Sunday, September 13, 2015

DAY 16 .. sitting ON THE WAY

We had a spacial visitor this morning. Young Victor had called last night, the schools here have a new uniform policy, and now rather then his black suit, he has to wear a burgundy blazer .. the new Uniform is 3000 com  about $50 .  This is so outrageous an amount for so many .  This is going to put a real hardship on many families like Victors.  Fortunately for Victor, he has people that care about him so it was not a hard sell to get him the money he needed ,   What does concern me is that this may be a heads up for so many others that we help, I guess we will be getting a lot more calls tomorrow .  

While Victor was over this morning , we also gave him some honey for his grandmother   

Bekah and Victor with his honey 

A couple years ago we had a friend who bought Victor a new bike .. well he finally out grew it .. after raising the seat and bars every few months, it was finally too small.  This summer Victor was working and made a bit of money, so he sold his old bike and added $10 to it and was able to get this new to him bike.  

Victors new bike 

After a short visit with Victor we headed to Bishkek .  We are bringing the boys from the farm to Bishkek for a movie and dinner at Bekah's place.  Kolya is meeting us there as well .  The kids are so excited.  They have worked so hard , and we wanted to do something fun with them .. They took the bus into town to meet up with us .  It was the first time that either of them had been on the bus, so they were nervous , they were told to be at the apartment by 10 am .. 8 o'clock they arrived .. 

All cleaned up and ready for a day in the city .. 

Meeting at Bekah's place before the movie 

We loaded up one of the shelves at Bekah's place with stuff from the farm .  She will have it available for sale to any who stay. 

ready for sale 

While the others were on the way to the movie, Emma and I took Lilly for a walk to Smokey Joe's BBQ where we picked up some ribs , then sopped on the way back and picked up a rotisserie chicken. 

waiting for the ribs 
The guys are pretty excited about the movie .. this is such a big deal for them 
dry rub ribs , rotisserie chicken fresh corn on the cob and fries .. Now that is a treat in any country.  

Back in Paris, the girls are sitting .. refusing to walk until the next $1000 plateau is reached .. until then , no walking and no photos. 
please help encourage them along THE WAY, and help with the many women's issues we face daily . 

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