Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Log entry 10012014

Today there were a not of things going on, so the post is more like a log entry .  

To start the day Jengish and I were over at the hospital to help Vlady , I can't begin to tell you how hard it is to get help/  It seems like every day there is a new helper , and we don't know if they are going to show up from one day to the next, so Jengish and I go now and help until the help shows up.  it works out well,  It gives us a little exercise, as well as keeps me in touch with the reality of what this project is about.  All morning long, parents are lined up out side , and in the hall waiting to be seen by the Dr's in a tinny little office.  I would have more pictures of this, but it is a stressful time for them, and I feel funny taking pictures of them.   Time to time parents come over to ask what we are doing. When they realize that it is a waiting room and exam room, they are always sooo happy to hear .  Today was no exception, except today this father told his wife what we were doing, she said to him that she was ok with there child and that he could come and help us . His name is Sergey and helped to relocate some trees, then helped us to install the door. 

we did a run to the bazaar to get all the supplies to put together the seniors gift packages. then came back to our place and Julie and the girls assembled them all.  Tomorrow we will deliver them .

While at the Bazaar Emma took this picture. we thought it was funny .. it is the booth that sells about the closest thing to donuts here in Tokmok .. 

The organization that Bekah works with ..Possibilities International , is having a fund raising walkathon and some of the funds raised that day will be used to support the food package deliveries that Bekah does for families and students in need   here is the information about that 

We will be here in Kyrgyzstan, so we will do a walk from Tocmok to the Buran tower. Julie announced this on FB and right away she got her first response from a young boy here in Tokmok.. actually from Sergey and Anya's son , he not only will walk with us on that day, but he wants to donate $10 .. that is so big ... what an encouragement . If you would like to be a part of this event , either by walking or donating , please follow this link and donate to TEAM HAPPY  

We had to put the snow tires on the car today, and while we were waiting we went for a bowl of soup, and invited Sergey and Anya to join us .  We have not had a lot of time with them this trip.  We have both been busy, so it was nice to have lunch with them . 

The soup we ordered was a traditional chinees dish.  The soup was cooked at the table in a double pot, One side was mild and the other extra hot.  Then all the food items were brough to the table and you add them to the soup pot to cook.  By mixing and matching you are able to get just the right degree of spice for you .. at least thats the idea.  .. I must say I had a few bowls that could blow the roof off ,, 

very good, and very interesting .. we had a great meal 

Yesterday we did spend the day with Sergey. He brought us to Kazakhstan.  We are in Kyrgyzstan on a 60 day visa free ass, but at 60 days we had to be out of the country, so we got a visa to Kazhkstan and went for lunch.  All went well, it took about an hour for us to make the trip across the bridge and through customs , and it took about 2 hours for the car to get across.   We had lunch then when to look around at the bazaar .  it was the same as the ones in Kyrgyzstan, but they were almost empty.. it seemed very strange to walk around in an empty bazaar.  

Tonight Emma was busy with us so Baktagul went with Kamalla to do the homework club at the orphanage .  Tomorrow we will be at the hospital project in the morning while Emma is in school, then we will all head out to see the seniors at noon,  stay tuned for an update . 

Monday, September 29, 2014

A little love goes a long way

There is a place that I know here in Kyrgyzstan that is one of the most wonderful places. It is the Kemin seniors home .. What makes it so special is the story behind this home . 

Here in Kyrgyzstan there are seniors homes, but they are for those that have all there documents and no living relatives.  This leaves the most vulnerable with no place to turn to in their old age .  Many seniors find them selves living on the street when they are to old to work, and the poorest of the poor can be found literly out with the trash . 

The Kemin seniors home will take any senior in need , and offers them a home with dignity.  No longer are they trash, but are considered as treasures.   This is how the director views them and this is how we have come to see them as well.  Many times we will bring a senior to come and live here, but every time we return to visit them , for months after, they see us and just begin to weep.  They are not weeping because they are sad, but because of the trauma they have faced in their lives and now its over.  Now they are cared for and Now they are loved and respected. 

