Monday, March 30, 2009

Wearing a dirty shirt

I love this shirt that Jengish has... and now with Julie and the girls home, I will likely be following his advice....Maybe when my clothes get to dirty, I will just take them over to the T shirt factory, and have this stitched onto them

Spinning lessons

Here is Jody getting a spinning lesson from Maria with her new fangled spinning wheel she has made from a spinning wheel and a sewing machine mooter... Ok it's rather crude , but it serves it's purpose... I was at the market yesterday, and saw a table full of wool, and thought of maria, so in a couple hours I will drop it off at her house.

New team arrives....

When the next team from LAMb arrived this morning we brought them out to the Seniors home. We stopped along the way for water, and while in the store, I noticed a new washing machine for sale right at the front door... Hummmm last time we were at the home, the seniors were telling us that the ladies take such good care if them, and even give them fresh sheets every day... then I heard that they do all the laundry by hand... I have never bought a washing machine on impulse before, but when the price was dropped to $65 to make a sale, I had to jump on that, so along with the cases of new clothes and the bags of apples we brought her a new washing machine....
She was so excited... or as excited as a Russian lady can allow herself to show...LOL..
The team met the seniors, and Anna was quick to come over for her hug. They have the kitchen set up now, and the living room is all set for them as well.... they have 2 TV's one for the picture, and one for the sound, and they are hopping that soon they will have an antenna so that they can start watching them.....NOW COME ON... I think we could do a little better then that... I have Jengish bringing the truck out from the capital city for us to use this week ,( The rehab centre will lend it to us), and I have the faith that by the time I can schedule in a trip to the bazaar for a real living room set, PI style, that money will arrive.... By the way, the bed we bought last visit has another babushka in it now, so the director is back to sleeping on the floor..... I would love to do something about that too.
On another note, the folks at Lamb have been following the continuing storey of Aigoola's family, and asked me today if we could all go to the animal Bazaar this week and get them new sheep.... and then they asked if they could only buy them two, or could they buy them more... THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.... More ...... I can't wait to see that....

More shopping

If you look at the top of this blog you will see a photo of a small girl in the dump.... Since that time, our dream agent has Larisa been that working hard to provide a better life for these kids. Presently they are in one of the orphanages because they are having a difficult time with the paper work, and the current situation with the adoption process. In Canada there is a family that is partnering with her... I know this family well and I know their hearts. When they first decided to sponsor this family, I even tried to discourage them as I did not want to put a financial hard ship on their family, But over the last year, over and over again it has been reinforced with the power of philanthropy... the power to restore hope and dignity, and the power to change the world around us... and it all begins with a sacrifice.... Judy made that sacrifice with her family, and I am sure that if you ask her today, she will tell you that it was worth every penny and more. JUDY...... THIS IS FOR YOU

Friday, March 27, 2009

Shop till you Drop

I have so much to say about this, but you must forgive me, we are falling so far behind in our posting... we have been having 3 sometimes 4 events a day, and I have only been able to get a couple each day posted....and that said, I have 2 buses coming in 45 minutes to take one of the orphanages to a special day in the capital city, and we are not sure yet which I guess it is not our time to know, if they decide to open, we will be going to the amusement park, if not we will be going bowling.... I guess it will be a surprise for us all....

Yesterday we went shopping with the kids from the orphanage and a few extras .. they each had $50 to buy new cloths.... This photo is what is so great about working for PI

One of these boys is sponsored , and one is not..... yet they all got to go.... ...but yesterday, he felt special ... In the last few days, we have heard things like "No one has ever been nice to me before" , and " It is so nice to have a choice" or from another not in the orphanage ... he said " I was at the bazaar this morning to buy cloths, but after I bought food, I had no money "..... and from the looks of him, he has not had a lot of food. I will try to catch up a bit this afternoon....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

10 minutes out of the day

About a month ago I received this photo from Sergey and Anya . This mans name is Sergey. He is a good man and one that cares for those around him. He was at work, and he got his hand caught in the grain crusher... his fingers were crushed, and his hand was burned. he was requiring a lot of reconstructive surgery to fix this. at one point, they had to make a decision whether to save the hand or not. With no one else around to help, and no other possibilities, iam1ru was asked if we could help.... the operation was going to cost $1100... more then a years wages....... We helped him out a little to get the initial wounds healed, but the operation was going to have to wait until his hand was healed and the money was found...... Many times I see the needs, and in my own mind I lack the faith to see the dreams filled, but fortunately, the act of asking for help requires faith in something, and hope is provided in the fact that there is someone there they can ask for help..... regardless of whether a dream is filled or not, there is evidence of hope..... Well once again, my faith has been strengthened.... Next week, Sergey needs to start the reconstructive Surgery, and Today the money will be arriving at the bank in the capital city.... HOW AWESOME IS THAT.... When we sent word to Sergey, he could not just except the news, but he needed to come and find us to thank us personally.... he was scared when he came to the door with his wife , but soon relaxed as we spoke to him.... We explained to him that this was not a loan, he did not need to repay it.... this was a fresh start for him... I then told him that when his hand is fixed and he is back to work , God would bring someone into his path that he will have the means to help, and he will know what to do....
Lena here on the opposite side of Jengish in the photo is one of PI's Dream agents... she will help administer the funds and appointments to make sure that everything goes smoothly..... Then when the visit was over, I gave Sergey and his wife 500 som (two days wages), and told them that this was for there own expenses while they where in the capital city, and that I wanted him to take his wife out for supper ... at which point his wife began to cry.... It is easy to see the stress and suffering that Sergey was facing, but at that moment, I saw the impact that this accident has had on his whole family..... I am so blessed to be on the front lines being able to be a part of restoring such hope and dignity to the dark places....and that was just 10 minutes out of the day.

