Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Calm Port ....

A safe place to come home to... a clam port in the storm..
A safe place ...this is what one of our pastors visions has been for our home church , he reminded us of that Sunday morning as he announced that he would be moving on. It has been 16 years that he has been with our congregation, part of our family.

He is more then my pastor, he is a good friend . We have worked together across the globe.
This photo is from when we first recognized the call to missions in Central Asia, Ron encouraged us , and brought us along on a trip to Uzbekistan.

He has traveled with me when I was on the road selling sundries through Northern Ontario in the middle of the winter, and he was with me when I closed that business to go into missions full time. He was with me in Kyrgyzstan and was the one to tell me that Julie's mom had died. He was on the phone to help me to understand what God might be thinking the first time I went to the mens home, and he stayed on line with us during the revolution, encouraging us to continue to follow Gods lead. Many have heard me say .. "Put your trust in Gods ability to lead, not your ability to follow." That was from Ron, but today that's about Ron.

As we are situating our lives to spend more and more time in Kyrgyzstan or on the road, it is selfish of me to think that the life of the church should remain the same .

It's hard to imagine who will be sent to take his place.. and until they have come and hugged our seniors, played with our orphans, and danced with the guys from the men's home, how will they understand . When I come in and plunk myself down into a chair in Ron's office... there is so much that does not need to be said ... it's that calm port in the storm.

The next few weeks and months will be challenging for Ron and his family as they attempt to untangle themselves from a community they have been such big part of for the last 16 years . I pray that God will not only lead and direct their path, but that he would give them peace and a calm port along the way ....

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rice Project Report

"Aika was dreaming that when she had a job and could support herself, she would eat rice every day"
I don't know about you, but when I dream of great success.. I dream of a lot more then being able to ear rice every day ....
This is one of the stories I just came across as I was reading through Emma's rice report .. I thought is was interesting all the variety of people and some of their situations .

Rice Project Report

1. Maksat and Aibek- brothers we met at the orphanage, who are now living with their aunt and uncle, but still need ongoing support.

2. Colia- teenage boy we met at the orphanage and have known since he was little boy who is now living with his grandmother and mother.

3. Vanya and Eelia- brothers we met at the orphanage who are now living with a relative. They weren’t home when the rice was delivered and we haven’t seen them since they left the orphanage. Colia met them in the bazaar recently and got their address. But don’t really know how they’re doing. We left the rice with their neighbour because they weren’t home. will check back .

4. Tolik and Andre- brothers we met at the orphanage who now live at home with their mother and grandmother, father is working in Kazakhstan. Their sister Luba is studying in school in Bishkek to be a teacher.

5. Luba- girl we met in the orphanage and is now being sponsored to go to teachers college. (bag still waiting because she changed her number will try contacting the orphanage director)

6. Slaviks family- a boy we met in the orphanage and then was living with his grandmother. He was most likely sold by his mother as a slave to kazakstan. His uncle drinks, but also works to support many of his relatives that have problems with their eyes and two small boys, they live in very poor conditions.

7. Aigula’s family- Aigula, Aipery, Turat, Beksultan, Aizada, Sabira, Ruslan- Aipery is in sewing school, Turat in Bible college in Ukraine, and the younger 3 are in school, Ruslan is a young boy whose mother left him with Aigula. Aigula is sewing mattresses blankets and other small orders.

8.Anvar- a boy who had a scar repair surgery on his face sponsored. He has a mother and sister, doesn’t go to school because he gets teased, and works to try to support the family.

9. Sabira eje- friend from association quit her job to stay home and take care of her daughter, now depends on her husband’s small salary.

10. Acel’s sister- has health problems, but was sponsored to receive treatment, has some young children, husband is a potato farmer in Narin, so their diet consists of mostly potatos.

11. Jibek- a student from IUCA, the American university in Tokmok who we met at the Kyrgyz youth group, she is studying in the linguistics program, but is taking a leave because she had a baby. Her husband is sick with liver disease, but is still trying to work when he can to support his famly.

12. Aigerim- jibeks younger sister who was living with her because their parents died of TB. She is now living and going to school in Bishkek and living with relatives.

