Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 24 ON THE WAY / J127 Ranch

And they are still walking .. Julie says that they only covered 18 km yesterday.. but that's up hill most of the way and after walking over 500km ... a friend of ours commented ." My Julie how your perspective has changed .. ONLY 18 km " 

Here are a few pictures from along THE WAY

At this point in the blog I usually share about what is going on here in Kyrgyzstan , focusing on women's needs .  Today I want to share another need that is close to our hearts 

A number of years ago we got to meet some American friends, Victoria and Beth who are also working in Central Asia, just across
Beth and her intern visit the hospital project
 while in KG on a visa run 
the border in Kazakhstan . We share a common heart for those who don't have a voice and need that extra help like orphans, those with disabilities, marginalised and single moms. We get to visit almost every time they do a visa run and it's always great to share stories, ideas and our passion for what we are doing. Their work, (FB - J127 Ranch) continues to grow and they are in the process of buying a large house with property in the city of Taraz. They currently have Vera, a single mom and her three children living with them, ages 8, 6 and 13 months and they regularly help care for other children during the day, one living in a foster home, another the daughter or an orphan and other kids from the neighbourhood. Once the house is  
total remaining now is just $3212 ..
so close with the deadline just days away
purchased, they can invite additional single moms to live there. It also serves as a safe place for older orphans who have aged out of the orphanage to come have a warm meal, a shower, a washing machine to clean their clothes and new clothes if needed and people who are willing to help them sort out options to help them build a better life for themselves. The cost of the house is $170,000 and through the support of so many, they've been able to raise all all but $6,224. Right now, a match has been offered by one of their long time supporters and every dollar donated will be matched meaning they technically have only $3212 yet to raise! Be part of their miracle of providing a safe place for people to heal and grow.  If you would like to be the one to put them over the top and secure this home , you can donate directly to them on their web site 

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