Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Team Northview on their way

 Today a team is departing Canada on their way to the farm .   We are so looking forward to having them here with us .  There days will be filled with work around the farm, and helping and encouraging our kids as well they will be doing some special days at several orphanages and seniors home. Some of the men from the mens home will be coming to the farm for horse back riding and a picnic. and then of course there will be back to school shopping trips . It will be a fun and exciting time for everyone.  But as you look at the size of the team, we face some small logistics like toilets and showers .   

In the spring we started adding an extra shower room and a toilet room , we have even pout in our own back up water suply for when the water is not running in the village, which often happens when we have groups.  Then the existing shower needed to be replaced 

We have also finished the inside of the rooms we started in the spring 

I have been trying to get the farm vehicles fixed in time for the team .    This morning I was with no car and had to go to town.  One of the mechanics was nice and offered me a loner car while mine is being fixed .   I think the team will love this .  

I think it might actually be a step up from the car we had for Sam to drive the last time he was here 

Today was another harvest day for the hay.  We got another 350 bails today 

Julie was doing some gardening and was able to get the rock garden under control .... a bit 

Tomorrow the team will be in the air and we will be making some last minute alterations on the farm and doing a great big grocery shop.    

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Construction begins ... right after these wings

We are just coming up to the half way point in our stay so we needed to do a trip out of Kyrgyzstan for the day so we can come back for another 60 days.   We have this down to a science.  We spent last night at Bekah's , then left her place around 11:00.  We went for a great lunch in Kazakhstan and were home to Tokmok by 5:00.                                                                                                                               Back on the farm the kids were hard at work with Vlady this weekend.  They are pouring the floors for the new indoor shower / toilet and bedrooms. 

While the rest of the guys were mixing and pouring cement Nuric was digging the hole for the septic tank .   The team from PI will be arriving this week and we will be ready for the walls to go up. 

Friday, September 07, 2018

Compel them to come in !

"Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

Today we celebrated Sammys second birthday, and what a celebration it was.    Aiperi had been planing for days , and was excited to be able to invite so many close friends, as things turned out many those that she was expecting were not able to make it , but some how the table was still full .. there were about 45 guests .  I over heard Julie talking to Aiperie .. They were discussing who everyone was. I had to chuckle when Aiperie said " and those kids, I have no idea who they are. "  

I was reminded of the scripture where we were told to go into the highways and the byways and invite them in so that the table would be full .  

A few days ago I shared a request from Larisa to take some of the men from the Invalid home to Isykool ... it was short notice, but you guys came through and made it possible .. Today we got a report from Tanya about how the trip went .. 

"Hallo Julie. Sorry for my long reports with mistaks but want to share with happy days of boys . We have spent three days on Issyk Kul. Boys didn't want to leave. It was their first trip to the lake. Sasha and Zamir were born on Issyk Kul but never were there after .We have celebrated the birthday of Almaz. he was very happy. The first day we have found the good house two floors and is cheap .also all conditions.the beach was nearby it is also possible to come around by car for convenience of Zamir. When we have told boys that we will live in this house they couldn't believe. After we have gone to the lake and there rode the boat and bathed. Later went to cafe. also walked on the city of Cholpon-Ata. We have spent the second day in mountains of Kirchin there was a holiday the World games of nomads. everything was very beautiful to .biught a lunch. Boys rode with a camel and an eagle... .last day we have brought boys to the box and different games on a horse. Then have gone to the Narodni shop to buy food and cake for celebration a birthday of Almz. Boys have been very surprised. They have gone to shop for the first time. Also could choose food which him there is a wish also big cake. Thanks a lot that have helped to fulfill a dream of boys. for them it is not forgotten days .they are very happy. When we have brought them to the men's house all heartily welcomed them and claps. boys have said hello you and many thanks that you have taken care of them and have given the chance execution of their big dreams. Thank you so much."

Monday, September 03, 2018

off to school

Well everyone is off to school today. here are some of our Tokmok students 

And here are our Bishkek kids from the farm . 

It has been a lot of work getting them all ready for school . but they were able to carry through with the help of Vlad and Olga . 

Nuric just got home from a couple weeks with Vlady in Northern Russia .  There are stories that are sure to follow, but one thing for sure .. everyone sure missed Nuric .  

This week the work has started back at the baby and children's hospitals in  Tokmok. Today Sergey dropped off more supplies so the work could continue