13. A young family recently lost their baby that they were expecting because of the mothers health complications. It was very difficult for them to even affort transportation to the doctors in Bishkek, so Talant was driving them, but before he knew they needed help, they spent a night on the street, because they couldn’t affort to go back and forth.

14. Rahima children - lady we tried to help who has 3 children, ruslan who is living with Aigula, and two other small children, 2 and 5 who she left with an elderly lady and promised send money to take care of them, but hasn’t been heard of since. (bag still waiting because couldn’t find the lady’s house, aigula will try to find and visit them)

15. Adlette eje, Ainura, Gulnur- also have 2 brothers and a baby sister. Friends from church. Ainura was going blind and needed corrective glasses which were sponsored and Gulnur’s graduation dress was also sponsored, family is very poor and father is an alcoholic.

16. Aika- acel’s niece is a first year student at the American university in the linguistics program. Her mom had eye surgery recently and her father also has a small disability because of a car accident, so he can’t do any heavy labour, this has caused difficult times for their family, Aika was dreaming that when she had a job and could support herself, she would eat rice every day, so this was a special blessing for her.

17. Kamala- a student at the American university in the linguistics program. Has had many difficulties which put her behind in her studies, She no longer has a full scholarship from the school, but is persevering and continues to study.

18. souvenir apa- an elderly lady in the association who makes souvenirs and always presents us with some beautiful souvenir when we leave.

19. Aman’s mom- when she was away, her son accidently made a very big phone bill for her because it is expensive to call from a home phone to a cell phone. She is a single mom with occasional work, so she probably is in debt because of that phone bill.

20. Acel’s villager from narin had a tumour operation on her spine and is doing well now, doctors say it was a miracle that she can still walk. has many small children, husband is a taxi driver.

21. Juldiz- Acels knows, has a baby boy

22. humanitarian worker - Bishkek , havingsome financial difficulties, lost his cell phone and couldn’t afford to replace it, so Davina gave him hers.

23. Lady with a big list- lady from the association always has a need, her daughter is in school,

24. Aichurik apa- an elderly lady at the association

25. Aigula- from Tokmok has 3000 som debt.

26. Eshmurat- very poor man from association in Bishkek, Talant bought garlic from him because his garlics were too small to sell at the bazaar.

27.Maktabek- new family at the association that stopped coming because of hard times. Their baby was sick and needed treatment, is doing better, they are now in debt because of it.

28. Azamat’s family- left his family here and went to work somewhere, family is having difficult times.

29. Talant’s friend- has 2 kids no work and big debt

30. Humanitarian aid worker - has 11 children and big debt

31. Samat and Aida- newlyweds who chose acel and talant and john and Julie as their second parents( a Kyrgyz tradition), Samat is a student at the American university.

32. Tilek- a young man from the Kyrgyz youth group who is now working in Bishkek

33. Nurbek- a student at the American university in the linguistics program. Worked for us in the summer teaching English at the mens home and to some of our friends, Aigula’s family and Sergey and Anya’s family

34. Nurbek’s sister- has 4 children

35. Gulzat- a woman from the town , souveneer apa’s daughter

36. kizilgul’s friend- from town , in debt

37. Acel’s nephew

38. Another lady who has stopped coming to town was so thankful because she had been asking her husband to buy a bag a rice for winter

39. Rahat- talant’s older brother’s son, who is now living with talant’s younger brother because his father re married

40. Tolgonia- single mom with 2 teenage daughters in school,

41. Lola’s family- family who came to the north during the unrest in the south and are now staying so their children can stay in school here.

42. Ishar’s neighbour’s daughter has a heart defect and needs surgery

43. The girl at dayspring’s mom

44. Joldosh- our tachka driver from the bazaar, had liver problems and a drinking problem and recently died, rice was given to his wife and son.

45. Chingiz- student at the American university

46. Dastan- and Alina, aigulas neice and nephew who stayed with her during the summer and also when they were younger while the family were going through difficult times. Parents are now divorced and they are living with their mom.

47. karlagatch- Acel’s friend, single mom, does humanitarian work in kazakstan.

48. Eshin- Souveneir apa’s other son

People that laurissa works with

49. three orphan girls one is working, one is going to school and one is disabled.

