Monday, June 23, 2014

A lot to give , and a lot to learn .

We got busy and away from internet, and I forgot to post this ..

We have two kids that we have helped out in the past ,  They are brother and sister , and they are in Bible collage in Moldova.
They contacted us to say that they have won  a contest for an incredible opportunity for them .  They are going to be spending the summer in Lebanon, living in tents and working with a missions team there .  The contest covers there flights and accommodations.

  The problem they have is that they do not have the proper cloths to spend the summer in a desert climate.  they have asked for a little help with this .. We would like to do one step better , and provide them with a little bit of MAD money for along the way .. not a lot, but I thing they should have something in there pockets when they travel.   We are looking to find $100 each for them for these needs.

It is an awesome thing when 2 kids from Kyrgyzstan can have the opportunity to travel on a missions trip... they will have a lot to give , and a lot to learn .

AXXXX with his bud's 

Nxxxxx is pumped and ready to go .. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Growing again .. Store of knowledge

Lots of running around getting the finishing touches on the third class room at the learning centre . Today they picked up the tracking for the curtains, and purchased  the carpet.  The chairs have been ordered and should be ready tomorrow .  This is so great to have this next class room ready for the summer.  Kamalla will be working here as soon as the room is ready. She is a great teacher and has so much to offer.  Along with tutoring the kids at Bacute this last year, she has also helped Bekah and Emma  with their University courses .   Those who have been on trips recently will also know her as my kitchen assistant, and will have had her as a translator.   Kamalla also takes the leed in many of the medical situations we are involved in .  She makes sure that people make it to appointments, and that the prices charged are fair.  We still face situations where people that don't know us will see us and think $$$, but with Kamalla there, they quickly realize that we are not to be taken advantage of.   We are so proud of her and what a great help she is to the work we do .    

Kamala and Bekah receiving recognition from the mayors office for the work that we do at the orphanages  

picking up the curtain tracking 

new carpet .. ready for the chairs 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A long time coming

We have been working on the dinning room at the mens home for a long time now .. The biggest hold up was the flooring, but finally we have the floor poured now.  They are just waiting for the floor to dry and set up now and then we will paint. 

Bekah stopped out today to pay the workers and took some pictures for us.   

main enterance 

this is the stage for concerts 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Because you gave !

I can not say enough how thankful we are to all of you who support the work that we do .   You never know what needs will be faced in a day, and there is not always time for us to find a sponsor.  Many of you send donations and say " where needed "  .. today where needed was a new baby at the Baby Hospital.  When ever there are abandoned babies, we get the call for formula.  It has been 6 years now that we have provided them with the formula for these babies .. 
Last night when Carolina arrived , we got the call.. Sergey picked up the girls and made a special visit to the hospital with formula.  They still had clothes on hand, but will need some diapers,  The girls will pick some up today and keep an eye on her ....and they can do that .. Because you gave  

Monday, June 16, 2014

A great weekend in Quebec with friends .

We have been off the grid this last weekend.   We had been asked to cater a wedding for good friends of ours. We were blessed to be able to do it.  It was kind of a find raiser for our work in Kyrgyzstan.  We are very blessed to have some awesome friends that jumped at the chance to help us out with this.    There were 13 of us that made the 5 hour trip Quebec, and four more servers who joined the team there.    It was such an honor to be asked to help with this wedding, there is a long family history here that spans four generations . 
Tables set for 200 

Emma and Mom put together 200 bags of home made cookies they spent the last week making .. they made great party favors. 
 While the Horsderves and punch was  being served  ( 6 different fresh made choices, hot and cold,  1100 pieces in total )  , we were busy in the kitchen  getting the salad plates ready. 10 different fresh made salad items each with its own unique flavor .. they looked great , with the rolls , almost a meal on its own. 

