Sunday, April 07, 2024

If I believed in coincidences

After church today we had a bit of running around to do .  We delivered some seeds as well as picked up a vaccume cleaner .  Our regular canaster vaccumes just don't cut it with all the construction so this time we got a shop vac.  

Sergey and his family went up to the Kashar to pour a new top one the yurt pads .. not it looks like glass .

Quinton and I went for a drive up to the mountain to see the bees .  I was relieved to see bees flying .. So many bees died this winter .. spring arrived then after everything woke up, they got -35 weather for a week as well as a pile of snow.  But fortunatly we still have bees.  

Now here is a neet storey .   A couple days ago Quentin was sugesting to me that we plant red currents near the trees in the garden because they realy attract bees and other polinators .  I shared with him that I had not seen them here, but would put word out.   Today as we were leaving the mountain bees , our friend Talbek arrived . Said he was so happy he caught us because he had a preasent for me .. 10 red current bushes.  Here is the cool thing .. I had not yet put the word out that I wanted some .. The only ones who knew this was Quentin, Myself and God.   Some would call this a coincidence .. but not me. 

Vera just sent update picyures od the seeds being delivered in her village ,, we were happy to see one of Julies girls recieving packages . 

Saturday, April 06, 2024

Today I lead worship!

 I used to wish I could sing better or play an instrument so that I could Not just enter into worship , but even lead worship... Today I lead worship .  In the word it says " Doing that which is Holy and pleasing before God is a spiritual act of worship".  

I had the privilage of bringing 30 orphans and orphanage workers along with our farm kids to buy new summer shoes and then out to one of the top resteraunts in kyrgyzstan .. I Know that this fits into the catagory of Holy and pleasing ... Gods presence was so evident in this day. 

So our first stop was to the city to bring the kids show shpopping .. about 4 or five of the kids were new to the orphanage so they especialy needed some shoes and were very excited to have such a choice. 

Next up we took them all to a resteraunt.  They have a small zoo there which the kids realy enjoyed , but then the food.. It was so good ... we of course ordered tons of food so they could all relax knowing that they could all get some, nd even have enough for doggy bags for supper .  

This orphanage is very well cared for , and I know that they will never go hungry , but that said ... buying new shoes and going to a resteraunt is more then they could imagin .  For several of the boys they had never had shashleek before , and never been in a resteraunt. 

Our friend Tanya was out delivering seeds with her friends .. They often help her with her mny projects .. I have seen their  pictures but had never met them personaly.   So when they showed up today It was such a blessing for me to be able to pick up their check as well.  I had tried several times in the past to get together with them , who would have thought that this trip being so rushed would have been my opertunity to thank them for being such a blessing to Tanya.  Amazing how things work out . 

It ws such a great day .  So many people who God Loves were so blessed today .  Thank you to those who donated to make this day possible . 

"True religion is to visit the widdows and the orphans ......

Friday, April 05, 2024

Lots done again today.

We were up and at it early this morning .   The guys went up to the mpuntain to pour cement. We went to the bazaar to do a litte shopping . We had to pick up paint and Laquer and brushes to do some work in the kashar.   While at the  Bazaar we bought a piece of Lanolium for the floor of the yurt on the wooden deck and three carpets to go in the yurts .. I intended to get  3 meter round carpets , but they were $250 each.  so I decided to go with a square carpet... So here is the quiz .. what is the biggest square that will fir inside a 3m circle ?   Thats what we were left to figure out.  
Then it was back to the farm .  The guys cement work was well under way .

Next up we got a coat of laquer on the burlap wall on the veranda. 

Inside we started working on claning up from the fire and the colapsed roof.  We were able to wash things down then get a coat of white paint to cover up the black stains.  

The ceiling is a little more of a challange .  The outside tiles on the roof will need to be replaced before we replace the ceiling inside , and that is going to have to wait until we have an extra $1500. For now I got out a roll of mac tac and made a patch to keep it clean until we can do it right.    

By the time we were done , the guys were almost finshed .  The Platfoms are almost finished .  The new yurts will arrive on the 9th.

 A few days ago we got the slide back on and since then the kids have been piled on .  Next week the rest of the playground will be complete and we will have a party in the park. 

Tomorrow is the big day .. We will be taking the the farm kids and the kids from one o the orphanages to get spring shoes and then to a resteraunt that has a small zoo as well .. looking forward to it. 

We are still looking for some help to purchase the new ekg machine for the hope clinic.  You can see yeaterddays post for more information about this .  If you are able to help, please use the donate link on the top right side of the blog. 

