Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hello from xxxxxxxxxx

What a thrill it was today for Sam Welten, Ed Dickson and myself to walk into a baby orphanage with formula under our arms. At $100 per box it can be quite expensive. Thanks to St Pauls school in Norwood we purchased two and have left money donated from a couple at NPC for three more. While there the workers were thrilled to see us again and are always amazed that we keep coming back. The renovated rooms are amazing and the babies sooo cute. We also visited the Aids baby wing and were taken back by the wonderful children there who face a terrible battle from no fault of their own.Thanks be to God that they have some wonderful christian workers and government workers caring for them. Please remember them in prayer. Many of the children have cleft-palates (spell?} ... The surgery cost 700 US ... All they lack is the money.

I miss the team in Central Asia very much and think of them everyday. It is a very difficult thing to leave the team behind but as you can see in the blogs ... They are doing amazing under the leadership of John. It speaks to the quality of team we have representing us there.

Tomorrow we go to xxxxxxxxx to visit and see the work we send fund towards.I also have more funds and will see where they can best be used. xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx are thrilled to be hosting us and they send their greetings to everyone.

Supper at xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx home tonight with the Bishop.

Of course no trick or treating for us or anyone else in xxxxxxxxxxxx . :)



Monday, October 30, 2006

Hi Dad, from Rene

Another Great Day

As I sit here thinking about the events of the day, I can hear Paula and the rest of the team singing in the other room.
We started the day off with a trip to the baby Orphanage for the Ladies and a trip to Auxana's house (Make over project from last year)for the men. It was nice to see her again . we found a few small projects there that we will do on Wed. New roof , New outhouse,and fix the Chimny. The ladies had a great time with the kids.
We met at the amusment park at 12:00 . The kids from 2 village orphanges joined us there. They were so excited. some were shaking with anticipation of the rides, some wold just say to us over and over ICE CREAM, But then there were the ones that ran to us for a hug. The cutest little one there grabed me and said" Uncle John" then just hung on tight. They had some candies ( a great hit...Thank you Nick) a bit of pop, and then had there photo's taken. I could here Moms voice in the back of my head saying Ok already....Let them on the rides...... They all ran with such excitment to the rides. what a blessing to see there faces....No fights, ...No Crying... Polite and well behaved. after several rides I stood there with one little girl there in front of me with my arms around her and her hanging on to me .....Her heart was pounding so fast that I leaned forward to see if she was OK. ...... For many , this was there first time out of there little village.
After Playing on the rides for about 1 1/2 hours, we took them all to a Resteraunt where we had lunch waiting for them, The tables were all set and looked great. Again we marveled at how happy and polite these litle kids were. It was interesting to see how caring the older kids were with the younger ones. We gave out toys to all the kids. They loved the tops that Frank made. Again we have been blessed with the support from those at Crayola. I don't know that they will ever know how much they have blessed the children of Central Asia.
If that was not enough, We stoped at the town orphanage on the way home and found the most incredible transformation since we were here last. New celings , floors, sinks, bathrooms, New beds, beautifull hand made quilts on the beds. Milllbrook,you need to know that your seads fell on good soil! One thing we did notice is that there was no fridge so Paula had some sponcers that she felt would be blessed to take care of that.
Tonight on our way home from the internet cafe' we stoped and watched them make the bread in the big brick ovens. Ron Sam and Ed are off now to XXXXXXX to visit our friends there, we will see them again in a few days. Will right again soon.
Blessings Julie & John

A Fridge for Town Orphanage.

Could you imagine feeding a family of 17 with no fridge.
thank you Dave & Diane , thank you Eagle Lake Community Church. Thankyou for the new fridge.


Early Christmas

The new Poster Girl for Sunmaster Sunglasses

Too Cute

Fun Day at the Park

This was a special day for us. Thankyou to our many sponsors that made this day possible. Thank you Nick, Thank you Ron, Thankyou Barbara, Thank you Shirley.

