Thursday, October 13, 2016

Making our needs known.

If you have been watching everything happening here over the last while, you will see some incredible things happening, three new barns built, two greenhouses, gardens in, livestock increases.  The hospital clinic, burnt out home rebuilt, medical, dental and Eye surgeries, food deliveries, outings with kids, tuition's and scholarships, and the list goes on an on.    People will often say "I don't know how you do it", or "how you keep it all strait" .. Truth is .. it is not easy.   On top of all this we have monthly salaries,  electricity bills and up keep on the properties and vehicles.   Throw in bank transfer fees and bank holds.  It can all get a bit overwhelming at times.  

All those things that we have tackled have all been sponsored by some incredible sponsors.  Time to time there are additional expenses not expected,  some times the projects do not come in on budget and other times there are emergency situations that do not have time to be posted here on the blog.  It is times like these that we draw from the general fund.   For me, the stress comes when the general fund is shallow.. everything is more difficult and I start to worry about the what if's and the month end bills .. They always seem to get met but still not with out a little stress. 

We are coming once again to a place that we need a little  help with the general fund.  We have a few weeks before the month end bills, and at this point we will be short with out some general fund help.  Please consider at this time helping us out.  

Making our needs known , and waiting for the peace to follow ! 

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Anonymous said...

Courage brother!