Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wed, Thurs, then Friday they are there .. ON THE WAY

With just 37 km , you an even begin to see landmarks on their route map , like the airport on the edge of the city .  

They are excited to be coming to the end of the journey .  They have met lots of interesting Pilgrims along the way , and today they were please to meat up with another walker Fabio from Italy that they last saw about 3 weeks ago ..   Can you imagine .. they kept up with him !

Back in Kyrgyzstan it was another Busy day . We began with a trip to the Baby orphanage , then decided to take a quick trip to the Bazaar and pick up about 150 lbs of apples and a case of banana's .  then after delivering them , we brought a big case of Strawberries to the nurses at the Baby Hospital .. just because .. they were thrilled .  Then it was out to the farm for lunch and to pay the construction workers and pick up a material list .  We then went to Ivanofka Childrens treatment centre and brought them a couple months supply of Vitamins .  Tonight we brought more Vitamins along with Hats mits scarves and sweaters to the kids at Bacute orphanage, then took them all out for supper ..

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