Tuesday, September 22, 2015

10 more days ON THE WAY

Maybe you have been thinking about making a donation to support Julie and Acel in their desire to help with women's issues in Kyrgyzstan .. Please don't wait to much longer.  while you have been thinking , they have been walking , and walking , in fact they have walked over 450 km already 

At the end of a long day , Julies shoes are taking a little rest as she tries to nurse the blisters on her heals .. the mountains are hard on her feet.  

but the view is still beautiful 

As they approach the final haul , maybe its time to stay showing the rout in as well as where they have travelled .. Just 185 km to go , and with the 18 km a day they are averaging, that will have them arriving in Santiago on Oct 2 .. that just happens to be the day that they have a reservation already in Santiago ..  that in itself has got to be worth something .. walking almost 800 km and arriving right on time .. no excuses for those of you who drive 10 km to church and arrive late ... just saying !

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