Sunday, February 17, 2019

A little update .

Time again for an update.  

Julie and I had a wonderful blessed trip around southern Ontario and the eastern states, We had the opportunity to share 7 different occasions, 12 different states, and dozens of visits with friends and supporters.  We were so blessed and encouraged along the way.  We have 3 more speaking engagements then we are on our way back to KG in just three short weeks.   

One of our bigger needs right now is a family that we have been asked to help with.  Mother and father, three kids and one more on the way are in hospital right now after the burning of their home.  We have provided some finances right away for food and diapers, but we know that they will need so much more.  We are hoping that others will come on board as well to help.  It is too soon to tell what is going to bee the best approach here. We will start by getting them out of the hospital. 

Here is a happy girl! she was one of the kids that had her eyes checked by one of our teams in the fall .  now she has new glasses .  Misha is back to the farm for the winter, and that's when we found that he had a mouth full of cavities, so we have started getting his pain taken care of as well. 

This is a nice photo of Aigoola with some of the girls on the farm .

When Bekah was home for Christmas, Julie and Emma did a little shopping for this little cutey. 

We had a donation for the Children's treatment center.  They got new knives for the kitchen,  some photo albums for the kids and some medical supplies.   

If you look up at the top right of the blog you will see that we are coming along with the truck fund.  We have just $500 to go here on our goal, and our Hunter truck is almost finished and ready to go up for sale.  The old truck we have decided to bless someone with .. it would be worth more to him then what we could sell it for, so we are happy that it will go to good use ..