Saturday, June 30, 2012

Learned well .. you have .

Just a little update on the girls .

 Emma has been busy, mostly in the Tokmok Area.  She continues to teach English to a few special kids, she is also busy as an advocate for others.  She takes it very seriously.  Ever since Emma was little, she had a very strong sense of right and wrong, but what always bothered her was when she saw an injustice.. that continues today.   She may be quiet, but she she understands that at times , for the sake of the chld she is advocating for .. SHE WILL BE HEARD...

Bekah is working mostly in the city.  She has been helping with arrangements for several guests that we have had since we have been away,  She is also assisting teams from another NGO organization in Bishkek,  Along with that , she has been assisting with travel arrangements etc for some other friends arriving soon.  In her spare time she is also keeping up with several of the projects that we are connected with .

There is so much going on right now , but we are confident that everything will work out, because we are blessed with a couple incredible daughters..  Julie and I were just saying today what a great job they are doing .  We wish that we could be there ourselves , but believe me , Julie and I could do it no better then these two.   Actually many of you will have experienced their hand in action over the last month.    We are just so proud of both of them as they follow their callings ... 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I simply could not help myself

I don't know why, but then nobody actually knows why.   I could not help myself, and I got out the white paint, and made the place look a little more like home .   Fortunately I did not have a lot of time , and only managed to get one tree painted before Julie got home.   

What life could have been .

Imagine what life could have been like for our dear Dasha.  

When she first arrived into our Dayspring family,  Dr's and officials where suggesting that we just take her to a home for disabled and leave her there, they said " Nobody would fault you for it.. we can just give you the papers to send her , there is not much that you can do with her." ... They said that apart from her medical conditions, she would never learn.. she couldn't learn.. they just saw the broken child before them... LAMb saw more.. We saw a beautiful child of God.. One that was perfect.  besides we don't just throw children out... .. Emma absolutely determined in her heart that together they were going to prove the world around them wrong. 

Ed Dickson was there at the time and he too saw the potential , and committed to cover all her medical expenses..and the Dayspring family rallied around her .  

Just a couple weeks ago, Dasha returned from the Bishkek hospital where she received surgery for two holes in her heart.    Then with an amazing recovery period, Dasha is ready for school .. something she has only dreamed of .  Of course with her history, it was difficult to get her into school, but with a little perseverance, and the support of another generous sponsor, Dasha has been excepted into one of the best schools in Tokmok, along with all the other kids from Dayspring.   At one point , Emma even suggested that she would go with her to school every day if she had to , and  be her personal teachers aid if that's what it would take .

Since she had never been to school before, we thought it would be a good idea if she went to a preparatory school this summer.  Olga's center is offering those classes, so it was a perfect fit.  Dasha and a couple other kids from Dayspring started this week...  and what do you know.. now that oxygen is getting to her brain and she has energy, couple that with her strong desire to go to school.... Dasha is the top of her class... She is doing great ....   
Dasha's first day of school 

I have seen what life is like for the kids at the disabled homes ... how many there , like Dasha, just needed some one like Emma and the LAMb staff to stand up for them ...  

I have said it many times , but I will say it again.. Thank you to all the incredible sponsors that make it possible for us to be on the ground and making a difference in the lives of the hurting , the  helpless and the lost .  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Picnic with Bacute

Aiperie is not only back, but she is back to her old self.  She got a day off work, and she came home and threw a big picnic for the kids at Bakute orphanage.  This is so like Aiperie . Ever since she was turned down for her visa, and spent the summer working in the orphanages in Ukraine, she has had a drive to work with kids in the orphanage.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We return to Canada with a joy and an excitement in our hearts about many of the incredible things that we witnessed this spring in Kyrgyzstan, but  there are always things that hang on and tear away at us.. I guess you could best describe them as Anguish.  I would often question why we have to go through this, but then I heard  this message by David Wilkerson, and now I see them in a different light.. Maybe those things that we Anguish over are the very things that we will watch with  wonder as we see God move

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They CAN and THEY ARE.

