Thursday, May 31, 2018

Happy Birthday Dustan

It was around this time of year that we had eight families of Bees show up at the farm when we some empty hives delivered  in fact eight of the 12 hives filled on their own. 
   Last fall our neighbor had 44 hives of bees, this spring he had two.. the rest of his bees did not survive the extreme cold.  We are trying to help him build a bee hotel that will help with winter die off .  The biggest hurtle will be to replace all the bees.  We have had a few donations come in to help with this .  Then last week we had a swarm of bees come to the farm and were able to collect them and give them to our neighbor.  1 down 41 to go !  

So with all that said, we had a thought.  Lets bring over a couple of empty bee boxes and put them in the fruit garden ... and wait for some new families of bees ... please believe with us. 

Today I will be putting the last few touches on the outside of the new washrooms , and Vlady will be plumbing in the fixtures.  I am pleased with how it has turned out. 


We designed it to match the new laundry room across the garden. 

last night was Dustans birthday 

I will leave you something to think about.   Dustan is a VERY smart boy, but is not at all challenged in the village school.  There is a private school near by that he would like to go to.  The school is a very good one, and is operated by a friend of Vlads.   Dustan  would live there Monday to Friday and be back to the farm on the weekends.  It is clearly the best option for him, but the kicker is that it will be $250 a month including room and board.  so we need to  find either a sponsor or two to cover  $2500 or  a few monthly commitments to cover the monthly fee (generally they do not offer monthly payments, but have agreed to as part of our tuition package  knowing his situation)    

We have about a dozen kids needing scholarships  this year , but this one is the highest.   They projected total of our scholarship fund this year will be about $15000 US.  It is a bit overwhelming for us, but we have faith that over the next couple months while we are in Canada we will be able to raise some awareness for this need .  I will also share some of the stories of the other kids here on the blog and maybe put up a thermometer so you can see our progress. 

Good night from the farm 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Another full day

We have been working with Olga and the local police.  The children's special unit is trying to present a more friendly face for the kids that they are helping .  Things like a bright paint job and new shelving and chairs help to take away from the post Soviet feel.   As well we are trying to do some things that will help the working conditions and stream line the process , like air conditioning and a printer will help a lot as well.  We have also provided some things like pens , paper, crosswords and books that will help to keep the kids distracted and more relaxed.

 This weekend we have a small orphanage coming to the farm for a couple weeks with their director for a "farm stay"  They will be divided into groups of two for a couple hour every morning to experience life on the farm, working in the gardens, cooking, working with the animals and the morning chores , then the rest of the day we have different events planed for them .  Things like fishing, the hot springs, hiking in the mountains, playing Frisbee and soccer at the yurts, crafts, English class  and many other exciting things.  Then in the evenings up at the yurts they could have camp fires and at the farm we can show movies with the projector and fresh made popcorn.  Today the boys even set up the swimming pool for them to be able to use. 

Today was the first full day with the Kashar officially open. The Cows and turkies arrived last night , and a couple of the boys stayed in the house.  Tonight it is Julie and I here, and on the weekend other guests.  The idea is to have different people and different  then the ones looking after the animals so that no one is out of touch from the farm for a long period of time .  It will help them to stay grounded and on track . 

I came across another before and after picture you might like. 


I got a little note from one of our friend today that was an encouragement to us ..

"I was looking at the pictures of the kashar and in awe of your vision. Time and Time again you take things that are crumbling and revitalize them. (Both structures and people). Thankful to be able to support and participate in your ministry"

The barn is filling up again .  We are going to put up a dividing fence in the inside corral into two parts  this way with separate entrances some of the neighbors can continue to use the barn for weaker or young animals as needed .  It has been a real help to them at times , and we love seeing all the traffic in and out of the ranch,

Aigoola's cow over looking in to see what Julie is doing in the kitchen

Logan is having a little break wile the cows are grazing close to the barn 
 Supper time I made a nice chicken dinner and had today's cow boys join us for a nice meal.  It was nice to spend some time with them when there are not so many around.  

At supper we were discussing future plans for them and some of the other kids on the farm.  time to time we had to use google translate on the phone , but for the most part we did ok. 

Today we met up with Victor at the Bazaar to help him get some parts to fix up his bike for another season.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

trying to get caught up from a busy spring.

Well I guess it is time for another catch up post.  Once again I have managed to fall a couple weeks behind .    My last post was about Vladic wishing to go to school in the US for another year.  Unfortunately we have not had much response to that need and he is down to the wire if he is going to get an appointment in time for his visa to return .    

The last guests to the farm blessed the boys with a new ping pong table .  This is such a great hit with them . 

Often in the village there is no water, some times for days .  So we have decided to put in a back up water source and an extra toilet and shower so that when there is no water the farm still will have a working washroom .    We have almost finished the outside and they are working on the tiles in the shower now.

each of the last teams brought with them nurses uniforms .  It has been like Christmas everywhere we go.  They are all so excited, and even showing us the last uniforms they got from us at a Christmas party about 5 years ago.  Orphanages, hospitals , clinics and the seniors home have all been blessed 

Baktagul received her diploma for Nurses collage.  This is an exciting event for her.  She is preparing to go to Turkey to work in a hotel there as soon as her visa comes through 

last week we butchered a cow and then delivered meat around the valley to  orphanages and to the seniors home 

the kashar has really started to come together.  It would be hard to recognize .  New windows walls floors 

the biggest change was the balcony 

its a great place to hang out for the boys 

the front hall has been converted into a shared kitchen for the yurt dwellers as well as the kashar.

here is what it looked like when we started 

In the living room there was no window so we put one in and did some paint and wallpapering 

We have had several parties and celebrations there in the last few weeks .  It is a great place for guests 

As the kids are all finishing up their school year they are looking towards the fall and where they will be going  We have about 8 kids from the farm that we need to pay tuition for as well as living expenses.   we also have other  kids not on the farm that we assist as well .  I will start posting some of their stories  as we try to raise their  tuition's.   With living expenses we will be looking for about $15 000 over the next couple of months. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A great opportunity for Vladic

Many of you know Sergey and Anya and their oldest son Vladic.   A couple years ago the grade level he was in at his old school here in Tokmok did not have enough students so he was going to have to find another school... and that he did.  He was excepted into the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy with an incredible scholarship.  Vlad has been doing great.  In fact he has been invited back for one more year .
"We have also been very delighted with Vlad’s progress this year and are very proud of all of his accomplishments.  We would be honored to have him return in the fall and continue his studies at CHCA"

The total cost of of a years tuition and expenses is over $20 000 for the year .  Vlad have received a scholarship that will cover all but $2800 US.  and then he will need flights and Visa.  This will bring his total that he must raise up to $4000 US.    He needs to  confirm and have his tuition in to the school by June 15.   If you would be interested in helping with this in hole or in part please let me know at  or in box me on facebook.  

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Photo update

It has been a very busy few weeks here .  Unfortunately I have become a little behind on our the blog here , so today I will do a little photo update to get back on track 

we had a few fishing trips with the teams.  

Up at the ranch we started the balcony  

happy birthday Logan

working on the outdoor kitchen

started planting the gardens 

many picnics at the yurts .. this day was the men from the mens home 

great day at the yurts with many friends from the community 

cooking fish for a big feast 

the deck is being varnished 

we built a small veggie stand for Dustan to sell veggies this summer 

roof is on 

time for a picnic with team and neighbors 

more fishing 

putting more windows into the hospital

Tom inspecting the new windows 

the gardens are coming up