Wednesday, September 30, 2015

18 km to go ON THE WAY

Just 18 km left to walk, and Julie and Acel will have competed the Camino.  

Julie says it was a difficult walk for her today .. 19 km felt more like 27 km... I would think that If I walked 19km it would feel more like 37 km... and I have not been walking for 35 days strait

but they are down to the wire now.  The are scheduled to be at the Cathedral by Friday morning  so they are doing great .

Back in Kyrgyzstan 
I knew that the nights were getting colder, and the snow is starting to move down the mountains, but I did not realises just how cold .  When we got out to the farm today we found that leaves of all the vine crops had frozen.  So it was time to pull the plants and pick all the remaining zucchini and squash. 

We thought that we pretty much had it all last week, but apparently there was still a lot left out there .  We will have to work over the next couple days to get the rest of the tomatoes and peppers in. 

We got a call this morning from one of the orphanages asking if we could take another boy.  We told them to put him on a bus and that we would meat him in Tokmok .. They called back a few minutes later to say that he was to afraid to get on a bus .  so we drove out to get him.  .. 
We got him a sandwich and chocolate bar on the way to the farm, and as soon as we got there the guys were just sitting down to lunch , he had no difficulty joining them for that two.  He was happy to see the others and they knew him from the orphanage.  After lunch all went off to work in the garden together .. He is the one standing beside Aigoola ..

 everything he owns is in his back or in plastic bag the size of a sandwich bag.

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