Oct 1 is seniors day here in Kyrgyzstan , it is a day that respect is shown to the seniors, but what about the orphaned seniors like Kemin , those who have no family .. are they not still precious .  We were not able to take part in the seniors celebrations on the weekend in the village, but I can't just do nothing in Kemin.  I really need help with this.  Emma and I went to the bazaar to see what we could come up with on a tight budget.   This is what we have come up with . 

 They are 40 som for the cup, 40 som for the candies and 20 som for the wrapping .. that would allow us to give them each a little piece of joy for just under $2 each ...  surly they are worth that much .  Please don't just assume that some one else is going to cover this , if you would like to be a part of this blessing, please make a donation now .  We need $90 total to allow us to bless them all .  its not much but I can guarantee you that they will each feel so blessed just knowing that they are not alone.  

a loving touch 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thank you to our friends in Saint Cloud Minnesota

we had a fun day today with the kids from Bacute orphanage.  It was a special day as it included a dinner out with there new friends from Minisota Via modern technology.  There are a group of kids in Saint Cloud Minnesota that wanted to do something special for the kids here , so they made them each a placement, then emailed them to us with a picture of themselves.  On one side was the drawing, and on the other is their photo and name. Then they were all laminated to use as placemats. 

The kids loved them here , and they especial loved to have the pictures and the names to go along with them . 

We brought them out for a meal at a Chinese restaurant.  It was a first for them , and they loved trying the chop sticks.  Julie and Bekah went ahead to get things ready and to get the playmates set out at the table . When the waitress heard that they were all going to be orphans for supper not adults like she was expecting , she was horrified... horrified that there were orphans ,, she could not believe that people would just leave there kids . She shared how when she was in the hospital , a lady in the bed next o her that appeared to have it all just got up and left and left her baby behind... Well by the time I got there with the kids, Julie and Bekah were already dealing with her full blown tears.  


Bekah explained to the kids about the placements and where they came from, and how the kids wanted to treat them to this great night. 

They all remembered having Tony and Kori with them at Christmas, so it was extra special to know that this was their friends and family , It's nice for them to know that you are not forgotten .

 When the evening was over, the owner came out and gave the kids a special treat.. he turned the lights down, turned on the strobe lights and the music, and a dance party broke out .  They also gave the kids chop sticks to take home ... 


Its that time of year again.  Students and families in need facing the prospects of a long cold winter.  Starvation leads to a weakened immune  system , and a difficult time fighting the cold .    Bekah has a long list of those that she helps , a $20 bag of food can take the edge off for a month and some times as much as two months.  As needs are identified , Bekah is notified and she brings a bag of groceries and does an assessment.  Many times she will identify minor health concerns that can be treated with simple over the counter creams or medications, and for the more difficult cases she brings them to Dr Tatyana.  Because she is younger and not a threat, Bekah is able to help where others can not.  It all starts for her with the food hamper.  

Bekah and Kamalla delivering groceries 

these kids are so happy to know that they will eat tonight 

Over the next few months the financial burden to maintain this needed program is mare then we are able to handle on our own. Fortunately for Bekah , she is not on her own , she has us , she has you, and she has an awesome support network at Possibilities International.   

One of the ways that PI is helping to raise needed funds is to have teams running in the ROAD2HOPE .  Each team runs for one of PI's causes..

Sam is the executive director of PI, and he has always been a great support for Bekah , and now he is going to Run for her .  If you would like more information about the run , either to enter a team or to suport Sam as he runs to suport Bekah , you can find it here 

getting hugs from Sam and Ron

Friday, September 26, 2014

lots of work today

Early this morning Emma joined me at the clinic to help Vlady. We have been short on workers , I guess thats a good thing, not a problem we are used to having , but all our people are either in school, working or sick, so Emma and I got our hands dirty for the day today.    We have an open invitation out there now for people looking for work, and Every morning we will have to go help Vlady until helpers arrive.  We are now quite high , so its good to have someone mix motor and  hand up bricks and cement, that was my job today.   

V;ady setting the bricks and Emma filling in the space between them 

Vlady cutting  out the container to make the opening for the window. 

As I spent the day at the hospital, it was so clear how necessary this clinic is.  All day long there were between 15 and 20 people waiting to be seen.  Standing in the halls and out side on the benches, they all waited their turn.  In just a few weeks it will be raining during the days , and soon the snow. The rush is now on to get this clinic open before the snow flies.   So many people , mothers , grandmothers and fathers came over to express their thanks for the work that has been done here,  Even the administrator of the hospital commented on the fact that I was out mixing cement today. 

