Friday, October 30, 2020

People helping people

The supply chain continues .. The guys on the farm are are busy packing food bags from the storehouse.  Once packed up they put them out front for pick up .  Many different friends that work with families in need have turned to us for help at this time. Food , coal, medication and vitamins are the most in need right now, but there are always others to make it interesting , like someone needing a roof before winter or some one else needing some winter clothes for their kids . 

These needs are possible for us to help today because of the donations that came in at the beginning of October.   Through the support of many of you we have been able to stay one step ahead of the needs.  What we raise this week will keep us going through November . 

When not packing bags, the guys have been busy putting the farm to bed for the winter . The field of garlic is planted, and the rest of the gardens have been plowed under ready for the spring.   The corn is dry now and in this next picture you can see some of the boys separating the corn from the cobs . 

Just a little reminder about orphan Sunday coming up next week . 
We are partnering with a group from Bishkek to provide for an orphanage out in the mountains on the far side of Lake Isykool .  With the crisis right now, it is going to be difficult for them to raise a lot, but with our help we will be able to make a difference.  If your church or organization is thinking about doing something special for Orphan Sunday this year, this would be an awesome place to send support.    

The director of this orphanage is a great guy and works so hard to look after and provide for his kids . He is another great example of people helping people.    Because it is so far from the city , they are often over looked by NGO's and individuals wanting to help the orphans. 

 While I was working on this post we got word of another organization needing help. " Fountain of Life"  is the group that works with the homeless.  It is the group that Jengish worked with alot.   They cook meals and bring them to the homeless. The also have a place that they bring the homeless to for a hot meal and a shower and help with medical needs.  This is where the current need is. Many are in such bad shape and clothes are so old worn and dirty that they need to be thrown out. What they need is some winter clothes, warm socks, single use raisers and soap  along with some help with food .  We will start focusing on this need as soon as the Orphan Sunday need has been covered. 

Oh and those food hampers we saw being loaded at the beginning of this post .. They have just been delivered ..

Now I better hit post before something else comes our way ... 

Thank you all for your faithfulness. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Orphan Sunday

This Sunday Nov 8th is orphan Sunday ...  Will you be doing anything special for this day ? 
There is a group of friends in Bishkek (the capital city of Kyrgyzstan) that every year for orphan Sunday they take up a special offering for an orphanage in the mountains on the far side of Lake  Isykool.  This offering is a vital part of meeting needs going into the long cold winter.  This year, this group is facing huge unemployment and and many are sick and do not have enough food for their own families.  They have decided to go ahead with the offering anyways .. The leader from the group contacted me because he knows that we often support this orphanage , and thought that maybe this year we could partner with them buy spreading the word to see if any of you would be able to help as well.   We would love to be able to contact them next week and let them know that we have a huge blessing for them .. Can you imagine the impact we could make if we spoke to our churches and friends and made a special one time donation to "Orphan Sunday" 
It will bless their group.  It will bless the orphanage. It will bless us , Believe me when I tell you, that you will be blessed as well .   

On another note, more food and coal deliveries have continued on a daily basis 

I am becoming certain that these humanitarian aid drops as well as medical support will need to continue through the winter .. We are seeing a concerning trend.  Other NGO's and individuals who have their own group of people or individuals that they support have started contacting us.  As the needs are growing, their resources have diminished.  Some are state side and are facing their own financial crisis at this time. They are contacting us for help.  So far we have been blessed with the resources and or contacts to be able to help.  Please join with us in prayer that we can continue to meet needs as they are presented to us.   

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Blessed to be a blessing

Nurperi says hi and wanted to show us her kitty. 

We have been touching base with many of those that  have come through the farm and we have helped in the past.  We had some funds come in for us to be able to extend some help their way . 

Out in Balache we have sent coal and food to a couple of rehabilitation center's and to a private school that helps kids with disabilities. 

Also we have been getting prenatal vitamins out to some in need as well. 

Some of the people we have been helping are too far away for our guys to deliver coal to, or it is not safe , so we have sent them money buy Western Union and they have sourced the coal local and then sent us pictures to show the deliveries. 

Vlad was able to get a bit of financial and food help to Sasha and his wife.  They are expecting in a few weeks.  He is working in security right now.  It has been so hard for them with the lock downs and the economic crisis, and with the currency tanking and the availability,  the cost of food is going way up, so these deliveries have been so important. 

In the city we have been doing a food drop this week to families in need.  It has been such a blessing for them , and a blessing for us to be in a position to help.  

With every stop, we are hearing one thing in common .. "Thank you to everyone who is supporting so that you are able to be a blessing to us at this difficult time.  "


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Update from Tanya

"Now is not easy time in Kyrgyzstan and people need help. Thank you so much for your help. For me and my grandmother it was a joy to also help and bring food to 25 families.. I went to different places trying to choose the poorest families... where only mom with children and people without work at this time.. thank you very much  from us and all the families who you helped.." 

  These are the words of Tanya. She and her grandmother have been busy helping those in her community with food drops.  We have been blessed with the on going support of so many of you so that we have been able to continue to reach out to those in need .  

Thank you all so much for making this possible .


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Rivers of Light

 Coming out of a long hard winter, people were met with a world pandemic, shut downs, food shortages, and then the pandemic raging out of control, followed by a political crisis leaving the country and its people crippled and afraid of what the future holds .. Life can feel rather DARK. 

The message today is that there is LIGHT. Rivers of light flowing to those in the darkest places.  We are so blessed that we can be part of that Light, and sharing that gift of Light .  This was evident again today as the guys were out delivering more coal . 

There are so many this year that are in need of coal.  Many this will be the first time they have experienced the financial crisis , and others it is revisiting them yet again .

We were finished all our regular deliveries , then decided we should have another transport load of coal on hand so we ordered it last week .. It arrived today , and a good thing because we had so many more needing help .. Many are just realizing now that they are in a dark place .. Thanks to those of you who have supported the coal drive we were ready .

We have continued with the food deliveries as well .  We had a lady who came out from Bishkek looking for help .  She has 11 kids she ois looking after , some her own some foster and some adopted .. Now with things closed up again and supplies and funds running out, she heard we might be able to help and drove out to look for help.  She came to the church at the edge of town and asked there who it was that was helping and they contacted Vlad.  He was so thankful that he could respond right away and one more time bring a little light into a dark place. 

We have managed to keep one step ahead of all the needs that have come our way.   If you would like to help us, we will order more coal and food to be ready for the next wave of darkness that tries  to sweep the land .  

There is a statue in the center of Bishkek. erected after a previous revolution .. it serves as a reminder of the power of light against this darkness .

Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light