Thursday, September 03, 2015

Some times a small hand up can make all the difference in someones world

Since our return to Kyrgyzstan , friends have been loaning us their car to use .  Since the teams are gone now and Jengish has his car back, I thought it was best to return the car, and I will just use the Niva for around town.   When I droped it off they told us of a family that needed help and maybe could they move to the farm .  When we got there we found this single mother with 5 kids.  They are strugling to servive , she had told our friends that she could not stay living there. As we did through the layers, we find that she does have a job and the kids are in school. The problem is that although she can cover the $45 a month rent now, there is no way that she will be able to heat the house in the winter.. That will be another $160 for the winter, and she simply can not earn that .  Coming to the farm, it was her hope that she would not have to have the kids go to an orphanage for the winter .  With her working and the kids in school , the farm is not the right place for them. she would be gone all day with a longer comute, and the kids would be alone ,,  We asked her what she thought if we could find a sponsor for her to help with the coal, That seemed to be all that she needed . 

It is a hard time of year .. its still hot in the day, but in the evenings you can start to feel that cold air settle down from the mountains and it brings fear of the comming winter.  When you get a cold rainy day like today , everything seems so much worse .

This is the type of situation that we want to be able to help with as well.. These are the people and the kids that Julie and Acel are walking for .  Just $180 worth of caol a year , and a little extra suport from time to time, and FIVE kids will remain with a mother that loves them rather then an institution... See there is A WAY .. THE WAY just might be you .. please donate now to suport Julie and Acels desire to help the women of Kyrgyzstan.

I mentioned that I am now driving the Niva .. I had a bit of a flash back moment tonight .. way back almost 41 years .  I was nine years old and visiting my grandparents for the summer.. My grand father was an airanotical engeneer, and designed and built planes during the war.  One day I went with him to the airfield to see some vintage planes.. There was saw this old 4 seater plane, I think and early Sesna.. The owner of the plane asked if my Grandfather would like to take me up... First he made me promis that I would never tell my grandmother because he thought that with his poor eye sight, his leg operations, and his heart condition , and given the age of the palne that she would not aprove.. so up we went.. I can still remember the tinny banging noises and the roar of the engin as the plane twisted and bounced in the light wind.  We bounced up and down and side to side , and could not really hear each other, and the smell of gas and exhaust mix filed the cabin ... It seemed to take all the consintration my grandfather had to hold us together for that 15 minute flight.. It was exciting and exilerating, but I could not really tell if my grandfather thought it was such a good idea once we left the runway .. maybe he was doing it to put on a brave front for his grandson.. But it was awesome .. I guess its ok to share now, My grandmother has been gone now for 10 years.  Pop was suh a cool Grampa ..I hope my Grandkids will have such fond memories of me when they are half a hundred.    Funnny how a 20 minute ride at dusk in the rain along the edge of the mountains in an old Soviet car can bring back such memories

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