Yesterday we met with an amazing group of kids .   In the spring , just before heading to Kyrgyzstan, Emma and Bekah brought Jengish with them to speak to a 5/6 class.  There message was that kids can make a difference.     They shared from their own experiences about working in the Humanitarian field.   

    Shortly after our visit , we got word that the class wanted ton do something to help.  They decided that they anted to buy cloths for the next girl that arrived at Dayspring .  they raised $100 for this .  

Their support did not stop there .. a couple weeks later we got word that they had raised another $140 and wanted to by all the girls new summer dresses, as well as bathing suits, and then a picnic at the beach so that they could go swimming..   That was such an incredible day for the girls, and a wonderful way for them to kick off the summer . 

Then the next donation.. that's right ,,.. once they started , they just kept on going,  they purchased an awning for the new playground .. it is portable so it can go over the sand box or over he inflatable pool .. this will make it so that the kids can get so much more use of the playground.   

But of course, that is not all... this week when we were meeting with Lynn and Ruby, we were discussing how the family transition would go when the new parents came to Dayspring..    One of our thoughts was that during the transition, everyone could go to the mountains for a couple days, or to the lake.. there they could have lots of fun together, and get to know each other before making the switch,... as well Ruby will be ably to lead them in some games and activities designed to transition them.  Ruby was very thrilled to hear that these kids had raised another $400 to help with this .   

32 children with a burden... It was so clear to us when we met with them yesterday that it is a burden that they carry for the Dayspring girls.  Questions that seem so simple for kids ..simple solution.. " can you just bring them home with you .."  why can't we adopt them...   why do you have a home for girls and not boys...what happens when kids  are to old for an orphanage.. How much money do we need to raise to help them too. ?"  

32 kids with a desire to help, a desire to GO and a desire to make the world a better place.. their minds  are not clouded with all the reasons that they can not make a difference.. but have a clear understanding that they CAN... and THEY ARE .    

Thursday, June 14, 2012

the other Home

As we are struggling to not only catch up from over 40 hours of travel and the jet leg that goes along with it , Life on the ground in KG goes ahead...  We dropped off Joe at the train for the final leg of his journey.  As he got on the train he made a point of telling the conductor that he has been traveling for over 40 hours, so it would be his responsibility to make sure that Joe got off at the right stop.    

   We were so blessed to have Joe with us for this time. He is certainly coming home with a different out look on life then he went with .. But I must say that he rose to the challenge on every level, and has invested him self in so many areas.. He walked the same ground that his father has walked with us so many times in the past, and we watched him "stop for the ones in front of him"... many, the same ones his father has stopped for in the past ... I always thought that it was his younger brother that was just like Dave, but for the last 2 and a half months, it was like Dave was back in town.. Even to the end when we took a group of kids to bowling and a nice restaurant for lunch. , Joe introduced himself as "Daves son" to the waitress that we always ask for ..   He brought greetings from his dad, and left the same tip his Dad leaves... the one that has her follow us out of the restaurant crying as we leave ... I think one day she will climb right into the bus with us .     

"it is easier to be ignorant and say I don’t know about the problem. But once you know, once you’ve seen it in their eyes, then you have a responsibility to do something. There is strength in numbers, and if we all work together as a team, we can be unstoppable.” 
-Craig Kielburger-   
taken from Bekah's Blog today

We then went on to see our Joe,  He was waiting out at the curb with his dad as we arrived  .. As I got out of the Van we yelled "POP" then in same breath yelled "Where is Grandma"  then as Julie got out he yelled " GRANDMA... where is Emma  .. Bekah ?  "  

He will have to follow Emma and Bekah on Skype, Face Book and the blog like the rest of us.  

Speaking of  Blog. Here is a must read to add to your blog rolls  .. Bekah has decided to blog her life as a freshman student in Bishkek.. I know Bishkek, and I know Bekah.. and living with Christy.. it will be the perfect storm ...hahaha.... sure to be lots of adventures   check it out at

 I watch and see how Kyrgyzsatan is drawing  the next generation of missionaries .. and I know and trust that they will be witness great things. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

strawberry fields around Kyrgyzstan institutions

Last week we decided to blanket the institutions with fresh strawberries.  You have to ask yourself .. how old do you have to be to taste your first strawberry.  Well let me show you over 200 firsts ....

