Saturday, February 27, 2021

Fun and Games on the farm

Today was a fun day at the farm . Games and a special meal .  We had to postpone the Christmas celebration because of some quarantine with some of the boys so we decided to move it to the end of February with the February birthdays .     They had lots of fun games, and also they baked some prizes into the dumplings, so that was fun. 

Here are a couple videos from the day 

This is a fun game. Each color bowl has a corresponding prize.. 
with one being a pie in the face.

We celebrated a birthday here in Canada .  It is my grand son Eli's 8th birthday.  Its a shame to be so close and not able to join them, praying that soon enough we will be together.  We were still able to get him a bike thanks to e-checks and curb side pick up .  

Next up I wanted to introduce you to a young friend of ours .  Aman has just opened an English school that teaches both English and business start up in a fun and exciting way .  There are a lot of kids with potential but not resources so he is hoping to find sponsors for kids so that they can help more kids .  Three 90 minute classes a week as well as other games and activities to give the kids practice is just $30 a month.  If you are interested in sponsoring a kid, let me know . 

John with Aman and his friend during a layover in the Moscow airport. 


Friday, February 26, 2021

Good, Good, Bad, Good.

I was taught that when delivering difficult news, you should sandwich it... Good, Good, Bad, and followed up by Good, so here is an attempt to soften the bad.   
Good .There is a hospital in Tokmok that has always had a special place in our hearts. The Tokmok Children's  hospital is a teaching hospital that is on the front line caring for children.  Along with the general population, any children from families in need, or any children found on the street or in a difficult situation are brought to this hospital and are given great care.  Over the years we have help with everything with every aspect of support imaginable, but today they have pressures beyond belief. 

At this time, this small hospital has 50 children with pneumonia in the hospital and approx. another 100 that are being treated as out patients .   Today our team of friends were able to pack 50 packages with food, hygiene and cleaning supplies to deliver to the hospital for the workers there as well as some of the families in need . 

 We are so thankful that we were able to do this on your behalf .  It was such a blessing for them, and hopefully a little encouragement as they continue this difficult work.    

Another Good news story is the on going support from our friends in Bishkek helping vulnerable families , like this mom given food Vitamins and clothes for her children .  Thank you to those who help with vitamin finances.  

BAD, Now this next story is one that is not so pleasant.    I sent a bit of money to my friend Artem so he could help on our behalf at a homeless shelter run by a friend of his.  When asked how things were going, He responded  . 

"Oh, thank you brother John. I just talked to Alexander today. They now have 36 people in male rehabilitation. And they just have a catastrophic lack of finance. Oh, this is the answer from the Lord."

He  then sent me some photos and videos from the center.  I hesitated to post them so I will not post the pictures but I will post one of the not so disturbing videos, but I do warn you not to view the video unless you are prepared in your heart.   

He writes "These are the ones sent to him for rehabilitation. They sleep right in the main room  , since there is no money to make repairs on the roof and move them there. We are also now looking for money for medicines, since we need a lot of antibiotics and anesthetic drugs and bandages. Well, that's how we live."

I need to do more . the money we sent will bring a little immediate relief but is far from meeting the needs  .. If you would like to help in any way, I will forward funds on to them as they become available. 

Good   A couple days ago was mans day in Kyrgyzstan, and Vera and Olg where able to bring a little joy to some of the men that have families that are in need at this time .  Men are traditionally the "hunter and Gatherer " so it would be great joy for them to arrive home to their families at a time like this with all this food .   

Sunday, February 21, 2021

you gave him life again

I just received an update from Tanya about Sasha that we are helping.   

On Saturday, Sasha and I were in Bishkek. We visited the MRI , but Sasha has claustrophobic and he was scared of MRI, he began to feel very bad and his legs were shaking and his lips were blue, I did not take risks, I called doctor ,she told me that Sasha must to do anesthesia and we decided not now but next time.  .. After we went to the rehabilitation center. I wanted to see if it was necessary for Sasha or if he need another place. I, Sasha really liked it. Many simulators, massages, he will live there. Sasha will be taught to use the toilet as before..

