Saturday, February 25, 2012

The first week with Jengish in Canada

Along with speaking almost every day and some times two or three times a day at churches, schools, service clubs, and businesses ,  Jengish has had a little time to experience some of the things that make us Canadian 

playing in the snow 
even the cold shoulder didn't deter him . 

It's not all fun and games this trip.  Here Jengish is sharing with the members of the Rotary Club 

New beds on the way for the Maternity hospital in Tokmok 
His  First Hockey game  ..view from the box...   Fantastic seats and great company.. not to mention an exciting Game , and Just enough fights tossed in to keep everyone on the edge of their seats .. Jengish wondered why he woke up with a sore throat.

Down town Toronto 

One of many coffee's  at Tim's ,  but this one was his favorite... must have been the company  .. Jengish came to the realization that the true Canadian sport is not necessarily hockey, but is actualy "Rolling up the Rim "

a man can always dream !

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jengish day 1

It sure did not take him long... Jengishes first day in Canada and he is having a blast.  We were sitting at the Snarrs home after lunch and all of a sudden we hear sirens.  When we get up to look out, we found Jengish playing with the fire men..... 

During the morning he had shared some stories, and made mention not feeling he could  trust the police in KG, so as soon as he was done, they took him off to the police / fire station.  What a great group of  people , he had such a good time .

It was nice for him to connect with the Snarr family again.. it seemed weird for everyone that it was happening on this side of the planet.

Jengish did a great job in the morning , he was sharing some stories of  how we got started working with the homeless,  how things are going at the rehab center, and as well shared about many of the experiences he has shared with us.  Everyone was thoroughly engaged .  

Thursday, February 09, 2012

updates and plans

Vlady just sent a photo from his last visit to "The dump lady".. I really do need to get a better name for her.. I will work on that .. but like I said before , he really does care.  He just came back from bringing her a load of groceries. 

We have begun another tour , raising awareness for the work in Kyrgyzstan , along with bringing reports from the work completed.
We have received word that Jengish has received his Canadian Visa, and we are just waiting on word about his US visa.  He will join us as we travel.  So stay tuned, as soon as we have his travel dates, we will let you know where we will be going .  One date for sure is Friday march 2nd.  This is Julie's last day at her old job.  It's the day that she takes the big step.  We will be celebrating with a coffee house party for her , all are welcome .  

While I was thinking about the coffee house and the traveling , I got thinking about that .  We are so blessed.. every where we go, there seem to be people that want to take us out for coffee.. I wish we could just travel all the time and had the time to visit with every one.  It is such an encouragement to us, and we are always just so revitalized after a few weeks on the road.  But the work must go on, and the work in Kyrgyzstan in calling... then I got thinking what if ?  What if we did have opportunity  to  have a coffee with you. or at least virtually.  What if rather then treating us to a coffee, we put that money to use to make it possible to continue to help the hurting helpless and lost around us.  

please take the challenge , sign up now for a monthly sponsorship equal to one trip to the coffee shop of your choice.   On the top right corner of this blog you will find a donate button that will guide you in the Wright direction. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Canada and Kyrgyzstan .. at the same time

Last week I received a note from our friend Vera from the rehab center and out reach center in Orlofka.  It is still very cold there, and the only had enough coal to last a week.. from my estimates, maybe one or two more days now.   I have mentioned it a couple times , but did not have any response, but at the same time I have such a burden for the work that is being done at the center.  It is the only rehabilitation center for women of its kind.  Jengishes center is working toward setting something up for women, but for now this is it.
   Women that come to the center are given both the skills and opportunity  to change their lives around .  We are always dealing with the down stream results of alcoholism  on a family, but here we have the opportunity to help set a family right again, and break the cycle of poverty and orphanages for these families.
  I had been asking how we can meet these needs, and God has been faithful.  Today the girls , my mom , and I cooked lunch for a seniors day at our church.  I was asked to make soup and sandwiches. usually about   20 attend.  when I was asked how much it would cost, I just said don't worry about it, just put out a basket and people can just put in as they can afford.    Well we got a little carried away, I made a nice butternut squash soup, garnished with fresh kettle corn chips.  Then for the main coarse we had individually rolled spinach lasagna served with a Mediterranean salad and a  calibresy loaf , garnished with a cheery tomato and miniature banana... then for desert we had NY style cheese cake with strawberry compote.  When I was shopping I got a little carried away, and bought enough for 40 people .... we had 38 show up for lunch.  
   When all was said and done, we had not only served a beautiful meal that was honoring to the seniors in our church, but we had also received enough in the basket to cover the cost of the food , AND THE COAL....
   It was such a blessing to be able to do something special for our family in  Canada and Kyrgyzstan at the same time .   Feeling blessed to have had the opportunity.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