Oh ya and the answer to the carpet ... 2.5 m square.

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Half way point .

Tomorrow will be two weeks since we arrived back in Kyrgyzstn .   We have been busy every day , but have so much more to do.  Julie said to me that we should take some time to rest .. I told her that yes we can rest in the plane on the way home .   The main project right now is getting the Kashar and yurts ready for the summer .  Two of the pads are  ready and one more to go .. the yuts will arrive on Tuesday.  

Yesterday while the boys were pouring the pad , Quinton and I did some deliveries in town.  First stop was to pick up 1000 lbs of sead potatoes that we will be delivering today , Then it was on to hope clinic 

I have shared before about the incredible services that they provide the comunity . Their team of Drs and nurses provide exceptional care to people regardless of their ability to pay.  They offer everything from Dental , masage tharapy ,  psycology, womens medical care and general practitions .  They have a full lab as well to do blod work .  They have been working to move all their patient files onto computer so that when someone comes they have a file opened up that the drs can view their history andd their test results .  It is a very impresive set up.  

They have an EGK machine that is a very important part of the services they offer.  Many come to them from other drs just to get the EKG.  their machine is about 20 years old and now the parts and supplies to keep it going are getting harder and harder to find.  A ccouple weeks ago it stopped working all together .  They quickly startd looking to find a replacement .. They found a new one for $1500 CDN that even will interface with the clients files so that they can just print out on regular paper and not need the expensive graff paper the old one uses.   The problem ws that it might as well have been 10 000 because they just did not have a budget for that .. They agreed , and went back to the old machine and asked it to pleaase start working again until they can raise the funds .. and guess what ... It started working again 😀.. So this has bought them a bit of time .  They have done so much for us and our work here that I would be so blessed if we could buy them the new machine .  If any of you would like to help with this please use the donate link at the top right side of the blog . 

Next stop was over to the baby hospital to see our friends their and see how they were doing .  I Think quinton was impressed with what can be done with an old shipping container. 

Our next stop was to the dump to bring some seed and food hampers to our friends there .  The food hampers with the seeds are more of a celebration " Yay we made it through the winter" .. things like Tea,  sugar , condenced milk, a chocolate bar, a box of prunes, a can of fish, candies and wafer cookies .. all things that they would have for when a guest comes but things that would not have been replaced over the long winter ... But for our friends at the dump we also gave them each a 5 lb bag of rice. 

After the dump we went to the english school and spent about half an hour talking with the students . They just love having time of english conversation with us . This is something that Julie does regularly when she is here , so they were all missing  her.                                                Next stop was to the Baurana tower .  It is always very interesting. I thing I see something new every time I am there. It is amazing the history of this Unesco world herritage sight. 

Then bck at the kashar besside the yurt pads going in we have a lot of work to do.  We had an elecrical fire that showed us that many of the wires are too small for the load . so we have an electrician friend there right now replacing the main lines and puting a heavy load plug into each room.  The other problem we had was that the storm we had a few days ago took 5 sheets of roofing tiles off the main living room , then the rain caused the ceiling to colapse .. So we had to stop what we were doing and repair the roof and clean the mess inside .  I think it will be about $400 for the new ceiling so we will just do a quick patch now and we will repair it properly when we have time and money .  Maybe a job for a team in the fall. 

We are blessed to have  Zac, a volinteer coming to help us a few days a week .. He is such a kind man and a hard workers .. He is a great influence on the boys. 

Another little job we got done was one that had been bothering us for a while .. The burlap we hd put on the wall in the varanda had started to come off .  It took us a while to find more , and just before we left in the fall, julie came home from bishkek with a big bag of it she had found. so Yesterday we were able to get it glued on the wall.  After it dries , we will give it a coat of L
aquer to make it washable and help it to stick better. 

Today the boys are getting caught up with some chores around the farm. We have to replace some of the teath on the rotertiller beforre we start to work the fields next week.  some other little jobs as well.  Zac is heading up to the kashar now with a couple boys to put in the forms for the last yurt.  Sergey has gone into the power company to arange tohave them open the meater box to switch over to our new elecrical panel, and Quinton is out in the orchard pruning trees .  

Later this afternoon we will start delivering the seeds in our village .. we will likely get about 15 or 20 packages, a big bag of sead potatoes and a celebration bag delivered .. 

Another need we have is that we are out of prenatle vitamins now so I have ordered some more so I have a couple days before I will need to pay for the order ,, it will be about $200. another area we could use some help if it was an interest to any of you.