Thursday, September 24, 2015

8 more days to go ON THE WAY

After 583 km in 27 days  ( averaging a half marathon every single day )  in the mountain village of O Cebreiro,  Julies feet are starting to fight back , and she is getting blisters on her blisters .. the mountains they are in now are not helping much , so they have had to take some breaks along the way, and at the same time , if they don't keep up the pace, there will be no room in the hostels when they get in for the day . 

But she is still smiling 

The beautiful scenery helps I am sure.  But they are driven, not buy the scenery, but by knowing the needs that they leave behind in Kyrgyzstan... Please take a moment now and make a donation to suport them on THE WAY .. because for many that they are trying to help, YOU ARE THE WAY.  

Back in Kyrgyzstan  

A couple days ago I shared a picture of the new house that we wanted to turn into a sewing room, and spare room for a couple young girls or a single mom with kids , 

That was a couple days ago , Today the house is almost finished, We just have about an hour of painting to do on the house , and the shutters to paint.    The walls have all been patched in and out, and the new flooring is down, and a bit of electrical work done.  We have most of the yard work done, and all but 10 meters of fence up so that the side yard is closed in for the ducks and geese.  

We also have a single mom , sort of ,  living there now.  Her husband has gone to Russia to find work and get a place for them then she will join him, but she had to stay behind because her mother is sick and she has to care for her .  The hospital is right behind, attached to this property, so this is a perfect spot for her and her 2 year old.  But then when  you are suddenly homeless and alone, almost any place would be perfect.  

Tomorrow we will finish the foundation, and paint the shutters and door.  

Inside, the room is almost finished.  We have three peddle sewing machines for kids to learn on, and for when there is no power, and tomorrow we will bring over Aigula's commercial sewing machine as well .  Then as soon as a bit more money comes in we will take Aigoola to Bishkek to the big bazaar to purchase the material and the stuffing for mattresses and blankets.  Our hope is to get ahead by about a dozen of each so that when we have people interested they can buy them right away and not have to wait for them to be made , and then they can make more to replace them.  Its also a good time to get the material and stuffing right now, in a few weeks the prices will start going up when it gets cold. 

Beautiful big bright room for them to work , and has a big coal heater right in the room as well 

this big wardrobe will hold about 20 new blankets

Between that house and the shelter house, there is a small building that was a banys ( Sauna) .. the entrance to the banya had a good size room in it that we are renovating to put in a flush toilet,  a shower, as well as the laundry facilities for the farm .  There will be room for 2 washing machines .. we just have one for now, but we have room to grow.   Our friend Sidoola is doing a great job here.  

Aigoola and goosey are busy here making lunch for every one.  Like I have said before , Lunch has become one of my favourite times of the day .  Every on on the farm sits down together, the kids , the guests and who ever is there working for the day .. even one day the guy in charge of the water in the village was walking past so came in to join us for lunch . 

Of course Goosey keeps a close eye on Aigoola hoping for her discards ..

Todays lunch was pasta with a fresh from the garden zesty aribiata sauce, and for desert we had crepes with fresh raspberry puree and sweet pear sauce ...

After lunch, Jengishes dad and uncle came out for a visit with his cousin, so we decided to load every one up and take them all to the mountains for a nice walk around the village, then a swim at the hot springs ..

A beautiful Drive.   I would like Emma to paint this for me .
   All grown in and back in the bush we came across this old Lennon statue . 

If you stand in just the right spot you can see him from the main path 

It was nice to have Bekah and Kolya back from school today since it was a holiday here .. Aigoola enjoyed a nice walk with a couple of her boys 

The sisters got to spend a little time together as well .. funny in some ways I look at them and see them as my vulnerable  3 and 5 year olds , yet  they are not those little girls any more.  They are full of  conviction , and powerful defenders of those that are week and vulnerable .. I can just imagine where they will be in another 20 years ... 

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