Saturday, March 30, 2024

Making the best of a rainy day

Yesterday was Sergeys 24th Birthday.   We celebrted by going up to the hot springs  and big sergey stayed back and made a fantastic ploff for supper.  

Up at the kashar we have been busy preparing to pour the base for the yurts as well as planting some trees .

We got about 80 baby chicks in the fall .. about 30 of them turned out to be roosters.  They have gotten a little nasty .. alwys fighting and crowing , and one of them made the mistake of atacking me when I went in for eggs .. I must say that my feelings were a little hurt .. so yesterday 8 of them made the trip to the freezer . Tuesday another 20 will join them. 

The seeds have arrived and are all packaged up for delivery . We are now on our way to town to pick up all the food to pack the food hampers.

Along with the seed potatoes, here is what each family will receive.

We  had a very bad storm here that took our power out for 2 days , but also manages to rip some of the roof off the green house , so we have some repairs to make . 

We got a call that the food had arrived so we picked it up and had a packing party with the boys . 

It is nice to have Maarat home for the weeknd so I had him join us for supper .

I think I am ready for bed now.  Tomorrow we begin deliveries .. hope to have 150 packages into the hands of our tem by this time tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Pizza and Popcorn in the mountains

This morning we hd a wonderful time in the mountain with the kids before they headed bck to the orphanage .   They provided the horsed and we brought Pizza, juice and Popcorn. 

The kids were very excited to see us and appreciated being able to have this time together. 

This is Mishas new horse .. he is prety excited about that .

We are back at the carm for a couple hours now before we head to the kashar to start our spring cleaning .. so that gives a bit of time for Quentin to get some more pruning done .  

Speeking of Quentin , Apriul 8th is his Birthday.  If you remember for my birthday we took this orphanage out for winter boots , bowling and then out for piza .  
I thought that this would be perfect timing with your help we could take these special kids along with our farm boys out to get them summer shoes and then to a fancy resteraunt that also has a small zoo.  
It will cost about $20 each .  so we would like to raise $500 to make this possible  If you would like to help, please use the  donating button on the top right side of the blog. 

Another need we are working on is we have a family member of one of our boys that is sick and needs some treatements that will cost about $200. He will try to cover as much of this as he can but it would be great if we could help wih this need .  


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

A little catch up

We had a great start to the trip.  The flights were on time and not too hot.  We even had an empty seat between us for both flights .. that makes all the difference.

We got into Bishkek at about 3:00am and that got us to the farm by 6:00 and in to bed to sleep until 10:00.  Then we went into Tokmok to do some grocery shopping and to have a nice lunch with Ravil and his wife.  Julie had found a phot of her going back about 10 years so she sent it with me to give her . 

Monday we drove into bishkek and ordered 3 new yurts for up at the kashar .  They will be delivered and set up on the 12th of april so that will give us a couple weeks to pour the new pads for them .   We got a red one a blue one and a brown one.  It will hwlp us to know which is wich for the guests. 

We then carried on to Bishkek and had lunch with our team there and brought them some little gifts from Canada , and also met up with my son in laws brother to give them some things that the guys had sent to them ... I say the guys , but pretty sure they did not have much to do with it and it was Emma and Bekah that prepared everything.  But it is nice that we can do things like that to help them stay conected with their family. 

From there is ws about an hour nd a half drive bck through the mountains .. What a beautiful drive . 

This morning we were up and out early to go into the mountains to order some trees for at the Kashar ,, We were able to stop at the waterfalls on the way . 

Then for the rest of the morning we have been top dressing under the fruit trees and Quinton has been hard at work trying to sort out our past pruning and fixing my mess .  he has about 5 done and just 200 to go. 

After lunch I have a welder coming to take a look at the playground we put in several years ago and see about fixing everything that is broken then we will organize a comunity day to get everyone together to rebuild it and maybe add a few more items .. 

After that we will head back to Tokmok to have supper with Vlady and Tatyana and theirr Daughter and her husband who are in town for a visit.


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

How long can it be today ?


This is a post borrowed from a friend but it is very suitable for me today. 

How long can it still be today?

So that i can feel closer to you

and say ...

earlier we hugged twice over

we ate good food, 

we laughed, we dreamed of next time 

we could be together.

I like calling in the same time zone

knowing the daily stuff

feeling 'immediate'

being present.

I woke up 'this' morning

and it is today

in me.

But one plane ride

7,000 kms 

its not the same date 

and i haven't slept


I'm here but not here

there but not there

I don't

 want today to end.

How long can it still be today?

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

House Warming Celebration

Many of you will remember Aiperi.  She is Aigoola's daughter and lived and worked on the farm.  She helped with a lot of the Humanitarian Aid .  Here is a picture of her with little Billy.  Billy's mom died  during child birth and he had a hole in his heart and was a failure to thrive baby.  The farm was contacted for help, so Aiperi started going to him at least once a month for the first year and brought him good quality formula and helped with the family .  

She then moved to Pakistan with her husband.  As soon as she got there she started helping people like she had learned on the farm.  She has about 30 families of refugees from Afghanistan that she helps with food and school supplies for the kids .   

Up until now she and her two boys and husband  have been living with her husbands large family.  Now they have started building their own home, something that she is very excited about . 

when the house is completed we would like to have a house warming celebration for her .  There will be lots of items that they will need to set up home .. If you would like to help. I will be sending her some money next week  with  instructions of what to buy.  then I will get her to send us some pictures. 

Oh and Billy is still doing great .  We got to spend a bit of time with him when we were delivering coal in the fall. 

Back inn Kyrgyzstan, the snow continues to fall . and people continue to need more coal . 

I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I am so thankful for the ability to continue with these donations .   

If there is a bright side to this weather, it will buy us a bit more time to prepare seeds and food hampers to give out. 

This weekend I will be in Thunder bay and speaking at Evangel Church   on Sunday morning at 11:00  I plan to get there at around 10:00 so I will have time to visit before the service if anyone in the area would like to come see us .  After the service I will be heading to the airport and returning home to finish packing for Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday .