Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Update from the farm .. THE WAY TO FOLLOW

I have not heard from the girls yet today and I am to tired to do a post later, so I will add their update tomorrow morning 

The micro business centre is coming along well .. the three rooms are now  all finished being cemented , we will be able to paint in a few days when it dries .  Monday they will pour the floors .

the little kids are loving having the sand pile there 

Inside they are now finished,  these photos were taken yesterday, the guys worked late and are done now .. 

Next up is the sewing centre , This house has one big work room, a kitchen and a bed room that will be big enough for 3 or 4, or for a small family .   the outside has lots of damage and exposed blocks where porch had been removed .. This needs to be patched up before the fall rains erode it .

By the end of the the day, it was all patched up , and the house is all painted and the foundations sealed everywhere but were the new cement needs to dry. 

There is a lot of clean up to do, so we were all hard at it.  The other main job today was to build a path that runs across the front of all three properties connecting them together .  


still needs some more stones along the sides , and another levelling top coat of gravel., but the base is down and the bridges are built over the irrigation ditches 

burning all the dead grass and brush we collected along the front of the three houses 
 We bought all the stuff to build the new washroom / laundry room today, but they did not have any shower stalls in Tokmok, so Jengish and Emma had to go to Bishkek to get it there.  So to make the trip pay for itself, they also brought a load of pumpkins in to the city .  There is a coffee chain here that is buying a car load to put into all there stores for thanksgiving . 

They are still caning almost every day .  despite the fact that almost daily,  people come to get produce, we still have as much as we could ever can in a day.  Today there was a few ladies out in the patch to pick tomatoes and peppers for there winter canning .  They have their own garden at the women's shelter they come from, but they did not have a supernatural crop like we did.  

As the sunflowers tip over, we chop of their heads and hang them in the dining / work room to dry 

speaking of dinning,  I love lunches at the farm .. It is always such a happy time , and the food is awesome .. 

We have a small pigeon that is still a little young and can't fly very well yet, but he is very friendly 

It is a good opportunity for us to teach the little boys to be nice, and respect the animals.  They are doing a lot better now. I think if they have a little time each day with the animals under careful supervision, they will learn, and even appreciate the LOVE that an animal can give them in return. I thinks its all part of the healing.

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Karen D said...

Hey John, if you ever see me start to tip over, please walk on by!!

I'm thinking we will need to start calling you the Bird Man of Kyrgyzstan! That's better than Alcatraz, right?!