIS ONE" .. there are so many and so many needs, but today its this one.  

Our young friend is a single mother and is expecting .  At the best of times life is hard in Kyrgyzstan, but with the strain on the hospitals, the lack of food, and unsafe work conditions due to covid, we can just imagine how difficult this is.   

we brought her food, and have gotten her prenatal vitamins, and will cover her medical expenses .. We made that decision right away.  but here we are a few days later and the words just keep coming back to me "exceedingly and abundantly more then you could ask or imagine"    You see today she got what she was able to ask and what she imagined, but my friend Ron would say to me, "Look for the exceedingly and abundantly."   So I will put this out there.  I know that there are so many other needs and so many others in trouble right now, but IF this resonates with any of you the way id did with us,  we could easily and happily go back and do MORE then she could imagine. 

lots more food deliveries went out as well .  These next pictures are of some of the workers and care givers, and teachers from one of the orphanages .  the hope is that if we can keep them safe and healthy, they in turn will be able to keep the kids healthy. 

They were blessed .. thank you all

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Food , cleaning supplies and oxygen .

Breathe my Tokmok

In my wildest imagination, I never thought we would be delivering oxygen !    Yesterday along with the other food deliveries, Vlad prepared some special food hampers for the workers at the orphanages .  Included in their food hampers for their own families we have included a bottle of honey from the farm.  We need these front line essential workers to be healthy and stay out of the markets .  

Over at another orphanage they are in good shape for food, but they had run out of cleaning supplies , another essential item, especially at a time like this  

But the most urgent need of all is oxygen .   With the last big fund raiser we did last week , some extra money came in, so along with the oxygen concentration machines for the hospitals , we have 2 units and two oxygen meters that we bring directly to people struggling to breath .   Our friends measure the oxygen levels and then put people on the concentrator until their oxygen levels come back up.  It is not the ideal situation, but it gives their body a little break and a chance to regain some strength.

Many others are suffering  at this time.  As funds become available we will be able to purchase more supplies and possibly get a few more teams on the road bringing oxygen .. the cost of the machine is around $800 ..  the value of the gift of breath .. priceless

As aid money is running out, our friends are trying to think of ways to create some revenue in country to support the medical workers .. they have started  ДышиМойТокмок BreatheMyTokmok and are selling bumper stickers and t shirts to raise funds.   As great as this is , I see two problems , front line workers and volunteers should not have to be spending time and energy raising their own operating funds , but the have to, and the other this is that they are raising the funds from people that are already strained just trying to survive... but what this does is shows the urgency of the need . 

If you would like to be part of this project, we are excepting donations now, and will transfer the funds immediately as they come in .  Thank you to everyone that has been supporting this on going effort

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Help is on the way .. because of you

Here is a pretty special photo ..  290 food packages ready to be distributed ... I can only imagine all the work that went into organizing this .. all the shopping , delivering and coordinating the packaging , not to mention the deliveries .. Just think how relieved people will be when someone shows up at their door . 

Here is something else that is exciting . high end top of the line, maximum output  oxygen machines just landed from turkey and are on their way now to the to the two field hospitals we have been helping .   

These needs are just a drop in the bucket for what is needed but we had to start somewhere .. we are believing for more funds so that we can continue to reach out to the needs of a area of so much need.  If you would like to help, we would appreciate any donations and will immediately get them into the hands and feet on the ground  . 

At the farm they are getting caught up from a few days of packing and are now working on the caning.

 On the other side of Bishkek our team found out about a home orphanage that was in need .

Monday, July 13, 2020

Blessings to all that made this possible

More supplies have been arriving at the 2 emergency  hospitals we are helping .. 

1000 pcs. gloves 1000 pcs. syringes 1000 pc. drip system 4000 pcs alcohol napkins 40 bottles of 100 mg of alcohol

10 protective shields for doctors and various other supplies .

More supplies including the Oxygen machines will be arriving on Wednesday morning. 

At my Canada home I have been pleased with the gardens.  I have the boys on the farm watching to see how I do, so I am under a little pressure to keep the gardens just right 

Then I get pictured from them and there gardens .. 


There will be a food drop going out on Wednesday for about 300 families as well as cleaning supplies for the Chui orphanage.  So we will be able to start adding produce from the farm to the orders .

Out in Balache the men's and Woman's rehab center received a big food drop that they were very pleased to receive .

Bekah and Azamat have been enjoying a few days rest at the Kashar so we have been getting some great pictures and videos from them .

As Canada starts moving toward reopening, we are still very careful here, and I was un easy about having company in the house .  I am feeling ok with safe distance out side visits , but we live a long way from anything , and people would need a washroom break .  That said, the last couple days I dug out some old slab wood and built a small out house for our guests .. Julie calls it the Hydrangea House . 

Tomorrow the shopping will continue in Kyrgyzstan and by Friday we will have another big day.   

I will post more photos as they come in .  Blessings to all, and stay safe . 

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Bringing in the sheaves !

In preparation to re open in some form or another, we are having our family and friends take turns up at the kashar.  We will have three days between guests to give time to properly and safely sanitize and clean before the next guest .  If this works out we will reopen on a limited basis to the public with no meals provided.

For the next few days Bekah and Azamat and Aza's brother Aibec are there .   It is so nice that after almost 4 months of isolation, they have a beautiful safe location for a little holiday.  

Down on the farm , there is a lot going on.  They are bringing in the barley .. They have about 4 tons to bag and put into the  grainery 

Back on the fields they were able to get enough straw to bail 

Now Nuric will not have to use all our hay for bedding hahaha

Thats not all that was accomplished today, Vera and Oleg were busy delivering food to some of the more remote villages. 

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible ..