Monday, November 21, 2005

Central Asia update


In my last newsletter, I mentioned an
orphanage in Central Asia where we
had helped to put running water into
the building, fix the heating system
and do some renovations.

This was not a Christian orphanage,
in fact, the leaders were Muslim.

The pastor of the small village church
actually invited us to the orphanage
because the director did not want
her doing 'church' stuff with the kids
and she said, "If we can help them
change this horrid place, they may,
little by little, open up to us."

I just received the news ... this week
... this amazing director and one of
her staff, went to a church cell group
meeting and received Jesus Christ!


My dear friends ... this is now a Christian orphanage! The door is now open for REAL love! Let's
show them love beyond their wildest dreams!!! We don't create our own kingdoms ... we take
His Kingdom to the world!

Thank you SO much for working and praying together with me.
With love, IN Jesus,
Ed Dickson