Wednesday, September 02, 2015


The famous Camino de Santiago, also known as the St James’ Way and the Camino Frances, is a five hundred mile trail across northern Spain which has been walked by pilgrims for over 1000 years. For most, the Camino ends at the magnificent Romanesque Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela – reputedly the final resting place of St. James the Apostle, although a further few days of walking takes the pilgrim to ‘the end of the earth’ at Finisterre with its downward pointing scallop shell signifying the actual ending.

We are making our way through the Mezkiritz and Erro passes to Zubiri, a small, roadside village nestled in the valley beneath the passes.

The end of day five we will be in Zibiri Spain .   We will be heading out in the morning for the city of Pampolona, famous for the running of the bulls. Not sure they will be doing much running tomorrow 

Here in Kyrgyzstan  we had a bit of work to take care of in town before heading out to the farm , still working on trying to get everyone back registered in school , So far three of the four girls at the apartment are registered and attending school.. One more to go. 

Out at the farm, we had a few of the sunflowers fall over .. I guess 15 feet tall is about the upper limit , especially since the heads are about 10 lbs.  We gathered up the flowers that have fallen over and will dry them inside. 

Vlady climbed the pear tree and gathered a bag of pears that we will can tomorrow .  check out the size of this pear .. should we expect anything less hahaha 

Aigula and the boys have been making tomato sauce , with a little help from Goosey 

his job is to clean off any bugs that are on the sunflowers 

When the last guests were here, they brought a couple lap tops with them that we have added to the wifi network .. This will be great for them, we will be able to do some on line learning with them . 

Tomorrow we will be delivering more food to their old orphanage.Well we have about 70 litters of honey that we need to sell.  Before we sell it locally, we would like to see if any of you would like to sponsor honey for the orphanages or seniors or families in need.  

the cost of a 5 lt jug is $50 including the cost of the jars and delivery .  Yesterday we were able to have 2 jugs donated to the seniors and one of the orphanages here .  If anyone would like to sponsor another jug, I will take it to Red River orphanage tomorrow. and if two are sponsored we will bring some to the Ivonofka Children's treatment centre .  We will be bringing them vitamins as well tomorrow. 

We have just hit $1000 in the funds and awareness  walk of THE WAY that Julie and Acel are on , Please continue to support them and encourage them by making a donation right now .. 

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