The next course was one of my favorites.  A fresh boneless breast of chicken roasted in a sour cream & mushroom sauce , served with a baked potato,  roasted almond and garlic green beans, and baby mint glazed carrots, garnished with a fresh sprig of mint, and home made cranberry sauce .  

the four cooks putting the final touches on the plates. Gill , Jamie and Mom all did an awesome job .. a lot of work , but they all knew exactly what needed to be done. 

The desert was a hit as well  
 When the evening was over and they called all the cooks and servers to thank us, there was actually a standing ovation ,  not something I had seen for the caterer before. 

 The next day we relaxed .. this event has been in the back of our minds since Christmas, and took a lot of planing, it was nice to just sit at the beach at the cottage and relax. even our little bull frog sat for a spell.. I think he was just glad the he was not on the menu. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I think that the greatest injustice I see is when I travel WEST

The last post I showed a photo of a group of friends that were at our home for a "Debriefing" from their trip to Haiti ..   It does not matter how many times you travel, you never really get used to it , and we find that even ourselves we face issues when we return.   I would have always thought that the difficult part of a missions trip would be facing the abject poverty, and the un just conditions that so many face.   This is difficult to see, but some how as bad as it is , it is easier to except then when we face when we return. 

  We have so much , yet we take it for granted, this is something that I am sure you have all heard.  Walking into a grocery store and seeing rows and rows of the same product.. hearing things like " I hate that the house is so big that we need to get a second wireless router .  The refrigerator in the garage is not keeping the pop cold enough .. I am sure you could all come up with a whole list of examples of excess that we have in our society ... and unfortunately it does not take long for us to call into the same trap.. 6 minutes into the flight home , I have already determined that the seat is not comfortable, the headphones are not working , and "chicken or fish" is not a breakfast choice.  I guess it is just in our nature ... 

There is one thing that hit me after returning from my first trip , and has hit me every single trip .  I come home with such a burden for the children and those in need,  The HURTING HELPLESS and the LOST, and so many of their needs can be solved with such a small amount of money comparatively speaking,  There they don't have the money to help , here we simply choose to spend it other places the  Humane society and the dog rescue.  

I try so hard to keep my mouth shut and not offend those that choose to send their funds that way rather then sending it to care for children and the elderly ... honest I do try , but they don't seem to be concerned about offending me by re posting on FB about there six month old Chiwawa who needs a second heart operation for $2500...   

Last night I could not take it any more , I commented on one of these sites that I could find 3 children who's lives could be saved for the cost of this on operation.. I was told off by the next few people to log in, then my comment was removed .. They said it is there right to give where they feel is best !.. 

That is the problem with society that some how it has put more importance on a six month old Chiwawa then the life of three innocent children .     I like animals , I have always had animals, but I will NEVER fall to the delusion that their life is worth 3 to 1 more then the life of a human .    I know that I am the odd man out here ,  I watched and in less then an hour, this site had 76 likes , over 40 comments of encouragement " you hang in there puppy" , and $2500 raised ... Now that makes me want to puke !  literally, I just felt sick by it ... $2500 would have covered two operations we are working on right now  and the mattresses and blankets so that 300 underprivileged kids could go to camp this summer... but NO ... Thank goodness our little abandoned chiwawa will get its second operation.  

Again I try not to say anything that may offend people, but I am deeply offended every time one of you " LIKE " one of these posts.    I was thinking that maybe my friends list will have to start getting a whole lot smaller If I can not find a way in my heart to forgive .  I am almost certain that these posts are not shared with the sole purpose of offending me, but my spirit greaves ...   I went to bed last night thinking to myself ok "Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise." and the more I did the more angry I got.... finally I fell asleep .. 

When I got up this morning I received this message from Bekah

Hi dad they looked at again, and his skull isn't broken (like iskendir worried about) and they don't need to operate. They prescribed them medicine and a treatment therapy that they can do in osh and today at 4pm they are flying back to osh

Iskendir wanted to thank you and the people who helped. Now they know exactly the problem is and they don't have to worry about what it could be

He says thank you for caring for them

Брат Жон.Боже благословения Вам.Спасибо болшое Мы очень благодарны Вам.Псалом.19.4-6.

