Friday, August 26, 2022

A busy week

Canning is still in full swing.  tomatoes and peppers , tomato sauce, tomato juice and every combination there of. 

But first let me share about some of our outreach projects this week .  We have a friend visiting with us and we are taking advantage of this time to get aid out to some of the more reaching areas .. from Narin to Jalalabad and so many places in between .  Both men's and women's rehab centres, 3 orphanages a school for the disabled and food hampers delivered to over 100 families. 

Next week Dave will start delivering coal with us. 

Back to the canning at the farm . Ravils Mother came out for the day to help us get caught up. 

while with us we had some other guests stop buy the farm, so it was a good time to make lugman.  its always fun to try flipping lugman for the first time .  

The boys have been doing a lot of cooking on the farm this summer . Today it was Dustan's turn.  

Dustan is ready to go back to school next week .  We have $250 in towards his tuition and books , just need $500 to make it possible for him . 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Help Needed.

 For some time now we have been wracking our brains to come up with some kind of fundraiser for our operating fund.  We are still thinking about it, but maybe the best and most efficient plan is to just come out and ask. 

The operating fund does not only cover our basic operating expenses like salaries and the operation of the farm, but it also covers so much more. Like when we are alerted to a problem somewhere and we send our people to see and assess the situation. $$$. When we get a call that there is a youth on the street needing help .$$$    When the car needs maintenance or repairs $$$.  when a family needs food and we are not doing a full food drive at the time $$$.   When we have to do un expected medical follow up after helping with an operation $$$.  It seems like every day we have small items of need, but not big enough to do a fundraiser for, but they do add up.   These things are covered from our general fund. 

This spring and summer has been particularly difficult for us.  You guys have been fantastic to help us meet the needs that we have posted, but since the attack on Ukraine, many peoples  finances have been stretched, and there has been a dramatic decrease in the un designated giving to the general fund. 

We have managed to meet the budget until now, but the end of the month is coming and I no longer have the luxury of time to figure out a grand fundraiser.  So for now all I can do is ask for help.  Please consider making a donation to our general fund so that we can continue to meet the needs as they arrise . 

 We are blessed that we can share this Burdon with you.   It is coming up 15 years that we have had our shoulder to the plow, and look forward to many more years of  blessing others as the needs arise. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

All hands on deck during canning season .

Today on the farm they were hard at work making pickles 

 We had some good news as well.  Ruslan has had his  driving lessons  sponsored .  So right now we have just two areas of immediate concern. We are looking for sponsors for coal ($150 per family ) and we still need some help with the scholarship fund as some of the kids are on their way back to school now .  

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Coal deliveries begin

Our first coal delivery of the season .  While we have started to get bulk deliveries for the boys to bag up for families, we decided to deliver to a women's rehabilitation centre .  This center will use 20 tons of coal through the winter, so today we blessed them with 11 tons to get them started . 

Thank you to those who have sponsored so that we can continue this life changing / saving blessing to so many going into the winter.  I will post lots more pictures as the finds come in to purchase more . 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

I can't wait to try it

With the harvest under way, The boys have had to step it up a bit with Aigola away for her surgery and recovery.  Today Misha let the charge with making Plum compote.  This will be nice through the winter.  Julie and I have booked our tickets to return to Kyrgyzstan on Oct 9. 

Ruslan was on duty for making supper .. he made macaroni salad and sausages.  But as an added treat he also made a nice cheese cake for dessert. 

Ruslan is still looking for a sponsor for him to be able to take driving classes .. He is looking for help with $250 USD ( $330 CDN) This will cover the classes , his transportation  and the test at the end of the three month course .


Friday, August 05, 2022

Ruslan would like to drive

After the informal cooking lessons the boys had this spring, Ruslan decided to take that one step further.  He found out about a Chinese cooking class in Tokomak.    He did great and had a good time as well, and just completed the course.

Next up for him, He would like to attend a three month driving course and then get his drivers licence.  for the cost of the classes, the tests the licence and the transportation in and out of the city for the next three months will be $250 USD . ($330 CDN).  This morning he sked if I could please share this and see if we can find a sponsor for him. 

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Making some headway

We are looking forward to Aug 24th , we will be sharing an update with our friends from Northview church in Peterborough .  They are always a great blessing .  This time we will have some honey with us from the farm that we will have for sale to help offset some of the needs on the farm . We will also have some tea from Kyrgyzstan as a small gift from us available at the table .  So if you are in the area , come on out and have a cup of tea on us . 

There have been so many needs met over the last few days .  the back log of needs is starting to get under control.  Lets start with Kamala's aunt .. she has received the money that was needed for her treatment .. Kamala was so blessed buy this and how fast the funds cam in .. she felt the love 😊

Aigola felt the love as well 😍 She has been staying with Kamala in the city and has been able to get her blood sugar under control and has had two eye surgeries .. both went well and she has 100% vision back. 

Last week the fire wood arrived and the boys are now busy cutting and splitting it  so that we can add a couple bags of wood with each truck load of coal. this will make it much easier for the people who receive the coal to get their fires going 

Speaking of coal , next week we will be starting with the coal deliveries .  this was a huge need of about $10 000, but we have a good start on it so we will be able to begin. The boys will get a couple weeks worth of deliveries bagged up and then they will have a week holiday at Lake IsyKol . They are very excited about that .  We hope to be able to send a little money with Vlad to treat them to a nice meal out while they are there.  

Kamala and Aigola are not the only ones that are feeling the love . 💑 Vera and Oleg were excited to here that we have figured out a work around to be able to get some money into their hands right away to be able to pack the food hampers to deliver to the families that they care about 

We are still working on the scholarship funds as we come down to the dead line if anyone fells impressed to help with this .  also the coal will be a big need for a while I am sure . 

More good news , we were able free up some space on our visa's to be able to purchase our flights back to Kyrgyzstan in the beginning of October . On the way we have a 10 hour layover in Istanbul so we will be able to get out of the airport and visit with one of our kids on the way. 


Monday, August 01, 2022

food to families in need

 I got a message from Vera and Oleg today .They are the directors of a boarding school for children with disabilities .  Many of the kids are from very poor families and they worry about them over the summer while they are back with their families.  Vera has asked if we can send money for them be able to pack groceries and deliver them and be able to check in on each family to make sure things are ok .  to pack for 50 families at $20 a family would be $1000.  If you would like to help with this please use the top right side of the blogs donation button. Thank you .