Sharon's in her glory

Shashlik in the Mountain

Touring the Town

Friday, October 27, 2006

Norwood Arived Safe and Sound

The team arived on time in the capital city this morning and has now settled into there rooms. The will have a team meating then back on the road seeing the sights. They wanted all to know that they are doing well, and will be emailing in a few hours.
Blessings John

Update on "View from the top"

To our friends tuning in from Espanola and Milbrook I did not yet write about it, but we went out to the orphanage in the village. As I got out of the van and the kids saw me they came running and leeped up int my arms . The kids were so happy and the orphanage has such a joy and peace in it. It is so differend since the first time I came out to see them a year ago. It was somewhat overwelming to me. I guess until I saw it for myself, I never realy grasped the affect we had on them. In the last year these kids have not only learned what love is, they have learned to love. I know that is in large part because of the on going support of the workers here in Central Asia and the follow up of teams like Espanola . We had marshmellows over a camp fire, then cooked them a supper of Hot roast beef sandwiches potatoes and carrots. (I think this is going to become a tradition) I just pray that all the work we do over here would make even half the difference on an ongoing basis as I have witnessed in the village.
Tomorrow the team from Norwood will arrive and we are booked in for noon on Monday with all the kids from the village and town orphanages. The deal is that the park will be opened for all the kids and adults with them for $100. I then asked if that included there lunch? he said no, but that he would through in icecream for them all. ......Now thats a deal ..... thats about $1 each....money well spent. The best part is that before this post was even on the blog, someone from Canada heard the plans and Gave the $ to Julie and said "I want in on this ". So this ones on you. Thankyou. (Photos to follow)
Blessings from the capital city.

Patiently waiting for the team

We spent the day today working diligently on the plans for the rest of the team when they arrive. It was a tough day, but necessary.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gods calling you !

It does mot matter whether you are in Milwaukee or Milton, God is calling all to missions today, and we want to help. Follow the links to Possibilities International and get on board. We would love to have you along.
Blessings from the capital city

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


By the time most of you read this email Sergei and Anya will be told that somebody in Canada has given$5000 so that they can buy an apartment or house in town. Combined with the $3000Us They will get for their apartment you can only imagine the place it will get them. Then to top it off, they will be told that because of the generosity of someone else in Canada, the will receive a pay increase of $100 / month. Also for those in Ontario I will be speaking at Freedom Church on November 19th and I would love to see you there....we could even go out to a dinner after...maybe shashleek! lol! I will be giving a report about our trip. Then preaching up a storm with a dvd that will bring you to tears baby!Heard you got home okay...sweet....was that 10.5 hourflight a killer? Passionately Connecting Canadians......helping orphans and the elderly in their distress.....sammyweltenpi

This is a true blessing for us to whiteness . I have watched this couple over the last two years as they pour into the lives of so many in Central Asia They take such joy in being part of giving to others. It is so great to see them blessed.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Team one on the way home

The first team left for home this morning. As we reflect, it becomes clear that the greatest impact was not the projects that were accomplished, not the home that was bought, not the workers that were hired, but the greatest impact was in the hearts of the people of this beautiful land. They know that God has not forgotten them. that was evedent in the tears that fell as the team left. I pray that the next team will have an equal or even greater impact.
Blessings John

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back to the Hospital

On Friday morning we returned to the hospital to speak directly with the orthopedic surgeon regarding the care of our homeless person, Anya. We had a wonderful meeting with him. He commented on how a light shone from us, and was surprised that we would come to his country from so far away. We had an opportunity to share our faith with him, and that Jesus desires us to look after widows and orphans, which is what we are doing in his country. We were able to bless him with 3 hockey bags full of medical supplies. We also told him that we were purchasing 20 new mattresses. There currently aren't enough mattresses for all the beds, and most of the ones there are very old and very stained. We've made a connection with the mattress factory in town which employs blind people. This blessing will work both ways!

The doctor is very passionate about his work and obviously does very good work. He took us on a tour of the many patients on his unit. Most have suffered traumatic injuries including crush injuries from automobiles, and falls from horses and buildings. He excitedly showed us patients who've had dramatic improvements under his care including a woman who had a skull fracture, and a couple of patients who had received care outside of Central Asia but returned to him as their treatments were unsuccessful. Patients have all sorts of fixation devices to assist with repair of their broken limbs. The doctor also visited Anya. He will have to rebreak her partially healed fractures as she didn't have treatment when she injured herself two months ago. This doctor has an excellent bedside manner, joking and talking with patients. Again, he is very passionate about his work.

