Monday, January 30, 2012

Message from Kyrgyzstan ...

Message  from Kyrgyzstan ...

" one more person became endlessly happy because you helped, thank you!"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Behind the scenes

I was just looking through some of the photos from Larisa and came across this one of them giving out special treats at the mens home .  Lots of times when we are there we will bring special food for them and have them give it out after we go.   

Other times we send money for them and Larisa and her friends take care of it.  In the photo below, Larisa has the help of the director and our nurse friend Bermit ( lady that had the apartment fire )..  

What is often missed out is all the behind the scenes work that must go on to make it possible.  There is no Starbucks or Tim Hortons to just run to , and with 270 men , everything can be a chore . 

We are fortunate to have the support of Larisa's mom.  She helps hold down the home front, as well as does a lot of the prep work for meals at the mens home.  She is a beautiful lady, and we love her dearly.  She was a soviet track star in her day.  Today she has terrible pain in her legs and has some sort of skin  rash that they have not been able to identify , but that does not stop her from helping Larisa, and caring for the home .. and all the people Larisa brings home ... 

To just give you an idea of how tough life can be ,  Here is a photo of Larisa's mom at work.  She works for one of the local farmers picking weeds .   You might ask " What does she get paid ?"

the answer is NOTHING... she gets to keep the weeds that she pulls ...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update from Talant

Approx. 100 kids and there families attended an incredible bash   It was such a special time for them to have a party and a meal, then to receive Christmas presents and a small food hamper for the family.  What makes these kids special is that they are either blind themselves, or one or both of their parents are blind.

With out on going support, many times in the smallest ways, Children like this would end up in an orphanage.. Talant and his friends have worked hard to make sure thay they realize that they are not alone, and in a country that many times lacks the government social network to give families with special needs this the support,  it is easy to loose heart

Thank you Talant for being one of our hero's..

Then these photo's of some of the potatoes and Carrots being delivered is just a little bonus to the storey.. Thanks again for all your help.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More info from Vlady

In Kyrgyzstan,  they do not have what we consider as a GP.  It is up to an individual and their family to navigate through the system on their own.  As a result, it is very easy for people to get very discouraged, and go away with out receiving treatment. Many times they simply do not know where to start.  One of our valued friends is the wife of or friend Vlady .  Tatyana is a heart Dr as her specialty, but she has a big heart of her own.  Any time we have someone that needs medical care, we go see her.  She helps us to work our way through the system, many times calling ahead and setting up appointments , something else that is not common in Kyrgyzstan.   Most times when you go for a test, you go in the morning early, and wait in a line to be looked at.  We simply don't have time for this.  Tatyana explains our case, and we are often taken in as soon as we arrive at a clinic.   As well Dr Tatyana reviews all the cases that we bring to her to make sure that the diagnosis seems correct, and equally important does the price of the procedure seem correct.  It is entirely possible that a Dr would prescribe an unnecessary operation at an inflated price if they thought there was some money in it for them.  

After several years of working with us, a couple things have happened.  First, people have come to know that Dr Tatyana is a Dr that can be trusted as well she will take the time to help them and to steer them in the right direction.  The othere thing that has happened is that Vlady and Tatya, more and more have started reaching out themselves, looking for the less fortunate that are around them , those that are suffering with out the support network necessary to get out of the mess they are in.  Now rather then me bringing people to them, they are coming to us from time to time to find finances to treat those that they are helping.  

A week ago I shared this story of a lady living in the dump that has breast cancer  

"I met at dump woman with breast carcinoma, She is need a surgery. She worked before in Orlovka dump may be there she got radiashion she take care about 1 and half son She is living alone nobody help her she doesn't has pasport. Maybe we can help I bought food for her and need  find sponsor who'll give donation for surgery."Blessings. LOVE. Vlady.

Vlady is never one much for names , as he simply refers to her as "Dump woman", but that does not mean that he does not care,,.. he just focuses on what he sees as important . 
They now have "Dump woman " in a room with her baby, they have some food for her ,, I know where they could get potatoes and carrots... they have given her vitamins for her and her baby,  but they still have a need .

 they have found that her treatment will be $300 US, and as well , she will need her  documents before they can operate.  The cost of the documents will be $50.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

We have stopped running .. Today we STAND !

I don't think for one minute that we are doing anything that could not be done by any one else, In fact I know that if we did not answer the call, God would simply call someone else... and maybe that is what scares me ...   I can not imagine being anywhere but in the center of Gods will. 
Today was a big day for us... today we stopped running .. we stopped hiding  ... A few hours ago, Julie handed in her resignation as  mental health case manager.  We could no longer give the level of commitment we feel we are called to , and maintain this safety net.. something had to give. 