Brother John, God's blessings be to you. Thank you very much, we are very thankful to you. Psalm 20:4-6

Psalm 20:4-6 NIV May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests. Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.

Monday, June 09, 2014

thanks Acel

a few weeks ago when we were in Narin , Acels sister made us a dish of potatoes and carrots that was incredible.. They had so much flavor and were so sweet .. For weeks we kept remembering the flavor.  Tonight we had company to the house to discuss what it was like returning from a missions trip.. sort of a debriefing .. The group was friends of ours that were in Haiti a month ago.  This would be a perfect opportunity to try out the new oven we made , and to try to recreate the potatoes from Narin.  
Acel was good enough to walk me through the process.. 
Pete is keeping an eye on the potatoes and smoked chicken 

We started with the shashlik , then while the potatoes were cooking each team member had an opportunity to share about their experience .   We even got to hear from family members about how the trip had impacted their family , even though they did not go themselves .

It was a great night .. We are so blessed to have so many like minded friends.  and yes my lesson in patience and trust paid off . I had to trust the process.. Cover the potatoes , reduce the heat and leave them for about 45 minutes .. they were awesome ... thanks Acel ..

These were the potatoes from Narin 

Trying to make it right

A few days ago I shared a need for a young boy from the south that we were made aware of while there a couple weeks ago.  He has bad seizures and could not get the care that he needed .   There was a small window of opportunity for him .  A team of Dr's is in Bishkek right now consulting with one of the top hospitals in the country.  Today our young friend and his advocate made the journey to Bishkek and has had an initial consult.  Tomorrow they will do an MRI and then see him again.  

We did not have a sponsor for this yet, but it was such a narrow time frame for this opportunity for him so we did not want to miss out.   

Reports came back from our friends there that he is such a wonderful boy, and a real blessing to meet him... As well they commented on what a great Man he had with him as an advocate .. Its a blessing to us to hear this .. sort of a confirmation that  this needed to be done ..  Bekah is one her way into the city to meet up with them in a few hours, and to bring a bit more money for tests .   I know our friends will be happy to see her. 

Over at Olga's learning centre, they are expanding again.  One more apartment has been added and is renovated and ready to open to help those kids in need .   We just need about $300 worth of chairs , carpets and other minor furnishings and we will be open for business... just in time to help kids in need get ready for school in the fall. 

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Getting ready for camp

Are you sending your kids to summer camp this year .. I can remember when we had a young family, and how difficult it was to send Benjamin to camp, fortunately for Benjamin he had a generous Grandfather that helped us with this. 

 In 1999, the average camp cost between $250 and $800 a week if it was operated by a non-profit organization, youth group, or public agency.  Privately-run camps and specialty camps cost between $350 and $1200 or more per week.     That was 15 years ago, I can only imagine what it cost now.    

   Now I am the grandfather , but rather then helping with camp for one or two kids, we are trying to get two or three hundred kids to camp this summer .. kids that with out our help would simply not be able to go.  

This year we are partnering with Sergey and Anya and their team to  put on a mountain camp. Though this partnership, we will see hundreds of kids able to experience camp. Everyone is working so hard and so many are volunteering their time and what ever funds they do have to make it possible. 

The big hurdle that they are facing is mattresses and blankets .  We need enough for 100 kids  a night .  a total of $1700 to get both the mattresses and the blankets .  The great part is that this is a one time request.. Once we make this purchase, we are providing  the camp for years to come .. 

Remember the cost for one child to camp here ? for the cost of two kids , we can help thousands in the years to come ... Please consider making a small donation today so we can get started making the mattresses in time . 

To help with this project, please follow this link to Possibilities International here .. Bekah is taking the lead on this dream.  Remember she is a dream agent for Possibilities International .   We are so thankful for their support of the work that Bekah is doing in Kyrgyzstan .   They provide a way for her to meet the burdens that she has for those around her, and at the same time grow into her own ministry .  while you are there , check out some of the other dreams by Bekah and other dream agents like her .. What a great way to make a difference in the world.   