50. young single mom with 4 girls

51. Very poor family of elderly people

52-58 other poor families that laurissa supports

59-100 People who live or work in the dump, every family who live in the small village of east Iskra( where the water was brought to the village and where the baby who had the cleft palate operation lives)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Renovations continue

We sent Vlady back to the Baby hospital to assess the next project there. The plumbing is now fixed... It has been leaking for years , and there were areas that we could not fix properly because of the continued water damage , as well as there are some repairs needed after the Plumber finished cutting in the new pipes .

There is something special about this work that has just been done. It was done by the City. This is an incredible step... up until now the building was in such bad shape, and there was so little infrastructure money , that they never would have considered such a project... But today , the baby hospital is becoming a " Crown Jewel" for the city ... they are thrilled to have such a hospital ... This is what we strive for .. it is a big step in the process... to get others to start working along with us and taking a responsibility... Eventually taking over the project completely ...
Until that time, It is important that we continue to work with them to keep the excitement and momentum going . Starting Monday, our guys will be back at the hospital . They will be fixing the roof over the entrance to the nursery, as well as cleaning up after the plumbers ..

I thought that it was kind of cool ... Our friends from St Andre in Quebec provided the funding for the very first renovation we did here.... and when the request came in for help for this , they jumped at the opportunity. There is a saying that "Your heart is where your money is ".. We are so blessed that there hearts remain in Kyrgyzstan , and we thank them for their investment in its babies .

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good bye to another friend .

What is it that defines a friend... It's funny but I seem to have a lot of people in my life that I think of as friends .. some even "good" friends.. Let me tell you about one of them.. Joldosh

( Joldosh with plants for Bermut's appartment )

Joldosh is the Tatchka ( cart ) driver from the Tokmok Bazaar. I do a LOT of shopping in the bazaar, some times 3 or four times a day I am there loading up with everything you can imagine.. fruits and Veggies, plants and household goods.. you name it and I have bought it, and most of it ends up on one perticular cart, and there is a reason that I look for this cart... When I first met Joldosh he had two young sons working in the Bazaar with him. The boys were working every day to help support the family, and that meant that they were not in school. that was back in the fall of 2007 .
I sat down with Joldosh and his sons discussed the boys futures. I hated seeing such bright young boys not in school.. But they could not afford to not have the boys working .. between them, at the time, they could earn about 35 som a day ..( 75 cents) . I made a deal with them.. I told them that as long as I never saw the boys in the bazaar during school hours, I would always look for Joldosh when I came to the bazaar , and I would PAY HIM WELL...
This arrangement seemed to work well.. The sons went back to school and were doing very well.. then last summer things began to fall apart. The youngest boy went to visit grand parents, and was killed in an accident. Then Joldosh started having stomach troubles at the same time... I think he always had a bit of a drinking problem.. after all, vodka at the bazaar was cheaper then water , but now He began drinking to cover the physical and emotional pain. This photo below was taken a few weeks after the death of his youngest son.
I continued to watch for Joldosh , and even had him help when I didn't really need it... We would attract attention and put smiles on everyone's face, especially in the spring when the bazaar was all icy and muddy... I would come in and hope up onto the front of the cart and and do my best imitation of John Luke Pekard from star trek... I would hold out my arm and say Engage.. and we would be off ... All the while we would weave through the crowds at break neck speed with Joldosh yelling JOKE JOKE JOKE.. which actually means get out of the way .. but made as all laugh non the less

most of the time I never had a translator with me, so we never really spoke... but we had fun together.. we looked out for each other and we would miss each other when I was not there . All they would have to do is hear that I was in the bazaar and they would off load what ever they were moving, and come looking for us . This spring, Joldosh was just not the same .. He was relieved to see me, and shared that he was having serious liver problems. We did what we could to help, but it was one of the most frustrating experiences... We could get him into the hospital for treatment, but as soon as he would start to detox, they would kick him out.. and we could not get him into a detox center because he was sick... all this was happening in the last few days before we left.. I just could not get cooperation with any one, and knew we would not be around to care for him ourselves. Right down to our last day we were making arrangements for a Dr to come to his home to continue treatment.. and had made arrangements that as soon as he was starting to feel better, he could go with Jengish to the rehab center...

