Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A dozen days ON THE WAY .. leaving Lagrono

Right after I posted yesterday , Julie and Acel got into the city of Lagrono .  and sent a few pictures .  

They stopped in Viana for lunch ,then continued on for a few more hours 

This is their room in Lagrono 

We have been picking steadily for the last 4 days , and just can't get ahead , the same Tomato patch , over and over and after we finish it still looks like we have not touched it ... Today was no different , We had the help of the girls from our apartment today , they came out with Emma and I to help out . 

today we picked about 500 lbs for the orphanages and Day Spring / Jeremiah house , and for the students in the dorms .  I am just so impressed with the kids , and eager they are to work and proud to be able to provide so much food . 

after work the treat is always 15 minutes in the raspberry patch .. 

Today was a day working with the goats ..  They all needed to be clipped and cleaned up from the burs, and given a flee bath .. At this point I thought " Why does everything on the farm have to be so big ? " actually I should not complain ,We are truly blessed 

The boys would tell me the names of the goats as they brought them over for their bath  , Faith , Hope , then the next two  George , and Oboma ... I had to chuckle .. I wonder how they came up with those names ..  

Lunch at the farm is a nice time of fellowship, followed by a couple hours of break time, so it is always nice and relaxed .  

After lunch Emma and I headed back to Tokmok.  She had her first day of classes .. she is taking Russian Language now at the University .  But first we stoped at the dorms to bring food to the students there .  Our friend Anya met us there and organised the kids to unload 

The next stop was to Jeremiah house to drop off the produce for them and Day Spring , also we had a couple jars of honey for them as a special treat 

The next stop we had 2 1/2 litres of honey for them with their produce 

The kids were thrilled.  We have another 2 1/2 litres for them but we will wait a month before giving the rest so that they don't wast it . 

I have this silly little duck that is staying with s right now while his foot heals.  He ever had a mother, he is from an incubator, and is now about three weeks old .  I did not think he would bond , but boy was I wrong .  As long as I am in sight , he is fine, but as soon as I leave the room he starts to scream until I come back,  At night I move him into the bed room, and I have experimented , If I hold my breath for more than about 10 seconds he starts to yell, but as long as I breath normally he is happy .. who needs a sleep monitor with this guy around.    Here is a short video of him when I leave the room  

The new house is all painted and cleaned up.  Tomorrow and Friday we will start moving the furnature in and we will be able to have the single mom and her kids move over there then. 

They have nothing so they will need a little help getting set up.  They have had there medical check ups and the oldest son will start school on Monday .  I still need a bit of help to get thm set up with some things for the kitchen and for toiletries .  

Another big need we have right now is for Bekah .  we are short about $2500 for her tuition , and are realy praying that some how we can meet this need .  

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