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Off to America

I would like to retell a storey  ..Its a happy storey and it remains a happy one !   Several years ago we were at the mens home when Larisa came to us and said that one of the workers there has a daughter that would like to meet with us .  When we got a moment we met with this lovely young girl and her mother .. As soon as the door closed, they began " Go ahead tell him what you would like " .. she looked at me with a quiet smile and said clearly " I would like a lap top for classes. "  Well the expression on Larisa and Gulzada's mom was priceless.. " NO not a laptop , you want an arm" she replied, " no but its a laptop I want" .. Up to this point I had not even realized that she was missing an arm.. she was so sure of he self.     She then showed me her arm that went to just above the elbow.   

I made a phone call and in only a few minutes we had an appointment to have an arm made for her.  A sponsor was found and a few weeks later she had her new arm..  When we went to pay for it, we were told that they had not realized it was us, and we have done so much for that hospital that they would not be charging for the arm .. The sponsors were contacted, and it was decided that Yes Gulzada would get her new laptop as well.   What an exciting thing.. not just her needs , but the desires of her heart.  

Yesterday Bekah met up with Gulzada.  She is now preparing to go on a work placement to the United States. She will be in Myrtle Beach area.  Bekah is helping her with things at that end , packing , clothes for the trip, how to get to the airport etc.  They have sold the cow and other possessions to , and we have given her a loan of $500 so that she can get her ticket and Visa.

This has the opportunity to be such a great experience for her.  If there are any of you that are in the Myrtle Beach area or will be traveling there this summer and would like to stop in to bless her , or to give her support if she needs it , please email me @ .. also I would love to give her a little extra emergency travel money before she goes.. if anyone feels lead to slip her a $20 or a $50 let me know and we can make that happen .

 The day after we put the new ceiling tiles up in the kitchen, the pipes broke upstairs and half of the tiles came down as the glue had not completely hardened .  Thank you Akyl and Nurs for coming over and re doing the tiles .. they look great.

The other little project Bekah is working on right now is for a young orphan boy from Osh that we heard about while we were there .  He was beaten because of his faith, and as a result he is suffering from seizures as well as some heart arrhythmia ..   The doctors there are at a loss as to what to do, so nothing is being done and things are getting worse.  We have made arrangements with an organization in Bishkek that has a team of neurologists coming to Bishkek next week .   Between them and the Childrens hospital.. one of the best hospitals in the country, we plan to get to the bottom of this next week.  We will have to get 2 return air tickets for he and his guardian, this will be $90 and we have friends in Bishkek that will drive him and look after him while he is there .   I would like to raise a total of $250 for this so we have a little money for tests and treatments as well .  I don't know a lot about seizures, but I do know the sooner we can get them under control the better .

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

getting ahead of the needs

When there is a big need , its nice to have company.  Once again we are thankful for the help of Possibilities International for helping us with this Dream.

We have had so many emergency needs these last few months .. it gets heart breaking at times, and we are so blessed by all of you who have helped out.    Some times it is nice to step out .. and be ahead of the needs for once .  Its called being "proactive" not just "reactive".. not just reacting to an emergency, but going out and changing lives and bringing HOPE to a situation ahead of the need . 

This summer , hundreds of kids will want to go to summer camp, but will not have the funds or the place to go.  But this summer hundreds of kids will find a way through Sergey and Anya and their friends.   They are preparing a mountain VBS camp for kids this summer.  One of the biggest needs that they have left to make this possible is to have mattresses and blankets for the kids .. The nights are cold in the mountains, and we will need space for 100 kids at a time .  $1700 for 100 mattresses and blankets .  Thats just $17 a bed for the whole summer ... and summers to come.  

If you would like to help with this need, we would be so greateful.  Any donations can be made toward this at the site or follow this link

We do need a bit of time to have Aigulla make the blankets and mattresses, so the sooner we can cover this dream the better , but I am confident that together we can do this because we>I .