Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Exciting news .

We have some exciting news, and at the same time a great need.  Emma sent this letter today ..

"So the news is out!!!! We are so excited to announce that in the end of January there will be a new addition to the Odigski family!!!!!

Jenish and I are working on getting everything set at the farm to be able to come home to Canada for the rest of the pregnancy and to have the baby. We will be living at our home near Norwood, Ontario. With this new adventure coming up we need help to get home! We are working on getting the money in place for tickets so that I can be home with time for health care to kick in during the pregnancy and birth. We are planning to be home by the beginning of August to Peterborough area. .While home, Jengish and I would love to come and visit and share our adventures.  Mom and Dad will return to Kyrgyzstan early August to help look after the farm.    We are so thankful and really appreciate that we have so many people praying for us and supporting us."  

We will be needing to purchase the tickets as soon as possible.   Travel insurance for Jengish and flights for the two of them will be about  $4000, as well for Julie and I to return earlier in the summer  we are at a peak time so so our flights will be about $500 each more then usual .  

We will try to figure out some ways of raising some of these expenses, but for now we would really appreciate any support possible .. 

We have been working towards this transition at the farm over the spring, and we have most of the responsibilities divided up among our other coworkers with each taking on a bit more responsibility , but as you can imagine Jengish and Emma will be hard to replace in Kyrgyzstan, but great representatives of Actofkindness here in Canada and the US.  Please pray for a smooth transition and the necessary finances to pull this all together. 

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