Laurent, one of our team members is involved in construction and elevator installations. Remember the story about having to carry the homeless woman up 3 flights of stairs to the xray department? There is no working elevator in this hospital and there hasn't been for many years. Can you imagine people having to crawl up flights of stairs to get to their hospital room, for investigations , or to visit the doctor? Well, the elevator shaft just happens to be in the surgeon's office. It's been covered up as it's non-functioning. Laurent was able to open up and access the shaft. A new elevator can be installed but the hospital cannot afford to purchase one. What an opportunity for Canadians to bless the sick people of the town! While Laurent was walking around and having discussions with the doctor, he noticed that the doctor had a limp. The doctor was pleased to have Laurent pray for him.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The First Wave !

View from the top

After revieling the second house we took Laura from the first house , the local workers and all the team to the amusment park. For $25 we convinced them to open the park and let everyone in for free. When the Norwood team arives, we would like to bring the kids from the orphanages here for a party. Probably about $100 would cover it .

Purchasing the new digs

When cooking lunch, We cook for the village !

Pimp My Ride

I guess the carpets just did not cut it , So we added a little something !

Now and Then


Hey there! It's Scott Welten here from the Possibilites International Xtreme Makeover trip in Central Asia, and have I got a blessing for you!

As I'm sure you already know, we have been here for a couple of weeks "making over" some peoples' homes and we have a bit of a dilema. While we were taking care of one of these homes we had a homeless lady and her daughter stay at the house at night, so that nothing would be stolen.
We found the lady at the local dump, living off of the garbage. She and her smallest daughter would burrow into the side of the hill so that they would have a place to live. While they were watching the house the woman and her daughter work harder than I did, making sure that every inch of the house had a new coat of paint and that all of the nails were securely in place.
There was just one problem...after we had finished the makeover, what would happen to this lady? Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, sending her back to the dump didn't sit well with us (especially Dave Gatto). There was only one solution: FIND HER A PLACE TO STAY.
And so, with Faith in our pockets and Angels on every side, Dave and I set out to find her an apartment. We found one for $1000 U.S. Here's the kicker...just before we were about to seal the deal, someone bought it out from underneathe us!
However, Dave and I could not be shaken and were as determined as ever to find this lady a home. And we did.
God showed us the perfect place: a 900 square foot home with a half acre garden in the back complete with chickens and legal fees paid in full for $1925.00 U.S! PRAISE GOD!
Here's what I need: I need anyone and everyone that is willing to take part in this blessing, to give money to buy this lady her house! We as a team have raised $1000 USD for this woman, so what I need now is $925.00! Come on, Givers...GIVE!

God bless you as you take part in this blessing, furthering The Kingdom for the Glory of God!
Scott Welten

P.S: If you would like more information, please contact me at: http://ca.f514.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=scooterboy37@hotmail.com. Also, if you are paying by cheque, make it out to Possibilities International