But as I sat with him on the bench at the hospital, ( above ) I think I knew that I would never see him again... That was the day that by one in the afternoon, Julie took the cell phone away from me ( for the protection of whomever might be on the other end ), and sent me to bed by noon...
I just received word that Joldosh has passed away at 41...

( plants for the garden at the men's home )
Emma tells me my young friend is now working the bazaar every day to support the family... Talant is on his way to their home now to bring them rice and to see what we can do...

I will miss my friend .. his family was never a " project ", he was just one of those people along the way. He represented everything that was good, kind and gentle, and in some strange way he also represented everything that is hurting, helpless and lost... .. for me , he was KYRGYZSTAN

Look who's smiling now

When you donate to the Christmas / Vitamin pie challenge, you make a whole lot of kids smile. But that's not all. you make LAMb and their helpers smile too.

Take a look at these smiles .. tell me the corresponding names to the smiles, If guess the most, we will give you a good reason to smile .

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He is one of a kind

The last few days and for the next couple weeks , I will be highlighting some of those candidates who have stepped forward to get a pie in the face..
Today I wanted to tell you a bit about Jengish . He is one of my go-to guys in Kyrgyzstan. He seems to have connections everywhere .. and is always eager to help.. but I think the reason we get along so well is because he likes to have a good time.
Facing the things that we do, it would be to easy to live in a state of dis-pare.. with Jengish, nothing is predictable.. but it's always fun. especially for the kids that we are working with .. They all love him ... mostly because they can read him right away and know that he cares for them.
This is a video of Jengish back about 5 years ago when his main focuse was working with people living on the street

Jengish continues to work with and advocate for the homeless, but now he is also the Kyrgyzstan director of a drug rehabilitation program that has one of the highest success rates in the world. Daily he hears the tails of abuse and neglect, all the reasons that would bring a person to a place of living on the streets. Many have no documents, have escaped from slavory, and are living in the sewers and back ally's. At night when we are all thinking it is a good time to settle down for the night , and stay in out of the dark, Jengish is preparing for what can be the most challenging part of his day ... going out onto the streets to show MERCY.....

Jengish has been a supporter of the pie challenge for a couple years now. You may remember this video from when he met his goal last year .

This year , the people that are in Jengishes care ... the lost and the forgotten.. will be part of the pie challenge. I am honored by the relationship that we have with Jengish and the work that he does. It is inspiring to meat a young man that not only cares deeply for his country, but is a driving force in making life better for so many.

Any one that has traveled to KG with us has met Jengish, and would agree with me when I say .." He is one of a kind"

Lets send Jengish a big thank you by making a donation to the pie in the face in his name .

Monday, October 24, 2011

Remember her ?

You are probably asking " AH MAN.. why is he reminding us of this picture again ?" . It's because this is one of the kids that is looking forward to Christmas and the special day that she will experience because of the pie challenge. Not to mention that this year we are working toward bringing her a years supply of vitamins .. a lot better then what she was living on when got her out of the dump a few years ago.

This is a more recent photo of her with her sister when she met her sponsor Judy. I am not sure who was more excited, and who was more blessed.... but what was evident was the incredible power of transformation.

Yesterday we had dinner with a beautiful little girl, another example of transformation.. she is bright , inquisitive, smart, and a real joy to be around. Here she is on Bekah's knee beside our grand son Jonah on Julie's knee .
Jonah is just over a year and a half.. she is 3...

As we sat and listened to her story and enjoyed her company, I could not help but become more determined that we HAVE TO meet our target for the pie challenge this year ... The importance of the vitamin component means the world to so many .

When she was 1 year old, she entered the orphanage in Central Asia.. at 12 lbs one year later when she was adopted she weighed 16 lbs.

You would never know it today, but if someone had not been there for her, she might not be alive today .

