Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leaving them in Gods Hands

I am posting a portion of a story written by an Internet friend. She and her family are currently in Central Asia adopting a wonderful little boy ..... many of you will recognise the story.

Xxxxx is hard to miss as he has a large tumor growing in the upper part of one side of his face. He has the most expressive eyes, and is a very tender little boy who is intelligent and kind. Xxxx has a repaired cleft and he too I had seen before in older photos I was lucky enough to get of Xxxxx. Both boys are available for adoption. As I sat in that room on those too small children's school chairs watching 5 little Central Asian boys, I asked myself a question...Why? Why are these dear sweet little boys overlooked by everyone? Why have they never known a mother and father's love? Why does God allow this to happen? Why does their gender and race make them less adoptable, why does their facial deformity and age automatically relegate them to inconsiderable status? As I asked how old Askar was and was told he was 8, the Director said he was so small because he had no one to love him, that he needed love to grow in all ways. Why? Why can't someone look at our boys and see that maybe, just maybe, they aren't all so bad and they should take a chance. I saw in each of these boys a wonderful son for someone, and believe me, if I were wealthier I would head home and start paperwork tomorrow. These boys are like Xxxxxxxx, totally adoptable and adaptable in every way and yet warehoused where no one can see their light, their hope.And once again, I was in tears...this is so hard...to see children, to hold them and hug them and see their shy little smiles knowing they are hoping against hope that they too can one day have a family. It is hard to have seen photos of a child like Xxxxxxx as he grew from an infant to a boy, seeing him in the background of photosof your own child knowing that he will remain behind. As I put Xxxxxxx to bed tonight, as I kiss him good night with his big grin, I will see Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx in my mind and I am sure I will have a hard time sleeping tonight. Why can't an older set of parents look at these 8 year old boys and say "Hey, I have ten years to give..." or why can't a younger couple say "I am willing to do it...they deserve me as much as any other child...".I found myself thinking of them over and over, realizing I will never forget them and wondering what in the world I could possibly do to help them. I could raise money for Xxxxxx's surgery to remove the tumor, which we have already committed to do...but after the surgery, what next? He still goes back to the dreary confines of an orphanage, to a desolate life filled with yearning for love, yearning to be special to someone. I took photos of both boys and will put them on my fridge, and if it give me a little stab in the heart each day, so be it...it is nothing compared to the loss and pain they must feel each and every day of their lives. I will hold them up in prayer and in my heart, and trust that God has a plan that I don't know about and that He is carrying them. I will never, ever forget them.
Cindy ... we will join you in prayer..
Thank you for sharing your heart.

Monday, May 28, 2007

"I will dance like David danced"

OK so maybe not quite the way David danced,....I kept my cloths on. I was sent this photo by a friend today. It was taken at a community celebration in the village. If you want an excuse to dance, come visit us
in Central Asia....I kow a little village that loves to dance!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost for words

This little girl spent last winter inside! Maybe in time, the memories she has of life in the dump will fade. Maybe in time with the ongoing support from our friends in town, she will have a chance at a good life. Buying them a home was good... it was the right thing to do. The renovations and home makeovers were a blessing to those we helped. The kids at the orphanages had fun, and more importantly know that we love them!.....but as memories begin to fade, others begin to surface.

I remember standing at the edge of a toxic dump, throat closing up and eyes burning from the smell. seeing families huddled together.........It's not good enough to sit back and talk about the great things that we have done....not while there are still lives in the balance......... That's why we are going back.......Can you help?...Can you spare even one dollar ? can you tell a friend ? please follow this link, http://willyoubeone.blogspot.com/
Thank you for partnering with us. Together we CAN make a difference.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

"ONE" Update

Just in case you have not been following the link, we are on our way to something special. Pass this message of hope on to someone you know.
Together we CAN make a difference.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

We are now at $75!
Adding more to facebook group daily.Please keep conatcting your friends, family and co-workers.
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Friday, May 18, 2007

As of Friday, May 18th
We have now received $61. Slow but sure....I believe.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

$48 and counting....
As of Tuesday May 15th we have $48 donated to "You're the One!"......slowly but surely.Please sign onto teh group on Facebook....send the message and link to whomever you think of.
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Friday, May 11, 2007

$22 and counting....
Help spread the news. Check out the facebook page (link to right)...regular updates. Five family units are counting on your interest and your $1. Think about it.....
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

$12 and counting....
Together we can do this....it will take a bit of time to get the whole multiplication thing going....but we can do it!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Are You The "ONE"

You have to check out This blog
This is the project that we will be overseeing next spring.

Please pass this information along, and if so inclined, put a link on your own blogs. and emails. Together, we CAN make a difference.

Blessings John

@#%!# Bird !

"Not appropriate language" you might say... well you have not met this bird. Let me introduce you. This is Buddy. He is a part of our family and when I am on the road, He is the alpha male! He rules the house. he controls the Cat and the dog, he is chauffeured from one room to the next by the girls, and he keeps Julie under tight reign. You would think that it is endearing to have a pet speak and know your name, but not when it is so demanding. For the most part, if you give him everything he wants, he is happy and behaved, but he is also possessive and gets jealous as well as embarrassed if you laugh at him, all of which leads to a bite! This means that when company comes he must be kept in a cage which makes him mad and he screams.

The dilemma we are now facing is who do we pawn him off on while we are away? If anyone out their knows of a parrot rescue in Central Ontario that would look after him for us, please let me know.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Julie keeps telling me that this mess is bigger than some of the ones that we take on over seas!
This one is my mess. 13 years ago when we moved here, there were a couple of things that were on the top of the to do list......the bathroom needed to be renovated, and the roof needed to be replaced. I guess if we had not been traveling so much, we could have afforded it a little sooner, but things finally reached the point that we really had no choice but to get it done before we left this winter...if we wanted a house to come home to........ but I probably didn't need to start them both on the same day! Well it has been a long couple of weeks, but we now have a nice new steel roof, and the bathroom might have running water again by tomorrow night. I have even had one load to the dump. Once I have some after photos, I will post some of the before and afters.
Another project on the go was to get everything together for our passports. The girls never had any and Julies and Mine expire shortly. I heard horror stories of 4 hour line ups and 3 months to receive them back.... well the line up was about 2 min. and we received them to our door in 3 business days. .... I wish the renovation was so easy!