Thursday, September 03, 2015

Day six ON THE WAY

Today is day six of  THEWAY ..  Julie says that Asel is ready to climb another mountain and is still wired .. Julie on the other hand is starting to get a little sore .  Her Knee is swolen and she has a few blisters that she is dealing with but has a happy heart. They have maintained a fast pace and have covered a lot of ground.  Tonight they will be in Pampolona.  With all the travel and work before even leaving Bishkek, and the time changes etc, I sugested that maybe thay hold up there for a day and take a break.. Julies response " With every step We have been calling out the names in prayer of our kids and women"   There are just so many that this walk is for, that she does not want to slow down.. She Says " If I can do this.. what can others do "  She has asked me to give you each a personal challange .. walk 25 KM (15 1/2 miles ) or donate $25 ($33 Canadian )

Back in Kyrgyzstan !!!!

This morning we met with the rehab centre to give them some operating funds, then went to see Vlady to bring money for renovations at the farm.. we are puting in Flush toilets, a heating system and windows before winter hits ..  
We also started picking again today for a delivery to Red River orphanage and The Childrens Treatement Centre.  We were so blesed that last night two more Jugs of Honey were sponsored, so they each are getting a jug along with Vitamins and a few hundred lbs of produce . 

Today Fatadean come by with his son in law to see one of our houses in the village .  He and his wife and grand daughter will be moving in this weekend.  

He has an incredible storey of trials that they have had to over come.  This house is just down the road from the main farm, and they will be able to help with the farming and the animals.  By trade he is a stone mason , and a Tandori Bread maker .. He would like to build an oven at the house and be able to sell bread in the village .. but first he will work on the house itself, we can get started on the foundation before winter, and If the money comes in , ( about $400) we will put in new windows .   But for now, this will be a place for them to live and settle .. 

First stop was to the treatement Centre   we droped off about 300 lbs of produce there , along with Honey .. 

We had shared before that the last batch we delivered came of just a dozen plants .. todays tomatoes came mostly off the same plants ... We have aranged for more workers on the weekend so we can pick the other 990 plants.  they will also go into mas production of Salsa . 

So while they were picking tomatoes , I was picking Peppers .. It was amazing ,, we have 1000 peper plants as well... I picked 35 large pepers of of just one plant and filled half my pail 

This is what was left for Red River after we unloaded 
they especily loved the honey 

Next stop was to Red Rive.  This is the orphanage that the boys were from.  One was excited to go, the other no so much.  You could see it brought him distress.  We did not get the feeling that there was a problem there , but just that he is happy with life right now and did not want to visit the past.  So Jengish parked out at the road and he stayed in the car and we drove in with the produce. 

We brought the vitamins and the honey directly to the directors office, then asked where she would like the rest , we told her we had a lot .  She said to just bring it akl in to her office... SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE CAPABLE OF hahah.. 

By the time we got half the produce unloaded , they realized that there would not be room in the office so they re routed it to another area 

They were all so excited to have their cupboards full again, and we watched as all the kids right away were walking around eating tomatoes, and they did not even make a dint in the pile ..

Nothing can ever be just happy, some times I just wish I stayed at home, and for a moment I felt that way today .  There are 120 kids here at this orphanage, and the director is concerned about the coming winter .. Boots , warm cloths and coats are needed .. and they have no government supor for that this year, and being a larger orphanage, not to many will tacle something of that size.  They have mad a list , and if we are careful we can have the kids ready for winter for just $40 a kid.. then I did the math " X 120 = $4800" .. I gulped and did it again " $40 X $120 = $4800)  Thats the point that I just want to crawl away and hide.. This figure is so beyond anything that we can do... not to mention that we are just begining a masive fund raising campain , Then I remember .. NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY.. because our assignment is not tied to OUR resorces , GODS resorces are tied to our assignement .. So I am going to have to just let this one go .. IT may be between YOU and God .. but I can't own this one .. When od moves we will be more then ready to provide an avenue , and make sure the need is met . 

In an hour from now we will be going to see a young single mom that has 2 little kids and has to be out of he rental right away and has no place to go.  Possibly she will be moving to the farm right away .. She can live at the podgorna house while we wait to furnish the new Podgorna farm .. there is room for two fmilies in that house.  We will be able to help them start again .. push the reset button , so to speak ..

Please remember your challange from Julie $25 or 25 km   ( Julie is hoping you go for the walk, I am hoping you go for the donation) .. either way .. you are THE WAY   

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