Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 15 ON THE WAY Rabe de las Calzados

I usually start of the posts with Julie and Acels walk . but I am going to begin today in Tokmok.  Bekah came home for the weekend, and Emma took the day off , both she and I have been under the weather the last few days , Emma with allergies, and me with some stomach thing... part of the Kyrgyz weight loss program .. So we decided that it was best that Bekah help me today and Emma have a down day .  Being  a little dragged down, I tend to take things a little harder .. The stress of some financial struggles here, Beka's tuition that is due next week , and a few other issues have  me distracted.. Then this morning a request came to us for help for a baby with two holes in its heart .. The mother is a young single mom . and has exhausted all resources, and is only has about 20% of the needed funds raised..  Honestly , rather then being ready to take on this need, I just felt overwhelmed.  I did not have it in me to start dealing with this.  I said to Bekah .. I just can't do this , so I emailed our friend Ed Dickson and his friends at Operations can be done, and shared with them .. then we headed out for our day ..   Just another example of why Julie and Acel are bringing this challenge 

Mean while   in Rabe de las Calados Spain , Julie and Acel are continuing THE WAY ,,  

As they were approaching the city , at about 12 km for the day , Julie was in  A LOT OF PAIN .  Her foot is very sore , and she was having to fight with every step to keep going , then they came around the bend and saw this mountain .. that's when she started to cry .    she too is almost at the end.  

Finally they made it in to the hostel for the night, and a chance to rest their sore feet...after a short rest they had time to look around the city ,,

She came across this statue .. and thought maybe it was a sign 

You see .. HE IS SITTING .. And that is what Julie is going to do , in fact she is going to stay siting , and not send me any more pictures until the next $1000 in donations come in .

Back at the farm , Bekah was able to make the plans and arrangements for tomorrow, and I needed to sit down as well ..  That's when goosey knew my state and came and gave me a little hug .. 

I got home tonight , and the Young man trying to help with finding funds for the operation came over to discuss possibilities, I was ready to face this now ... But just as we sat down, My friend Ed emailed back , and it is a go to proceed with the operation if everything checks out .. 
And just like that , This little baby will live ! form a place of hopelessness to a place of peace .. 

Once again I am reminded that the resources are not my responsibility , they are Gods .. I just have a laps every now and then..  We would still desperately love to see more donations come in, But I am not going to allow that to deter me .. JULIE .. I will let her sit for a bit, then try to talk her through this and back on THE WAY .. If you are on FB with her  , a little note of encouragement would be great ..  

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