This last few weeks has been more then just a quick trip to Kyrgyzstan for Christmas.  It was a time of true reflection and renewed commitment  

We hardly had time to slow down, from the first meeting at 5 am the morning we arrived , to making arrangements for aid at 3 am the morning we were leaving .  Every single event we attended was double and triple booked, yet so much was left un done.  

What strikes me the most was the urgency in the hearts of so many that we met with .   So often our friends new and old were carrying burdens that are crushing them.  I could see that, and they knew it.. 

We don't have all the solutions nor the resources to meet all the needs , but we do have a trust and an assurance that we know one who loves them all, and wants them to have the peace that we have come to rely on.  It's that peace and trust that we share with them, that we are now turning to at this time . 
We don't have a plan for the future , we have Bekah going into University , and we have family ties and commitments on both sides of the Globe, but we know that we can not put off any longer, we are taking the next step.   
We would ask that you would take time over the weeks and months ahead and pray that God would set up the provision necessary.  I have been given the ability to share with great passion the needs of those less fortunate that have come onto our path, and I fully understand that for those needs to be identified and met, it takes a lot of support to keep our feet on the ground.   Please consider how you can help us to do that  .. maybe you can't go.. that's OK, we will go for you .. we just need your help.  

Just a thought !

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little update since we have been gone

Our last day in Kyrgyzstan we were introduced to an orphanage we had not had contact with before ,.. they came to us because they have heard of the work that LAMb has been doing in Kyrgyzstan, and they are looking for both training , as well as the little extra's that we provide.  There was not a lot we could do at the end of a trip, but we were able to get them started on some winter clothes for the kids as well as a small  Christmas party.  As well they are now on our radar for training .   here you can see the boys  from Karakol orphanage get new winter coats .. next up... the girls  

This mother and her 18 month old work in the dump.  She has breast cancer from the radiation there , and came to Dr Tatyana for help.. Dr Tatyana has asked us to help find a sponsor to help with her treatment .. I will keep you posted as I find out more 

Kids in Orlofka were thrilled to see a food drop as well when Sergey and Anya came out to bring the Vitamins 

Ukana with her helpers will be overseeing the distribution of the vitamins 

Dr Anara from the baby hospital was equally as thrilled to receive vitamins that are specially formulated for nursing mothers  

Vanera's orphanare was happy to be part of a special day for about 600 in the capital.  Children from  orphanages as well as disabled and children whose parents are in prison, all attended a party to remember thanks to Kyle and his friends .  
Anadyr was fortunate that sponsorship money was available for his emergency surgery ,  Although he personally is not sponsored, a portion of the sponsorship money goes for the care of the entire orphanage . 

As soon as the need was known Sergey and Anya were at the hospital to make sure his operation was paid, then were at his bed side to assure him that he was not alone 

You may recognise this wonderful lady.  She is the director of one of the larger orphanages.  She will personally guarantee ,  receive and oversee the distribution of vitamins here.. she understands the importance of them , and extends her appreciation on behalf of all her kids to everyone who had a part in this blessing .

Monday, January 16, 2012

Officialy grounded ...

Well as of 2:00 this afternoon, Emma is officially grounded.  Her passport is cancelled and the new one will not be here for about 10 days.  

We also spent part of the day at the Health insurance office getting her re registered, and then applying for another out of province extension.

We have also been busy working on documents for Jengish.  We are trying to get him a visa to come to Canada  for a few weeks, then to do a tour through parts of the US with us .    Everything seems to be in place there, and he will go in for an appointment tomorrow morning to start the ball rolling , lets pray that he has a better experience then the girls with the Canadian Visa.

I have also been working on a lot of reports from the last few weeks .. I can not believe how jet legged we still are, but we do appear to be on the mend now.

Lots of reports still continue to come in from the parties and vitamin drops in Kyrgyzstan.  I will start posting them here tomorrow .

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tired, but in a good way

We have been home a few days now.  I can not remember a transition back that has been so difficult as this one.  I think the team left Kyrgyzstan having spent themselves 110%,  We all ended up with colds,  then the 28 hours of travel finished us off.  I told Julie that If I had woke up feeling this way with out knowing the cause, I would likely be heading for the hospital.

   I have been in contact with our friends in Kyrgyzstan Altynai and Jengish who spent the entire time staying with the team have also shared how hard it is for them to be away from the team this trip.

Photo's and stories have continued to come in from parties that have continued since we left.. and will for some time to come I am sure.  We are just over 3600 that received a special day, and party and a gift.   There are over 1000 that have already begun a vitamin program, and another 1000 starting shortly.

