Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A little catch up

So today is a little catch up from the last couple days ... 
this is Arsen .. our gods sons boy ... we had supper with them last night . 

we gave out 69 bags of potatoes and 54 bags of carrots to students and families in need a couple days ago.. part of preparations for the long winter

these twin boys both have CP, and along with bringing food and vitamins , we paid $500 for them to go back for desperately needed medical treatment .. we do not have a sponsor for this yet, but We can not stand to see kids suffering when they don't need to. This family also needs a bit of help with a new home - they found one to rent, but I see the potential to buy them the house they are now renting - enough people in the last couple months went to visit them and saw their needs - maybe 5,000.00 between the 30 people that came is something we can dream for. (Julie added this last bit) 

This old babushka has just about NOTHING , living in this one room with the walls crumbling around her , she says "Please help my grand children not me.. I have so much and they have so little .. they need the help more then I do "
loading up more potatoes

Fatima and her kids were happy to see us

stopping along the way to deal with a situation .. for the second time in a year , this young girl was Bride napped .. now we need to sort through the web of lies and cover up to figure out the truth and determine how best to help... but the basic fact is that we have a 16 year old in a trauma state who needs some one to advocate for her

maybe these two can help
Our Dr friend brought us to his private ponds to let the kids from Dayspring and Jeremiah house go fishing

it did not end until they had all caught a fish ..

Jason felt that anyone could catch a fish by the mouth , but the real trick was to lasso one 

Umerbek helped cook the fish
and everyone helped eat them

Victor brought his home for his Babushka

when we were all done ,  we presented Dr Lagarov with a new fishing rod brought by the team from iam1ru   .. he was thrilled .

after dropping the guys at the airport for the long trip home , we spent the day house hunting to find a place for the carving shop to move to for the winter where we will have more room to take people as a winter shelter and half way house .

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