Friday, October 20, 2006

From Dump to Doma

In my last update I was telling you about Laura and her getting a new made-over home. During the reno's we have had a lady and her daughter staying at the home during the night to be sure things were safe. I thought the woman was getting paid a bit of money and was from the local church. I found out two days ago...as did the rest of the team that this lady and her daughter were living at the local dump as they were homeless. A couple of my team members flipped when they found out that we would have to send this lady (who by the way worked her "butt off" during the day with the team)back to the garbage dump. They had heard about this apartment that could be bought for $1000US...they decided...we need to buy it. So a post was made on our blog and between replies and team members here....we had the $1000US. However, the next day the apartment was sold before we got there.
Thursday evening a young man on the team (18 years old) came to me and said that they heard of a house that was for sale for $2500US and that he really felt that God was telling him that we needed to buy the house and that he would be responsible for raising the money. He told me Sergei (the leader of a humanitarian company we are working with) would give the difference and this young man could send him the money borrowed over the next couple months.
I looked at the young man and said, "Are you prepared to give the difference ($1500US) if you cannot raise one cent?" He looked at me and said "I am...God told me we need to buy that house!"
So yesterday I get a call (as the young man and a couple guys from the team were going to look at the house) and he tells me that they have bought the house....that it has its own well...lots of land with vegetables and fruit already growing on it and that the family is moving out by Monday...and that they got it for $1800US!!! He was pumped.
So yesterday after the party with Laura...she got her new house...that was wild in itself.....we took the team and the homeless lady and her daughter to the new house we just purchased. All the lady knew was that we had another makeover and we needed her to stay in another house for us.
When we get there....oh my goodness....you should see the land on this piece of property....the house needs some work, but when you have had to dig a hole in a dump site to find shelter....this was going to be heaven!
After looking around the young man walks up to me and says, "So tell me how did I do Dad?" That's right, it was my son Scott by faith who stepped out. You can only imagine how this father was feeling as I walked around the property. It will be finalized on Monday...it will be in Sergei's name.
So...we tell the lady that though she does not own the house....we need her to live in it over the next couple years and help us make it over. She did not understand at first....but when she did ....it was wild!
We bought the chickens that were there...we bought the coal that was there....we negotiated that we would take care of the owners half of the closing costs with lawyers fees and such ($150US) and they would leave a bed, chest of drawers, a couple rugs and a few other things.
So what do you have here....
You have a 15 year old girl and her G3 that have a new made-over home.
You have a new house purchase and a lovely homeless lady and daughter with a new home with all the trimmings.
You have a team that walked in circles for about 35 minutes weeping.
You have an 18 year old young man who learned a lot about listening to God and taking a step of faith.
You also have an 18 year old that must raise about $1000US and/or come up with it himself.
At this point he does not care....he cannot wipe the smile of his face.
No pressure but if you want to help him(with any amount) you can email him at scooterboy37@hotmail.com .....I am sure he would love to hear from you.
There is also a picture posted with this story on the blog www.actofkindness.blogspot.com

Passionately Connecting Canadians...
...helping orphans and the elderly in their distress.....



Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Cry for Help

We are coming along great with the renovations at the village for Laura and her great grandma. It is so amazing how God works through us to flesh out His will. It is a great blessing for everyone of us on the team to be able to help the widows and the orphans; especially for me.
If you could, take a few minutes and ask someone to read this to you.
Close your eyes and picture a heaping pile of garbage, the pile that you see at the dump that reaks of rotting waste and sewage. Then picture yourself with your bare hands digging a hole the size of a 45 gallon drum in the side of the heap of waste. Then picture yourself laying your 5 year old daughter or son to sleep at nite in that hole. This is what this mother does every nite for her daughter and then lays beside her to try and keep her warm at nite. Okay Open your eyes!!!!
Now we have been able to somewhat provide shelter for this mother and daughter for a short while as we are renovating the house for Laura and her great grandma, but we are now coming to the end and we will have to send this beutiful little five year old and her mother back to the "hellish" dump they call home.
We have found an apartment that can be purchased for a $ 1000 US that will provide a warm and dry place for them to live. The other kicker is she has another daughter who is 7 yrs old that is deaf that lives at an orphanage to be trained in sign language. Her deaf daughter could then visit for six months at this new apartment and then can be sent back for more training.
So here is where we are at.........
We need to raise a $1000 dollars US to purchase this apartment which will be bought and owned by the chartibale foundation that we are working with here. So that' s where you come in, could you help us with a gift of $25, 50, 100......... or you may just be able to give the whole $1000.
We are only here till Tuesday but would love to let this mother know that she does not have to return to the dump and that the only crying that she will be doing is not for help but for JOY!!!
Evacuating the Dump one life at a time,
Dave Gatto
IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE EMAIL julie_johnwright@yahoo.ca

Home again Home again jigiddy jig!

We went to the market this morning to purchace the final supplies for the house in the village. We will now go and start furnishing the house. This is a photo of us returning with our mornings shopping .

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Following in his Footsteps !