I will be posting more photo's and some of the individual stories over the next few weeks .

We had an incredible team with us , Every one of them brought something special to the table, and every one of them impacted those around them..  They were such an encouragement , not only to myself and our workers on the ground, but they also where such an example of   LOVE, JOY, MERCY, and PEACE to everyone that they came into contact with , from the restaurant owners and waitresses to the store keepers and shop owners.

When I think of the thousands that have been touched in the last few weeks, I can understand why maybe we are all a little tird, but, just  say the word, and I think every one of us would be ready to return on the next plane.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

On our way home .. but the work continues

I just looked at the photos on the pocket camera and found a few photos I thought  you would like 

James delivering food to the Tokmok Baby orphanage
The lads , not so sure they are enjoying their frogs in a bamboo cup...
Yesterday we packed up early and headed to the rehab center.  the guys were so happy to see us, and had a fantastic ploff meal ready for us.  . we left by noon, and headed in to the bazaar in Bishkek to pick up a few things .  Sarah went to the dentist, and met up with the team at Swetly put orphanage to pick up some Kyrgyz crafts.  It was great that James and Sarah were able to get to meet the young guys that made what they purchased.

From there we went to the Department store for a bit more shopping , and I met with a friend of Jengish and Sergeys.  His group has helped with many of the same projects as us.  They wanted me to meet the director of an orphanage they have been helping for many years on the far side of Lake Isykol.  

They have about 40 kids there , as well they work with many of the neighborhood kids.  They where coming to us for 2 reasons.. 1. they would like training for their staff and have heard that this is something that LAMb does well, and were wondering if I could get them connected.    The next was  they are wondering what it will take to be on "our Radar" for help and for Christmas parties, and to have us spend time with their kids.   An hour later Tabatha came to us with some money that she had left... so this week, Jengish will go see them and have another party. We told them that we are looking forward to coming to see them in April to discuss how we may be able to be involved with the work they are doing.  

At 2:00 am this morning we headed to the airport, and said our final good buys to Isar , Altynai , Jengish and Sergey.  |We even had some others show up at the airport to say good bye, and to thank us one more time for making it possible for them to do what they do... help those around them... So I am so humbled to be able to extend that Thank you to ALL of you ..

I am sure that this last couple weeks will take a  long time for us all to process.  so much has happened, it is almost a burr.    We just saw Turat through passport control here in Kiev . Ed will meet him on the other side of the divider,  More then one tear was shed.. 

Friday, January 06, 2012

A day on the slopes

Today was an exciting day for both the team and many of the friends we work with here.  
I had told them that this day would be about them.. they could all decide what they wanted to do today.. All the parties we are doing are done, and those we are not doing all all looked after .  Now it is time for a little fun for them.  They all talked and decided that they wanted to go skying.. and that was just fine for the team.  After all it is not every day that you get a chance to ski in the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains .

I was back sorting Vitamins , so I still am not sure of the final totals but I think there were about 25 that went . 

Delivering Vitamins

Packing and delivering Vitamins 
Dr Tatyana receives vitamins for the many children she helps 

We started packaging the vitamins in packages of 20 children .  This will make it much easier for
the delivery to the orphanages in monthly doses .   

Thursday, January 05, 2012

on the schedule for today ...skying, meetings and Vitamins organized ..

It always happens that as we reach the end of a trip, we realize all the things that we still need to do and  just not enough time to do them.   Today the team is off to the mountains for a day of Skying .  We have three families joining them, so they have a bus and 2 vans full .

   Julie will be spending the day with Aigoola and Acel, Bekah and Altynai are heading to Bishkek to spend some time with some friends/workers there.  I have Sergey  ( from the rehab center )   helping me today.  We will spend the day at the container sorting and labeling the vitamins to make sure they are organized for delivery.  

   Our friend from KaraBalta is here now, and he was telling us that his mom told him that there is big news al around town... Get this . A group of Canadians came to town and took the orphans to the city and took them skating and out for supper, and even gave them gifts.  

   It's amazing how word gets out, and the impact this week has made , not only to the kids, but to the community around them.  There is a new and fresh appreciation for the children.  Even in the restaurants, we have watched as the owners and waitresses have broken down into tears as they watch the parties take place.

Its amazing how by coming to the lowest members of a society, the orphans and the widows, true love can be shown in a way that moves a society as a hole.  Thank you all for being a part of this .

James 1:27


Dobra Noche

20,000 lbs of potatoes and Carrots and out for lunch with our babushkas