Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Worse by the minute.

I am sitting here some what overwhelmed with grief for my beloved Kyrgyzstan .. As the tears are flowing I was thinking to myself , what possible good is it to cry , what does it solve, it does not seem very constructive, especially at a time of such need .. then I remembered a message by David Wilkerson .. here is a link to it here https://youtu.be/XZd0Cv2EYbg   I just call out GOD please help them.

I am writing you about a very difficult situation in Kyrgyzstan right now.  This is the reports that I am receiving from many sources They have totally lost control of the Covid-19.. they were doing so well for so long , with strict quarantine, then about two weeks ago they lifted the restrictions . now things have gotten completely out of control , Our friends at the hospital say it is worse by the minute. things spiked so fast that they have stopped testing and stopped reporting . The hospitals are full and people are dying in parking lots. The ambulances are not picking people up because they have no place to go and when they die the coroner will not even come for them , it is up to the families to dispose of the bodies. the WHO numbers show just 4 deaths yesterday , we lost more then that with people that I know in Tokmok alone . My main Dr from the emergency hospital in Tokmok passed away yesterday. and many others are sick.

some of the oxygen machines arriving , these ones are from the government , but many more are needed.  

Our friend is  are working with the hospital and mayors office to try to get a handle on this . They are converting a sports complex into a 200 bed hospital , and also setting up an on site pharmacy since the pharmacies have been over run with panic buying .  Led by a couple Drs and the vice mayor and our friend , They have begun recruiting and training Volunteers It is just being set up and already has started receiving patients. We are scrambling to provide some of the basics. protective gear and oxygen concentrates are on the top of the list . this morning We purchased concentraters and some  suits . To get a good handle on setting things up safely , I will try to raise at least $5000 . We have also started the largest food drop yet with a target of $3000 for about 300 people. 

We had $700 raised yesterday , and just now as I was writing this we had a sweet 93 year old lady contact us through a friend to tell us that she felt lead to send us $1000 ..  so at this point we have just $600 to go .  I will keep the totals updated right here as funds come in .

 Please pray as we bring this need forward publicly later today and that people would respond quickly

If you can and are willing , please help with a donation towards these emergency needs .


Unknown said...

Praying for the flood gates of love to open and the funds to pour in for the hungry and those in need. Thank you for being at the ready to serve.

Anonymous said...

How are the children at Red River Orphanage? Will you be taking food to them?

Julie and John Wright said...

Yes we have done several food and cleaning supplies drops there , and are scheduled to be back again this week as part of this food drive 🙂