Monday, August 31, 2015

end of Day 3 " ON THE WAY "

This morning started with a train ride from Bayonne to St Jean Pied De Port .  Thie is the traditional starting point of the Camino.  Here they got registered as pilgrams and got there camino pasports that they will have stamped along THE WAY .. Their first stop today is a short but difficult one It is just 8km, but it is the steepest section half way up the Pyreneese mountains 

They are booked in at the refuge in Orisson.  If you watched the movie " the way with Martin Sheen, you will recognise this guest house.  

The next stop tomorrow morning will be the pilgrams hostal in Roncesvalle just another 12 km UP...

So lets talk about womans isues . The reason that Julie and Acel are making this journey ..

Every day women , young and old around the world are living in terrible , un just, and poverty situations.. acing the most horific things , Sexual abuse, bride knaping , sex traficing , slavory, and many of these right under our noses .. we need to bring light to these areas.  But there is more we can do .  We can suport people who are making a difference.  Peopple that are providing savety, health care, helping to rescue women, and help them to start a new life, an people who are there to help those in need.

Today in Kyrgyzstan we had the privilage working with many people making efforts to suport these women

Our first stop was to the baby hospital where we visited a preme that we have been helping to feed.  We watched as this young nurse cared for this young abandoned baby , both Emma and I picked up on and noticed how this young nurse had such love for this little baby ..  Because people like you have mad a WAY, we are able to provide the formula that this baby needs ,  The next stop was to pick up Dr Tatyana to go see a young mother with a sick baby.. It turns out that this baby may not only have savear diareea , but it is possible that mother and baby have Tb, and will need to come into the hospital tomorrow.. we made the arrangements and gave taxi money to get in , along with the necessary meds, and vitamins.  we even had to put time on her phone so she could call the taxi.

Next stop was to the TB section of the mental hospital in the same vilage.  We were delivering Vitamins to them and seting up some dates for some follow up checks to make sure that the patients were being given them .   While there we got a call that a young boy we have known for some time had just been diagnosed with Hep A, and the mother did not know what to do so we headed there next to bring more Vitamns and meds while we had the Dr with us .

Delivering Vitamins and filling out the paper work to register the donation

the next stop was out to the farm to pick produce for the Baby Orphanage , we had stoped out to see them earlier and to see what they needed ... carrots, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, and tomatoes  .. we were able to get it all for them .. and a little extra as well ..

Jadon eating as many Rasberries as he picked 

One of the boys came over to the Food share farm to tell us that there was trouble with Goosey.. He had gotten into a fight with the Turkey and was beat up a bit.  So we went over to make sure he was ok ..  He was inside , so they brought him out.. As soon as he saw me he started telling me all about the trials of his day .. Oh it was quite a storey he was telling me ....

 He used his baby goose crying voice , and after about 2 minutes of that, he just snuggled in for a big hug 

He just stayed like that for about 10 minutes, and evrey time I went to put him down he started crying again.. It was a terrible ordeal for him .  I know that if any one had trouble with him , it would have to be their fault ! .. So the Turkey has been banashed to the goat barn, and has been given a new name ... THANKS GIVING DINNER !

We then loaded up the van and went to the Baby orphnage to deliver everything .

Lots of good fresh produce...

We then went out for supper tonight .  It is Yvonne and Jaydons last night here in KG, Sergey will be taking them o the airport at 2 am .. It was such an incouragement to us to have them along for this time , they have been good friends of ours for about 20 years , and neighbours for about 10, so it sure was great to spend time with them on this side of the globe ..

Tomorrow we are going to start "THE WAY" challange , when we start challanging YOU to help us raise awareness for women like the ones I told you about today .. because with out sponsores like you , we could not do the things we do ..

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