Friday, September 18, 2015

21 days and still walking "ON THE WAY"

So are you impressed with the old girl yet ?  I know I am, but the big question is, Are you impressed enough to send a donation there way to help support women's issues faced daily in Kyrgyzstan ?

today they walked another 18 km and arrived at the city of Orgibo.

really cool scenery 


Today's shout out goes to Jeanie from Minnesota 

This brings them to 471 km travelled and just 273 km till Santiago.  

Being closer to the end then the beginning, I went ahead and purchased their flights back to Paris from Santiago for Oct 5.  

Back on the farm , it was great to have some of the kids and staff from Dayspring out to pick some produce for their winter canning, and then join us for a great lunch made by Augulla .  

The girls loved spending a bit of time with the rabbits 

Today Jengish and the boys walked the Pig over to  Podgorna farm.  The pig is huge, and she basicaly just goes where she wants when she wants .. and needs to think it is her idea .. unfortunatly we did not get a picture .. thats Julieès job and she was a little pre ocupied today .  She made it half way there and decided that she had enough and just lay down. They had to go get a couple buckets of water and pour them on her before she would get up and go .. after all it was about 400 yards that she was expected to walk .. who knew it would take her two hours ... 

Everyone has been hard at work.  Vlady and the boys are putting in the heating system in the boys house, and over at the shelter house, Kadre and his helper are working on the buildings that will be used for micro businesses .. We will have  a room for leather work, for wood working, for making baskets, and one will be a bakery , complete with a wood fired oven.  

Today we also closed the deal on the property  between the two houses on Podgorna street.  That house has a fully equipped paint and body work shop for cars, and the house will have one bedroom, and a large sewing room for making blankets and mattresses . 

 The idea is that these will be small business that will provide jobs and revenue for the winter months when the garden is not growing .   Having them on this side of the farm together will also allow and single mothers to work on a flexible schedule  and still be close to their children. 

Each of these projects will need some set up finances to get the equipment needed and to get them up and running .. this is just another example of how your donations toward the walk will support women, not just now but with a secure future .. but the first step for their future, is a donation right now buy people like you .. 

Please donate now .  

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