Children are so resilient. as we come across evidence of malnutrition like rickets, or kids at 10 years old going gray, it is evident that we need to do something, and knowing that so many of these conditions can be reversed is just so hopeful. There is a lot that goes on... actualy more then I care to think about , that we can not do much about, but it is in our ability to do this .. we can make a difference ..
2000 this year is the beginning .. the funds raised will help set up a the structure to administer the program.. everything from transportation and customs to safe storage and distribution... if we can do this now, we will be putting into effect something that will impact the lives thousands .. for years to come ..

Our little friends mother Brigitte understands the difference nutrition can make , and that is why you will find her name on the side bar as someone willing to take a pie in the face .. why not make a donation now.... If you are not sure who you want to see take a pie... then lets pie Brigitte.

You will also find Judy over on the side bar, she too has been a faithful sponsor for years and is put her face out there for a pie... just another option....

Friday, October 21, 2011

A new challenger....

We have a new challenger who is letting his name stand to receive in the face in the Christmas challenge .   Don Buchman.. 

  Don works quietly behind the scenes, but is instrumental in so much of what LAMb does.    Take a minute and read his biography.  

Donald A. Buchman, B.S.

    Don Buchman has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and is a veteran of many community and church boards.
    Don's early career was in the construction business building tract houses and custom homes, as well as agricultural and commercial buildings. His life took an abrupt turn after an auto accident in 1989 in which he received a severe spinal cord injury. This injury resulted in quadriplegia, complete paralysis below his shoulders. After this, he attended college and received his degree in 1995.
Since his injury, Don has gained extensive experience providing supportive, educational and advocacy services for persons with disabilities and their families. He has over 12 years experience in many capacities in church leadership serving as a Deacon, Men's Ministry leader, Youth Group leader, home Bible study teacher, and on a variety of other boards and committees. He is currently serving on the Board of Trustees and as a Co-Director of the Missions Department, along with his wife, Johanna.
    Don has held several professional memberships including North American Association of Christian in Social Work, Promise Keepers and the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.
    His areas of specialization are advocacy, public relations, organization and design, providing consultations and leadership training
    Don has been married to his wife, Johanna, for over 25 years. Their family includes two married sons, their wives and one granddaughter and three grandsons.  They reside in Tucson, Arizona.

Don is eager to to receive his pie.. just as he is eager to do anything that he can to make a difference in the lives of the hurting , helpless , and lost.   please follow the link RIGHT NOW ... and help us bring Christmas and Vitamins to the least of these.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red river food drop

a couple photos from the food drop at red river orphanage.

The kids are looking pretty happy about this.

good to see Isar breaking in his new van.. he has been kept busy with all the folks in town over the past few weeks... and more to come .

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Missions Bug

Well maybe not a bug ... more like a pup!.
I have always contended that the missions bug can drive you to make some hard choices and sacrifices.. but how about this one .

This is Lauren . She is a first year college student and a good friend of Bekah's . Her dog had puppies back on Aug 9th, and homes were found for all but one of them. ( the one on her left)..

From before they were even born, Lauren had decided that they were NOT getting rid of them all , but they were keeping one...
That was until she got the missions bug. Lauren is now looking for a buyer for HER LAST PUPPY. It is pure bread, vet checked, first shots, tail docked and dewormed....... If you are interested in buying a puppy to support her trip, let me know and I will forward her information... or if you are like me and would pay someone NOT to have a puppy and just want to help her out, you can use the donate button on the side .

But that's not all... We have had donated two pure bread Lab puppies. All the proceeds from these puppies will go to support the work in Kyrgyzstan. If interested in one of these , let me know .

Shelley is Getting a pie...

If you check out the side bar, you will see that Shelley Nelson is the first to reach her target of $500 for the pie challenge. We can expect to see a pie in the face soon.. but since the first $500 came in so quickly, and with the excitement in the house building , her kids Nick and Julia have decided to step up to the plate as well.. so they are willing to make it a family event ... Even Brian is laughing saying " OK I will if I am needed , of course" So it looks like some exciting times coming in the Nelson house hold . The word from Shelley.... Keep the donations coming ...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Saying ...

Just off to bed, but before I do I just want to point out that Julie has $110 worth of people that want to see her get a pie in her face , but I on the other hand, every one must love, and no one wants to see me get a pie ... Just saying

Friday, October 14, 2011

is this what they call PTSD ?