Larisa was simply overwhelmed when she realised how many of her friends have never had one before.. let alone a whole bowl... in care you are wondering, all the strawberries you see... and some were purchased from the village that we brought water to 4 years ago... today their gardens are thriving .. they gave us  great deal... $150 for all .  

Eternally Ruined

A few last minute details before we leave in the morning . . We bought a bunch of big storage tubs so that we could store the food for Altynai's famiy 

start up food for the kids . 

Joe gathered up a bunch of the kids for a day of bowling and dinner .

Then last night we went out to the village to celebrate Buckets birthday with he and his family.  He just turned 30 and this is the first time he has celebrated his birthday 

 This was a shot that Julie took as we were out for a walk last night .. we thought it was cute
I have just divided out  the last of our money .. utilities for our apartment , the guest apartement , Bekah's apartment in Bishkek, some of the families we support, some of the medical and dental still on going ... and so much more... when I was all done, |I realized that I needed to borrow some money to get to the airport in the night .

We just finished our LAMb teem meeting about 1/2 hour ago, and the house is a buzzz with phone calls  and people at the door.. but I must say that I think we are ready to move on to the next stage of this adventure .. we are leaving our Girls behind, and heading back to the west with our hearts full of huge burdens and feeling a sense of  urgency for so many of them..W e know that all is in Gods timing  .

with 3 hours left before we go, Joe is just starting to pack... I think it's his way of denying the departure... He has been eternally ruined  ..

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a quick update

We are busy getting things settled before we go.  Bekah is set up in her apartment in Bishkek  and we are now working on Altynai and her family.   The renovations are done, and we have the first layer of  construction dirt cleaned up.  Today Joe and I will go back and help them give everything one last clean, then this afternoon we will move them in.

  Julie, Emma, and Altynai are at a Lamb meeting today.  This will be the last one before we go, so Julie wants to make sure everything is covered and that they will be ok until Ruby and Lynn get back in a few weeks  .

The hospital bed project is all finished and the playground if finished at Dayspring.. We have 29 kids school sponsorships arranged, and the renovations are going full tilt at the mens home .

Visa's are all under control , Emma and Bekah's to stay, Larisa and Tanya's to go.. and Kostya and Olga's and their family to come .... We are working on Emma and Altynai's work schedule's for the summer

and my ride is here so I will post more after .

Monday, June 04, 2012


The playground has taken a long time to complete, but that's just so that so many different groups of volunteers would have an opportunity  to do their part.  many Kyrgyz nationals and foreign teems alike have helped out ... It has been great for the girls to meet and spend a little time with so many caring people

You can see the finished product here ....... 

LAMb International: KYRGYZSTAN - DAYSPRING HAS A PLAYGROUND: The Sandbox and Playground   Dayspring has been blessed with this beautiful playground.   Thank you Mark and Sharon!  We h...

Friday, June 01, 2012

Kids day around the valley with our little helpers

bringing greetings from LAMb International to the Baby orphanage 

Dayspring girls bring strawberries to bless the seniors 

We brought presents with us for the seniors to be able to give the kids gifts for Kids day ,, very touching 

We brought a friend with us to visit the seniors, and he saw the materials to start the fence, and has agreed to fund it through to compleation

then it was off to the mountain for a picnic and a swim

biggest bubble of the day 
Snezhana enjoys a cup full of strawberries

Larissa was yelling   "Everyone LOOK AT ME >> LOOK AT ME..hahahah "

the water was great 

the scenery was even better  

The Girls handing out bubbles and bubblegum to all the kids in the village 

what a great day 

Julie visiting with some of the kids 

The boys git a lot done on the playground today.. Slide and swing cemented in and the gravel spread 

The girls could not wait to try out their new sand toys that the got from the seniors .