 He is very happy. . He asked me that he so Thankful to all of you. That you don't know them but help, that his friend forget him...He said that he was learning again to believe that there were good people in the world and he was very grateful to everyone that you gave him life again... And encouraging him to live. When I arrived to tell him the good news that he was helped to raise money for rehabilitation, he could not believe. He admitted to me that they thought I deceived them, they could not believe that someone could help him...   On Wednesday morning, I'll take Sasha to the center in Bishkek, they have room then. We have already paid for a month.. Sasha will have rehabilitation for 6 hours a day, massage three times a week, Sasha cannot stand long he gets dizzy , he will be taught to stand too... Thank you very much.. I bought Sasha's food, paid a taxi. 

I hear a lot of stories !

I hear a lot of stories !.  this is something that all our team tells me.  Today I am not going to share these stories, but I will share some pictures and as you look at them try to  imagine some of the stories.. in fact I don't think you could imagine .   

Here is an update from Tanya this morning .  

"Hallo everyone. I begin take food. Everyone gives you a lot of greetings and thanks a lot. People say that only we don't forget and help... People make us a lot of good words. Yes, I am busy , and we are little tired, but it is very nice to bring help to the home of a needy family.   I hear a lot of sad stories and thank God that through you blessings go into families where there is need.. Thank you very much to all who support us. ,🙏🙏🙏"

Here is some more great news.  The funding is in place for the dentist chair we posted about yesterday.  This will be such a great blessing.  

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Never been so excited about seeing a dentist chair.

We have an idea. One  year with no dentist visits for the orphanage and it is starting to show.  Many kids come from poor homes where nutrition and hygiene may not have been the best.  We understand this because we have a hard time keeping up and paying the dental bills at the farm and getting everyone into the dentist.  
Vera has found a dentist that will come right to the orphanage if we could provide a dental office for them to work from. 
We have done the homework and found that we can get a complete set up for just $1500

There is an added benefit to us.  We could book time with it to bring our kids there, or even bring it out to the farm once or twice a year when we have dentists on teams to be able to set up clinics .. Think about a dental yurt !  Offering treatment to passing shepherds and those in the mountain villages. All that for less then the cost of a root canal.  As soon as we have the donations in for this we will move ahead. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Several updates from our team

We were able to start work on the roof repairs at the baby orphanage.  Fix the roof, put on eves troughs and down spouts into newly installed dry wells .   One of the up sides about this is that the contractor has hired our Sasha to work with him.  

In Bishkek we got a report back from Svetly put that the stove and vent has been installed and is working.  They are so thrilled to have this addition to their house .

Our team in Bishkek has also been busy making sure that the right vitamins get into the right hands. 

Out at the end of the Valley, Vera and Oleg have been busy with their team delivering more food hampers .  The direct translation of her update says that "They continue to DELIGHT people." I don't know why but that just makes me smile . 

There are a few other small projects we are working on right now .  Pirizat from the mountains where our bees are is going back to school for another year so we have just covered her tuition. She is thankful.  

We also got a call from the children's treatment center.  They have a couple needs that were not the kind of thing we could wait on one is a child who has a bad skin rash and needed medication and the other need is that the water pump quit and needed about $40 worth of repairs .  We have just gone ahead and covered these needs from our general fund .  Thank you to those who donate un designated  that make it possible for us to respond quickly when needed. 

 Back on the farm I have an incubator that has a spot for 48 eggs.  I have missed working with the chickens, so I gave in and now have a small incubator in Canada that will hold 7 eggs at a time.  The eggs are expected to hatch on March the 8th. 😀

Monday, February 15, 2021

More food deliveries on their way .

The boys on the farm have ben busy packing bags of supplies for families in need .  They are set up un the guest house , and cars are coming to the front gates to pick up packed bags for the families that they have been designated to help. 

And of course Nuric is keeping an eye on things for us 

40 miles along the mountain, Vera and Oleg have been busy packing and delivering bags as well.  They will be at it for about a week .  

We have $300 to go for the medical care for the young friend of Tanya's that has injured his spine and is bed ridden.  If anyone would like to help with this I know that Tanya would appreciate it.