PTSD is caused by a psychologically traumatic event involving actual or threatened death or serious injury to oneself or others.

Some times I wonder if this is something that I am facing in a small way .
The first time we walked into the mens home, It was what you could clearly call a "psychologically traumatic event". and it did represent serious death and injury. and NO I never wanted to go back again !... This , the place that disabled children were sent when timed out of the orphanages.. the most vulnerable of society , sent to be warehoused until they died. The first winter we were trying to make a difference there 80 men.. that's 1/4 of the population died of starvation and exposure many in their own beds ...
David and Jayne were with me on that first day.. We tried to cling to the fact that we had brought a ray of light into such a dark place, but I am not sure if it was what we saw, what we smelled, or the desperation and Hopelessness that we felt, but it was a quiet sickening ride back to town that first night . I was determined NOT to go back.

I had a reader following our journey, and she suddenly was on this like a dog on a bone... and faithfully gave to see that these men were not forgotten. This was the beginning of a NEW THING for them...
I have shared before , but when I went back a couple weeks later to put in the first warming room, one of the men stopped me in the hall,... he said that people come and see them and say that they will come back, but they NEVER do.. and that we were the first ones that said we would come back and we did . he then collapsed at my feet and started weeping.

As you know, over time , we have seen incredible changes here, with many others coming on board to help. Yet I still find myself in an emotional state at times .

This morning a woke up and watched a short video on FB of a party that was held there yesterday. As I have gone about my day today, I have found myself having little breakdowns, and crying as I think about where we have come from ... I am just so relieved and so thankful for everyone that has had a part in this . It's like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so now I can let my guard down just a little , and with it comes a flood of emotions.
These orphans have come alive.. they have become so dear to us .. and now to see such joy coming to them is just overwhelming

It was a party, sponsored by the Espanola girls, with no less then 8 different organizations, coming together to celebrate the beginning of the renovations of the dinning room. THE HEAT IS IN.. Now that in and of itself is something to Celebrate.. THE NEW WINDOWS ARE IN .. again unbelievable.. and that's just the beginning, The new ceiling is going up and the new wiring is going in... you can read more about this great day at

We still have about $15 000 in renovations in the dinning room and kitchen, but as the saying goes.. "You eat an elephant one bite at a time..."
This would be such a great project for a church or service club to take on.. they could help raise funds and would be a part of the miracle taking place.. they could even send a representative or even a team and be part of the work.. For that mater , If they are serious, I could come and share first hand the situation and the possibility to Bring HOPE and DIGNITY to those who have been found!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

another great day for the girls from Espanola

This morning Jody and Gabriel were out to see Jengish at the rehab center. It is always a great time when you go there. There is such a peace in the mountains, and there is just something about the center that seems to elevate the feeling of peace. Jody overheard the men talking about winter coming , and that they did not have shoes. Little did they know that we had been sceeming about this with Jengish, and that was part of the reason for this visit today. Jody and Gabriel loaded them all into the bus and brought them to the bazaar for some shopping. They then returned to the center for a great osh .

Then it was off to Daysprings where they took part in a Kyrgyz lesson in making Borsolk from scratch

Stay tuned to see what great things are in store for tomorrow

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Hilary's perspective

Hi Everyone!

It's here! "Pie Challenge Time" is here! I feel totally out of my comfort zone asking for money. However, once a year I make an exception and swallow my pathetic pride to benefit some very precious children in Kyrgyzstan.
My little girl is in a family where she is loved, safe, provided for, protected, well fed and receives excellent medical care. Many children of Anara's birth country are not so fortunate. Many children in the orphanages of Kyrgyzstan are merely surviving and many will have life long medical issues due to institutionalization and lack of proper nutrition. This year's
Pie Challenge has a new twist. The donations will provide not only a small Christmas gift and a meal out but, a year's worth of vitamins for each of the 2000 children that will be sponsored this year. Here in the United States vitamins are often just an extra added boost to our nutrition. In Kyrgyzstan vitamins can truly be the difference between life and death.
I understand that the holidays are fast approaching and money will be tight. Five dollars is a huge gift to these orphans. Many charities and organizations send you information and a place to check off a box with $20-$100+ leaving most of us to feel like cheapskates if we can't contribute that much. The Pie Challenge is not like that. Honestly, the change you dig out from under your couch cushions can be used to greatly bless someone.
Between now and Thanksgiving would you please join me in praying for these special children? PRAYERS AND PENNIES ARE POWERFUL! If you would like to donate you can follow this link: There is a "DONATIONS" button on the right side of the screen beneath the list of Pie Challenge participants. Please be sure to put my name in the memo if you decide to donate so that it can be applied towards my total so that my children can take turns hitting me with the pies ;) Toby and Mia have both agreed that they will take a pie in the face with mom if we can reach our goal of $500 so that's 6 for the price of 1!. Together we can bring hope and health to the orphans of Kyrgyzstan. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Blessings, Hilary