Tomorrow is seniors day here. This is a Very big event.  We have a few seniors around town that we have been helping , as well as close to 40 out in Kimin at the seniors home we would like to bring a little gift to.  We had a donation come in today for $25. I know who it came from and I know it was the widows mite.  I am excited to see how God will use that to bless the elderly, Maybe that is the seed needed to encourage others to join in.  

Emma and Buba Maria 

we will go back and see Bubba Anya again and bring her a special git. 

While we were working, Bekah and Kamalla kept the home fires burning, coking supper, and doing laundry, then at 4:00 Kamalla was off to teach at home work club .

Bekah is making ...ummmm well something .. But I know it will be good. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

mens home, hospital, people in need , and some new friends at supper .

Today was a busy day .  Our first stop was to the mens home to help Larissa to get ready to receive a team from Samaritans Feet .  They are hosted by LAMb, and are here to bring shoes and slippers to many of the people that we work with , A few of the orphanages , the seniors home and the mens home.  

Each man had a one on one time with a member of the team , The team member shared with them, being sure to call them by name .  Washing their feet, then putting on the new slipper socks. 
Bekah was translating for a bit, then went to help keep the man calm with crafts who were waiting their turns

while there we got a few calls , One lady that we had a team from Millbrook help a few years ago called , She is back in the hospital and was asking if we can help her with her children , and the other call was to tell us that our young friend we had helping Vlady fell off a roof somewhere last night , and had broken his hand .  He called Vlady to say he would not be in today, but Vlady told him he had to come, then made him go to the emergency to get it casted,  Vlay said he knew he would not go get it fixed if he did not make him come in .   So now our  young friend is in a jam , he needs work to help pay his rent, but can not work for about three weeks.  We asked him if he wanted to be in school, he said that he would like to but does not have the opportunity , it is just he and his sick mom and he has to work to support her.   very hart breaking, but I am reminded that life is hard !   So we had to leave Mens home to go track down a few needs . 

Emma was on her way to the hospital to look for a lady that was homeless and was hit while standing on the side walk beside Jengish a couple days ago.  On her way she found an old Babushka wandering around with a dead rooster in her hands .  Emma was trying to walk  her home and got to hear her life storey, and how her son beet her so she wanted to go to a seniors home to be safe, but they would take everything she has if she did , so she does not know what to do.  So we will have a littl higher presence there until we can help her figure out what to do .  If she goes to the home we help, she will not loose the house , so we will discuss this option with her . 

The clinic is coming along well despite loosing one worker today.  The sill plates under the windows and doors are now done, soon we will be ready to pop out the mettle and put in the windows and doors

it was just starting to get dark and we could see the glow of the incubator coming from the hospital .. remembering to pray for the little one in that room. 

We then headed out for supper to a new restaurant that just came to town.  We picked up Kamalla from teaching homework club, and went for supper.  

This was very authentic,  and really really good food.  The first dish looked very grose, but turned out to be great .. It was a buckwheat noodle in a cold marinade of soya sauce , vinigar oil and a bunch of other spices.  

For dessert we had candy apples , they are served crackling hot, and gooey, but then you dip them in the water and the candy goes hard and crunchy ... sooo good , in fact everything we ordered was very good . 

The whole time we were eating we watched a couple tables over as a strange meal being served, so finaly when we finished we went over to check it out . 

Of course we could not just ask but had to sit and join the party and try it out .  The big pot of soup boiled in the centre of the table , it had a devider that separated the regular
 from the extra hot ( gorky )  different food items would be brought out one type at a time and tossed into the hot liquid.  Man was it hot.  It was kind of funny after a sampling they went o pour me a drink, we said no thank you , I don't drink, and with in seconds the empty... and the full bottles were goe from the table .. grown men, but it was like they were kids and their parents just came home early ..we did have a good time ,   It turns out one of them went to school with Kamalla, and was the guy that runds the little tire shop where I get my tires fixed.    Bekah managed to catch a bit of this on video.. I am sure this place will be a hit with teams when they come.