Sunday, September 06, 2015

Day 8 & 9 ON THE WAY .. somewhere between Villa something and Villa Something else ..

Today the girls walked for six hours .  They are  are about 40km west  of Pampalona now. Julie says that she is getting tired and worn out, but is determined to continue , driven by the needs of women here in Kyrgyzstan.  Asel on the other hand is just skipping along and is still full of excitement each and every day . 

there are a lot of walkers on the Camino right now, and in the evenings, it is difficult to find a place to stay, this means that they have to start earlier each day , and stop a little sooner so that they can fins a place.

Julie says that the scenery is incredible and the architecture is fantastic 

Back in Kyrgyzstan, we have been hard at it.  Yesterday we brought the kids that live at the apartment out to work at the farm for the day to help get caught up. Kolya came back from the city as well to help.  Some of you may remember a man named Baski that was a good friend of Jengish that we had helped with surgery for a brain toumer, His wife and Daughter have also come out for a few days to Help make the Tomato sauce .  So while we have been weeding and picking , they have been busy doing the canning .  
The first batch is coming off the line 

This is about 75 Litres, there is another 45 litres cooking, 45 litres ground up and ready to go into the pot, and about 200 lbs of tomatoes and peppers, carrots and onions washed and ready to go through the grinder .. That was from the first days picking 

the peppers are incredible .. red, green , yellow and orange as well as hot and supper hot ones.  I counted 35 peppers off of just one plant, and that still left several little ones .. we have about 1000 of them 

Yesterday we went through the garden and picked all the ripe tomatoes, today we went over the same section again and got all this , I think we will get the same tomorrow as well .. , Today we also started weeding the next section of Tomatoes that are just starting to ripen , probably in a week we will be in full season ..

While Julie has been on THE WAY, I have been giving examples of how your donations to Women's issues here in Kyrgyzstan can make such a difference .  Today is a good example ,  As we have been saying , we want to be able to provide emergency shelter space for women and single moms .  Today we got a call from Surgery.  A single mom with 3 kids had come to his attention ,  She had been at a shelter that was over crowded , so she moved out our way, but the place that she was staying said that she could only stay a week, and that week was up ,  We talked with her to see what she had planed ,  She said that she would try to find an orphanage that she could take her kids , they needed some stability and needed help to go to school, and she could not look after them... I said , we will talk more , but the best place for a child if possible was with their own  parents .. Right away, she said OH OK I will keep them with me if I can ..

We brought her down and showed her a home that we have been working on for this purpose .  It will have rooms for two families here , shared living room and Kitchen.  She can live and work on the farm and collect a very small salary or she can work off the farm and pay a geared to income rent until they are on their feet again.  We will also need to do a little extra help with the kids to get them ready for school .
She asked how soon she could move in , we told her that she could stay with Aigoola for a couple days at the Girls side of the farm, and that we will start painting and furnishing the home tomorrow, so in a few days she can move over to the new house ..

She was so over joyed ,  and went right away to get her things , everything she has can be carried in one trip... As she headed down the street to go retrieve her belongings, I looked over at Aigoola , and she had tears welling up and starting to drip off her cheeks .. No one knows what this mother is facing more then Aigoola.  There will be so much more to this storey I am sure, and so may unanswered questions, but what I do know is that Aigoola is the absolute perfect person to help her though this ..
Tomorrow we will contact Dr Tatyana as well and have the family given a check up, and we will also have to find some more cloths and personal supplies for them to get them started ..

This is just one of the countless examples of  stories of GRACE and RESTORATION that we have been blessed to be a part of .  When we say that the needs are there daily , we are not exagerating ..
The only way that we ARE able to help is with your support .. because if you like it or not, For some like this family YOU ARE THE WAY ... Please stop right now and donate to this campaign of HOPE and RESTORATION ..

Julie and Acel have been on the road now for eight days .. they don't know what else to do to get the attention of the world .. please show them they are not alone .. it would be a great encouragement to them as well ..

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