renovations under way

There is a lot to do for us to be ready to return to Kyrgyzstan this spring.  The biggest thing is that Julie gave her notice a few weeks ago and will be finished on Friday March 2nd.  We are still not certain how this is going to work out financially.   It is a natural feeling that we should change our focus to raising personal support,  but more and more, I feel that we are just to stay the coarse.   I believe that we are to continue to focus on the needs at hand, and have our time in the West about bringing updates and sharing the first hand accounts of what is happening , and not make it all about fund raising..   That is confirmed daily as I converse with our friends in Kyrgyzstan.  Like the email I just got from Vera at the rehab center.  She tells me that the winter has been very cold, and that she only has enough coal left for one more week.  She asks if I can help them to keep the fires going... that is only about $250 , but it all adds up.. It is difficult to turn your focus from a dozen people in care,  that are desperate for heat, and focus on personal support.    

    Jengish will be here with us for about a month , both in the US and Canada, and again , we have decided to focus on the needs and trust God for the support.   He is booked to speak at several different churches, service clubs, schools , and with individuals and businesses.   We do have one event planed that will be a fundraiser for our support  and that will be a coffee house night in Norwood... We will have it on Julie's last day of work...March 2nd.. We are going to call it a rehirement party, because that's the day they she will retire from her job as a mental health worker, and be rehired into full time missions with LAMb. If you are in the area and would like to attend, we would love to see you.  Jengish will be sharing at that event as well. 

I was talking to Ed, and discussing our plans, and the long term use of his apartment ,  to which he responded ,  "Well then we better renovate the washroom before you get there" ... Ed know how to treat you right !    Seriously,  Ed you are such a blessing to us , in your actions, in your words of encouragement , and most of all, in your example to us of what missions is all about ... 

We love our apartment in Kyrgyzstan.  It is comfortable and is a nice place to wind down at the end of a hard day.  It is not fancy by any means, but has everything that we need, and those that visit us feel at home as well... But having your guests relaxed and comfortable does have one big drawback for us.... here it is, if I dare say.......   We can't throw up when we have company..  Nothing worse then rushing to the toilet, then having company come to the door.  That's because the toilet room is so small that your knees bang on the door, and when you are sick you have to open the door and kneel down in the hall.. not conducive to company.. , but with renovations under way, that will be different now.  

They are now taking out the hall closet, and opening up the two room bathroom into one big bathroom.  We will also move the laundry from the kitchen to the new bathroom.  This will give more cupboard space in the kitchen .  So as we are preparing things on this side of the globe for more and longer travel, it's exciting to think that they are busy preparing for us to come more often and to stay longer .

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Christmas Video update

Visit with Slavic

He is home 

  Slavic was happy to see his long time friends Victor and Ilea 

Anya was able to get them smiling again 

 The boys even got to go shopping for some new clothes 

There have been a lot of tears shed over our young friend, and I think just as many since he has been found . 
It will be some time before we hear the full story ... if ever ... But right now we are just so thankful to have him back. 

More exciting news,  Jengish has been given a visa to come to Canada, now we just need to get him a US visa , and we will be ready to start booking a winter tour from Northern Canada to the southern tip of the USA
Jengish brings an excitement and a passion with him every where he goes.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Breaking news about Slavic

I just received word that members of  LAMb team found Slavic a few hours ago.   At this point I have not confirmed directly from the source, but should have confirmation shortly...  please continue to pray with 

"Shameless audacity"