In a small village which stands on the edge of the mountains in Central Asia works a group of men. They follow in the footsteps of the Carpenter's son which you can read about in the Gospels. They are doing what they can to defend the widow and support the hurting, helpless and hopeless. If you didn't know better you would almost swear that you catch a glimpse of Jesus out of the corner of your eye. Hope, joy, and love are visiting that village. The life found in the Carpenter's son is flooding that village.....and like a gentle cool breeze on a hot humid summers day....there is a refreshing taking place that is breaking down walls. Mike Delsemme (picture to left) is just one of the men that are modelling the love and compassion of Jesus...and having the time of his life doing it. In Hollywood right now, they have no idea who Mike is, but in this small village Mike is well known and has celebrity status. The children gather around him so much at certain times it is impossible to work, but Mike just smiles and lets the life of the Carpenter's son shine through him.
So what about you? Why couldn't you be like Mike? Take a chance...live a little...step beyond all the reasons as to why you could not do something like this.
There are lots of young girls 15 years old that are counting on you...actually heaven is counting on you....Jesus, the Carpenter's son is calling you. Will you answer the call? Will you make a difference? There is no greater feeling than celebrity status in a mountainside village...knowing that it is all about making the Carpenter's son known.
It's "GO" time.Passionately Connecting Canadians......helping orphans and the elderly in their distress.....sammyweltenpiwww.possibilitiesinternational.com

Monday, October 16, 2006

A days work is never done in town!

Report From Rose
Coming home from a day's work we found a homeless woman at our doorstep. She smelled of alcohol and hadn't washed in some time. She had fallen and injured her hand and face. She had difficulty walking with the use of two canes. Anya and Lena are two young ladies working in Central Asia looking after the poor and homeless. They had been working with us. This lady refused to let us take her to the hospital as she didn't have a passport so they wouldn't accept there. She had been living with a step daughter who no longer wanted anything to do with her. What to do? Anya was able to obtain some clean warm clothing from the Mercy Organization, which is in fact where the doorstep was. It's as if God directed her to a place where she would get help. She finally consented to go to the hospital. While there she was examined by a doctor who determined that she had a broken leg, broken in two places -- underneath her knee and at the ankle. She said she hurt herself two months ago. The doctor consented to keep her -- remember that she didn't have a passport and she was homeless. The poor are not looked on favourably. Anya said that it was also a miracle that a doctor was working at night in the hospital because that doesn't happen. We then had to go back and get two team members to assist with carrying her up to the third floor (leg problems, back problems and xray on the third floor) as there wasn't an elevator. When we returned, the lady had been bathed using supplies Lena had bought. Lena then offered the soap and sponges she had bought to the nurse. The nurse was very surprised and said that she had never heard of this being done before -- where supplies were freely given. We're leaving our mark!! The lady was finally settled in and the nurse indicated they would look after her until Monday. This meant that they would feed her and give her supplies she needed. In Central Asia, medical care is free to the indigent. Families of all patients, however, are responsible to bring in food, sheets, supplies and medications.
We visited her today. A doctor wanted to speak with us immediately upon our arrival. He was insistent that she be removed and taken to a mental health hospital as she was delirious. She was also not able to control her bladder and bowel function. Remember, her leg is broken in two places and can't get to the washroom. She had been drinking, and she was also in pain when we found her. Alcohol is cheap and she may have been using the alcohol to control her pain. Perhaps she was in alcohol withdrawal. We finally convinced him to keep her for another two days. We requested that he complete the surgery on her leg before she was moved anywhere. We even offered to pay for the surgery but he said that he couldn't accept our money because in reality her medical care should be free. We completed our visit with the lady. Her name too is Anya. She was very lucid. We provided her with new sheets and clothing that Lena had bought. We also brought her food and juice. Lena suggested that we prove to the doctor that she isn't delirious by having one of the women from the local church spend the day with her tomorrow. This woman will be able to assist her to the bathroom, as well as determine how clear her mind actually is. We will then speak with the doctor the following day about her care.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Holy Xtreme Team

This team is amazing!
Crazy stuff happening.
I see Xtreme Teams going out 5-6 times a year.
Jump on the wagon baby!

Break through !