This year A. IS FEELING A LITTLE BETTER hahaha last year she was not so amused

Last years results

Sunday, October 09, 2011

A couple of links

Just is a reminder of why YOU are so important ... this is a link from a storey back in the spring.. it's worth re reading ....

and another great read ...

I can't wait t read the next posts..Lynn and Ruby on the ground , Emma's rice parties in full swing,...and now add Jody and Gabriel to the mix... Man it will be a high impact couple weeks ..

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Norwood fair 2011..

Norwood fair 2011..

What a great day at the fair today. The booth looked great, and very quickly attracted a crowd .

The best part was having a whole day were we could share about our love for the people of Kyrgyzstan. I think we were open for about 1/2 hour and we had some poor lady crying , she purchased a purse, then noticed a sticker in it and asked what the sticker meant.. when we told her it was Sasha's name in Russian and it was there to indicate that he made it and would share in the original sale.. at that point she lost it... it became a little to personal for her.
Bat that is what this is all about .. this is personal .. these are real kids lives we are talking about here .. real kids who's futures depend on how well we are able to share their stories, and the generosity of North Americans who what to make a difference in their lives. We even had another volunteer for the pie Challenge step up today ... that just leaves 4 more ...

Friday, October 07, 2011

"The heat is ....ON"

Some times words are not enough... and other times pictures don't even cut it.
Today is a day to remember.. today the heating system is completed at the mens home . As you know it was only a few winters ago that 80 men died in a one week period there of exposure.. many in their own beds. Every winter as they watch the snow caped mountains droop a little closer, they get more and more freaked out. There was a time when they did not even have an option of putting on more clothes or a blanket.. they would just wonder if this was there turn to die...
Today that is a different place.. Today they have heat... Today they have mattresses and Blankets.. Today they have extra clothes .. and today they have what they should have had all along... HOPE and DIGNITY ... For more about what is going on today, go to

Thursday, October 06, 2011



Not that long ago,  Ruby bought a bag of rice for the babushka's living in her apartment building.  She brought this up at a staff meeting, and said out loud .." I wonder if there is more that would need a bag."  Emma's reply was immediate.."I can think of about 100"  and that began the rice dream... the more Emma thought about it, the bigger her list has grown.. then she re worked the list...  Last week she reported that she had the list down to 150 nd was still working on it... 
   Through the generous support of a sponsor who picked up on this when I first posted, the money was provided for the first 100 bags.  This is too big a job for Emma on her own, but Lynn and Ruby are in town now and were eager to help her ( after all.. this is all Ruby's fault for encouraging her ...hahaha)  Today they began the deliveries... First up was the village where our 53 water babies live. 
   This village is always such a blessing for us to visit. The village is always so warm and friendly to us.  Just stopping for a visit becomes a village holiday with a party in the streets.  They are all very hard working field workers, and life for them is HARD. they try hard to support their families, and this rice will go a long way to help take the edge off... basically what this will do is subsidize the most recent inflation rates... this Rice will give them HOPE, it will give them STRENGTH, and it will remind them that they are SPECIAL.
  The next stop was the dump  ..  I have nothing to say about this .. we all know the significance of this stop...   They had a little time left, so they went out to Luba's family as well as to Maksat and Aibeks... 
  What a day .. and a special shout out to a special family that is making this possible. Words are simply not enough.

Fwd: Photos from RICE KYRGY 2011