Monday, September 28, 2015

4 days to go ON THE WAY

Now that the girls are down to the wire ,  the Camino has markers every 500m guiding them in ,, This is marker 54.5 .. just happens to be Julies age .. with over 700km under her belt, NOT BAD FOR AN OLD GIRL ..

Today for lunch they stoped at a famous spot along the way .. famous for what you might ask .. For its Boiled octopus 

It actually looks pretty good I think . 

Back in Kyrgyzstan , we picked up some friends at the airport at $:20 this morning.  They brought with them about 150 lbs of Vitamins , and some tin foil pie plates for us to make pumpkin pie 

Our first stop of the day was out to the farm to pick up a mixture of canned goods for the seniors for home for Seniors day .  

We had put word out that we were looking for a commercial grinder that we could use to mill our own grain , as well as a chopper to chop the corn stocks and sunflower stocks to use as food .. we found this great one , and even got to take it for a test drive .. This is going to save us a fortune in expenses of grinding flour.  
 We then headed to Kemin to an orphanage for disabled Kids , and brought them Vitamins as well as a new walker and a snickers bar for each child 

timming was perfect , we got there just before afternoon snack .  milk cookies and a snickers bar 

Then it was over to the seniors home with a care package for them for seniors day ..Samples of all the canning from the farm, 5 litres of honey and a new knit woll hat for each of them 

Then after a long day we came home to have a special treat flown in fresh this morning 

Today Jengish was sent a couple car adds .. Something has happend to the car market here .. Lots of people baught high end cars thinking that the Russian trade pact was going to drive car prices up.. but instead the market was flooded ,, the low end cars are still  holding their value, but the high end cars have plumited ..   Jengish asked me If I had an extra $2500 for this ...
Nisan Primara low millage fully loaded stationwagon 

I told him he would have to keep dreaming .. he said .. lets pray about it .. 

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