It was a sight to see. You could harly move in the house today because there were so many from the village there helping. It was amazing . Here are a group of the locals with one of the men from the team. So thats how the story stands now, but now you need to know how it started.
When our friends here in Central Asia first started helping the girl with the great grandmother, the people in this small village started to get mad because they did not want our friends around because they are Christians. They got even more upset because they were helping this girl and not them, even though they are better off, not much, but better off non the less. When we first started there yesterday, they kept their distancee, and very few where around. Today when we got to Town, we had a bag of gifts for the kids, and even some small things for some adults. slowly the word spread and people began coming out of the woodwork. then the lid came off. some one came with a bag full of icecream cones and started giving them out to us and the local kids that gathered, and before you know it there where locals digging the hole for the out house, kids scraping paint of the floor, teenagers wheeling dirt around, and the ladies sorting and washing cloths and dishes. Like I say it was amazing,
Today we found what was the towns drinking water source, and found that there is a washer that is no good. We are going to see what we can do to get the pump fixed, then throw a great big party for the whole town when we are done. Stay tuned for an update.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Just Wrong / Seulement mauvais

And that's how we felt when we saw a young girl and her great grandmother living in house that I could describe as a barnyard. Doors don't lock, windows are broken, there is no heat and the only source of water is a ditch in front of the house. Alone and poor, hope is impossible to find. The fifteen years old girl was excited about the prospects of having a door with a latch to keep out unwanted visitors. Taking care of her great grandmother she tries to keep her grandmother from murdering the old sick lady to take over the house and be kicked out and left by herself in the street. Now for the bright side, because of the support of the people like you who are reading this, we are able to make a difference. On top of renovating the home and making it secure, the girl and great grandmother will be treated in a holiday away for a personal makeover. Stay tuned for more updates.

Voici le sentiments qui nous a envahit lorsque nous avons vue cette jeune fille et son arriere grand-mere vivant dans une maison que je decrirais comme une grange. Des portes qu'on ne peut barrer, des fenetres brises, aucun chauffge et petit cour d'eau en avant de le maison. Seules et pauvres l'espoir est impossible a trouver. La jeune fille de 15 ans etait tres excite a l'idee d'avoir enfin des portes avec une serrure pour garder les individus indesire loin d'elle. Prenant soin de son arriere grand-mere, elle essaie de tenir loin sa grand-mere qui tente de faire mourir la vielle dame malade pour pouvoir prendre possession de la maison et etre jete dans la rue. Maintenant, voyons le bon cote des choses. Grace a vos dons, nous sommes capable de faire une difference. En plus de renover la maison et la rendre securitaire, la jeune fille et son arriere grand-mere seront traitee comme des reines durant les renovations. Restez avec nous pour de plus amples nouvelles.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day one in Town

We we landed in the capital city at 5:30 this morning , a little late, but a great flight. The plane was not very full so we were able to spread out. We drove to the foundation in town, and found our rooms and had breakfast. The team had an oppertunity to meet elder Yang, and to hear about his vision for the nation of Central Asia. We then went to the market to by some tools, and some other things that the team needed. We also purchased a washing machine and fridge for Lenya...a first for her... she was so excited. We will get some photos of them in her home. She will now be able to have a place to keep supplies she gets for the seniors. We found a new resteraunt in town. Very nice, we payed for the local staff as well as the team the team it was only 200 com for each team member (about $5) we also found out that a 1500 sum Tip is enough to make the server cry!
Tomorrow we will be starting on Two different projects. I will tell you more tomorrow, and hopefully have some Photos working by then.
Blessings John and the entire Missions 1:27 Team #1

Friday, October 06, 2006

Final countdown

Final countdown starts for team one. We will be leaving in three separate groups , two different flights out of Toronto, and one group out of Montreal. Wed. we will all meet in London, and will travel on to Central Asia together from there. With only two weeks, and so much to do, we will hit the ground running.
We will post a journal of the daily events. The team members will have opportunity to introduce themselves. If you wish, you can ask questions or make comments by clicking the comment line below…….stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Praise him on the stringed instruments too !

So we were in the middle of removing a wall in an orphanage in XXXXXX when all of a sudden the local we had working with us got all excited. you would think we had just found a lost treasure. It was about 10 feet of what looked like telephone wire. Excitedly, the worker began pealing the plastic off of the thin copper wire. He then went away, and a few moments later he returned with his guitar, and he showed us the new strings it had..... you got it ... thin copper wire. If you know anyone from one of the teams , Why not pick up a set of strings to send with them. !