Monday, September 07, 2015

Day 10 ON THE WAY .. Torres de Rio spain

Today , Day Ten, they are about 68 km west of Pampalona.   Julie decided that when she found this bus stop it was a sign, so she took the bus ahead to the next village.. she says that Acel just happily jogged along beside the bus . 

Like I said yesterday they have had to be strategic to get into the next villages on time because there are so many walking right now that it is difficult to get a spot 

Back in Kyrgyzstan there kids that are finding it difficult to find a spot to sleep at night as well .. bot young boys and girls .. We received a cal today from someone in Bishkek that has asked if we can take more kids .. They will round them up tonight and tomorrow they will bring about 8 kids and bring them to the farm.  It sounds like we will be getting 3 or 4 girls and 4 or 5 boys .  
these are the 80 % that don't make it after leaving the orphanage system.. Fortunately there has been a reprieve for them as they are being gathered and given a brighter future . 

The ladies have been very busy the last three days making pasta sauce, we have about 200 litres made, not to mention the fresh bread .  It was so nice to see these ladies come along side Aigula on the farm..  When they left there were smiles and hugs all around .. they were a blessing 

The director at the school was not there today, so we could not get the boys enrolled so they spent the day around the farm .. They are such rascles  and it is going to be a task to tame them .. Fortunately they love raspberries , and they spent hours in the patch .. it kept them out of trouble , a little scratched up but out of trouble 

Lunch was Goorogun fun  One of my favourites.  I had picked up a piece of meat for the farm on the way out today .. a special treat.. it was a hit .  

On the way we passed some young hikers from Germany that were walking out to the village because of its German routs .. We invited them out to the farm for lunch, and they will be sleeping upstairs in the barn tonight ,. We also found a museum a couple doors down the road from the second farm.  It is operated by a German teacher, and he was non to happy to have them come and learn all about the village .  

I was feeling a little concerned that we had not recieved any donations for the walk for a few days .. and so many new mouths to feed, and more furnishings needed , likely clothes and toiletries for al the new people .. then the two travelers gave us a small donation to help out.    It was a reminder to me that it is not my business ,  

After lunch , the kids went down to the new house to paint and get it ready for the family that is here now, and Emma and I went to see the pig that they bought a while ago.  She is huge , and she is expecting.. The husband was going to walk the pig over to our place for us, but was away .. the lady said oh just get a branch and tap her on the bum and she will walk no problem .. We did not fancy walking out with a 500 lb pig that does not know us .. that was a disaster waiting to happen, so we will have to wait until Friday when the Husband is home and will walk it over .. 

I do have another big need that is starting to become a concern for us.  Bekah's Tuition is due at the end of the week and we are still a about $2500 short.  We are praying  for a mirical here. 

.So here is a little challange for you today in this photo.  This was taken today by Julie .  At this location in the movie "The Way" . they met up with a certain caractor here .. If you know who, make a donation and in the donation memo box, tell us who joined them here, and your name will go in a draw for an Aigula blanket that we will ship to you when we get home .. so have some fun with this ... 

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