A place of peace

Today we got up early and headed out to the rehabilitation centre that Jengish is a vital player in. The center is located on a farm up in the mountains. Jengish finds the homeless men living on the streets in the capital city, then does what he can to help them out... If it is determined that the root of their problems is drugs or alcohol, he offers them a new life... We went out to visit 20 men that he is currently providing a second chance....
Now naturally we can't go anywhere without making a splash, so we stopped at the market on the way. We bought all the supplies to make a monster ploff, as well as a few other treats... I found a young boy working there. he looked like he was about 8, but he was actually 15. he had a little fruit stand... we bought all his apples and all the little Mandarin oranges that he had... he was so excited that he was shacking.... His stand was not as pretty as all the others, but he got to go home early... the total cost of about 50 lbs of fruit was $35 ... The cool part was that we knew that the men receiving them would be just as excited... kind of like a double blessing. On the way we stopped at a Seniors home to visit Nicoli from our last trip.... as we drove up the lane we saw this old man lying on his back on the side of the road.... We could not decide if he wanted to be there, or if he just fell over.... the second we got the van stopped , Jengish was out helping him up.... he actually started to giggle a little bit once he was back on his feet...I wonder how long he would have laid there if we had not stopped .
When we got to the farm, the men got busy making the plov These guys are masters, and make just about the best plov that I have ever had.

We enjoyed a great time of food and fellowship with them.... As I was looking around the table, I was so overwhelmed with the impact that Jengish has made in their lives. In such a hard land and facing such insurmountable odds, these men have a chance.... They are sheltered from the trials of life. For the first couple hours of the day they have counselling for their addictions, then for the rest of the day they all work on the farm.... The goal is for the farm to eventually become totally self sufficient. they are all part of the solution.... After about a year on the farm, they match the men up with community support groups, then ease them back into society over a period of time.... Their success rate is in the area of 80%.... unmatched buy the majority of the addiction programs in the west.
As you walk through the tranquility of the farm, the contrast between the world around you with no hope, and the peace that hope brings is over whelming.....

Here I am with the gang before we left. I have a few days of work to do to register a bunch of the simple dreams and sponsorships that we have found....I think Jengish and I will head back here for a few days to get caught up......

Julie and the girls are out right now at a restarant with about 40 women ... they will be a blessing to them all with some words of encouragement as well as some small presents... I will post more on that later.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More "Shop till you drop"...

I think the bag says it best.... Thank you to all the child sponsors.... Today we got to take the older girls from the orphanage out for new shoes and some other needed clothes... It is amazing what a little shopping therapy can do. The girl in this photo is one that has always been very reserved... in fact it has always been difficult for us to get her to smile....not today... she was all smiles....
The girls loved the camera's for the day... kids just love to get a chance to take photo's

heading back to the bus after a power shop. Back at the apartment for supper and to get ready for the baby shower for Christina ... can you believe that for four years now we have had to fight to get a smile out of Bektagool ..... Here the kids are making cards for Christina The problem with such a short trip is that you spend the first week going around saying hello to everyone, and the second week going around saying goodbye. and that leaves another bunch of people that will have to wait for the next trip.... We have been going full out for the whole trip, and we have just touched the surface ....It's a good thing that I have another month ........ As soon as the girls go I will be moving to the capital city with Jengish for a few days to catch up on his work with the homeless, ... Tomorrow, we will be going to the Drug rehab centre with him, then back to town for a special women's celebration that we are sponsoring.... Jengish David and I will be staying back at the apartment with Torat and Becksolten for that one. I think we have about 3 hours open in the afternoon ... I wonder what we will do to fill that time..... I will post more in the morning about the baby shower..... Off to bed now....

Another banana party...

We were a the Baby orphanage this morning. It sure was fun to play with all the kids. We have been asked today not to post the photo's of the kids. so unfortunately I am only allowed to share the photo's with the Banana party sponsors...... I will try to get those emails out later today... right now we have an apartment full of kids from the orphanage that are here for some shopping and to help us set up for a baby shower for Christina... But here is a little tease .. Hannah is sitting here dreaming of taking this little girl home with her.....
Jody was off to the kitchen and met with the dietary supervisor for the orphanage.. she saw all the daily reports for each child and the total intake of vitamins protein etc.... she was very impressed with how well everything was organized and how clean the kitchen was.... then as a special treat, they sat her down and gave her a bowl of food for her lunch..... And they gave me a hard time for sucking on the breathing machine at the last orphanage.
I will post some more updates from the rest of the day tonight when the kids leave. ... Oh just remembered that we are invited out for supper tonight after the party... OH my... I think we need a few more days in a week.!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Through their eyes

I finally got a chance to download the kids camera's today... here are some of the photo's they took, including today's outing with the older boys from the orphanage. Jody at the monuments at the Burana tower
Ularbek shows us how he can fly

Altynai with her whole family on one of our outings in the capital city ... the kids were so excited to see their family again day maybe this will be the norm !

Out for shashlik at the yurts

Hannah and Bekah at the dump when we were handing out packets of foods

Aipery at the horse games

getting popcorn at the market

Choosing the right pair of shoes

The Burana tower

Slippers in the market

Hannah giving out fritters to the gang... I love this one with Aisuluu in the background with Bekah

Running with the goat

sitting in the bleachers at the horse games

The trick is to through the goat into the middle of this mound

Notice the guy in red... he has the goat under his leg and his whip in his mouth , and is being run down by the guy in blue.
the kids making welcome home cards for David and Jayne .

Sergey poses for the kids

This is Altynai's younger brother Aziz ... we have been sponsoring a tutor for him... this week he rights an entrance exam into the top school in the country... we are so proud of him.

more cards for David and Jayne