Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Help bring Emma and Jengish to Canada to have a baby.

Yesterday we shared the exiting new about a baby on the way.  

In preparation for this we have made some organizational changes.  Emma will need to be in Canada for three months before her health insurance kicks in, so we will be changing things up right away.  Emma and Jengish will be coming to Canada in the end of July and Julie and I will return to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of August. 

We try not to travel to and from Kyrgyzstan in the middle of the summer as the flights are more expensive then .  To get them home, cover insurance for Jengish, and pay the extra to get Julie and I back, we need to come up with $5000 right away . 

We have prepared  a little incentive for any one that would like to help us.

Many of you have or know about the beautiful blankets that Aigoola makes.  They are the warmest most comfortable blankets you would ever use. 

We have brought an extra special one of these blankets home with us. It has been made with 50 % more filling in it. 

For the next week, up until June 28th, for every donation of $100 or multiples of $100 made toward help with flights, I will put your name in a draw for one of these beautiful comfy blankets.  So far we have one donation in for $300, so their name is in the draw 3 times ..  

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