Monday, January 22, 2024

Calling in the resources

I was chatting with a young father at church yesterday and he was bragging about how easy his wood was because he has two young sons at home who do all the carrying .. I said to him " You know, they do grow up and move away so by the time you are old , YOU have to do the wood ." I watched as he deflated as the thought resonated .   Well I got home and Aiden came for a visit , and remembering this conversation I suggested that he could bring in some wood if he wanted ..  He was thrilled and went right to work .. they had to pull him back in to get boots and a coat on him.  Julie told him that when Emma was his age we would call here our little Wood Rat , he snapped back ever so quickly .. Ya well I am a Wood Yack .  I guess that's the Kyrgyz in him .  

We are starting to wind down the coal now .  At least from my end .  In Kyrgyzstan they still have two more loads arriving this week enough for 16 families and we have about 12 left on the delivery list.  so we seem to be  coming out the back end of the winter. 

Of course there is always something , Now I need to start turning my attention to the seeds 

We help to provide seeds to about 250 families who would otherwise not be able too plant gardens.  We will need to order those seeds shortly , and with it we will have to pay 1/2 up front , total will be about $3000 , so shortly we will nee to pay $1500, and then first of April the other $1500.   

Another big expense for us is my return flight to Kyrgyzstan March .. I will need to book that flight of Feb 6.  that's coming up quickly .  That flight will be approx. $1750 

Along with the seeds delivery when I get there, This spring we have work to do with the yurts .  The side of the hill is so windy , that the wooden yurts take a real beating.  This last summer we had to shut them down early and cancel some bookings .  

We were able to sell the big yurt for enough to  to get a new cover for the small yurt .  Our plane is to get two more small yurts that are mettle frames and canvas covers that will be more durable.  For this we will need to raise $3000 more .. We already have booking for kids this summer that want to use them so I am really praying that we are able to meet this need.  

The next item is more of a want then a need .  In the village we often have power and water outages .  Last fall we built a utility shed with storage and water tanks .  while building it I built in faith a small room for a generator  .  I would like to purchase a generator for $600 . This would provide back up power for the water system, the laundry facilities , the showers and for the chicken and rabbit barn as well as the work shop.  this is along with the house / office that Julie and I stay at.    

We do still have an outstanding debt that I will not be able to put off much longer .  we have just over $3000 still due in tuition expenses from the fall and winter semester.  

 Of course there are so many other things like further food drops, repairs and renovations around the farm , but those we will face as they come up, but right now it would be such a blessing and relief  to have these $11,350 in needs out of the way.  

We had a pastor and friend tell us that "Our calling is not directed  by the recourses , but the resources ARE directed  by our Calling. "   

Please join us in praying that those resources would be called to the mission NOW

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Eye can see clearly now ....

.Do you remember this girl?  She is one of the Christmas wish girls...This was her request. 

Hello, my name is Mirgul Currently I study in KRSU University. My parents live in a village. Because of poor medical service in our village I never have been at the eye doctor before. My need and wish to buy an eye glasses. $100

Here is her update.  
Today they completed her tests and received her new glasses 

You don't need glasses to see that smile .. Thank you for making this possible. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The day the truck came to my Door.

 Today was a very busy day at the farm.  16 families received coal.  These recipients were a little further down the list because they had started out the winter with some coal  of their own .  They are what I would call the working poor.  They may have one or several jobs but still falling further and further behind. 

Maybe the reason that I am so impacted by these deliveries is that We were the working poor.  About 25 years ago Julie was just finishing school and the the kids were small.  I was working three jobs, none of them great .. It was around this time of year and we were just about out of food and we had just put the last piece of Naraly wood into the fire place. We had two wood stoves but we had switched to just using one to save wood.  I can remember the desperation.  Then there was a BANG on the porch .  A man that I knew was there, backed up to th door and was offloading a cord of wood.  He then came to the door with a couple boxes of food .  I still get overwhelmed to this day when I think about it. 

Today the truck backed up to the doors of 16 families and they each got a ton of coal and a few bags of groceries.  I am so blessed knowing that we were able to do this.  I still get almost as overwhelmed as the day the truck came to my door.   

Valera might have picked the wrong day to return to the farm .. first day back and they were moving 16 tons of coal. hahhaaa. 

At the end of the day , Sergey got on the phone with Olivtina and she talked him through making a big pot of soup . perfect after a hard day. 

Friday, January 12, 2024


We had the opportunity to get a great deal on a huge load of wood .  It is important to provide some wood with the coal so that people can get the fires going .  Many time people end up pealing off wall paper or breaking up furniture to get the fires going and heat their homes.  We will be able to bag this up and deliver with the coal. 

We got word of an orphanage that was running out of coal fortunately we had someone in the area that could assist in getting them the coal they needed. 

We have been blessed by our friends at Luke Services International who have worked incredibly hard to make sure that we have the coal to provide.  They just sent three more truck loads and have 4 more on the way .  we will have enough bagged up and ready for the guys to start deliveries on Tuesday .. they already have 16 families on the wait list for the next batch of coal . 

So this brings me to a small issue that we have .  We have this extra coal provided and we have many families in need , but what we need now is money for diesel for the trucks.  not a lot but a hole bunch of "Not a Lots " can add up .. we need about $100 for this ... we also like to bring a little bit of food at the same time , especially this time of year, if they have no heat , its pretty safe to say they don't have much food either ... We would like to help with that .. "Not a Lot" but it adds up. even with the 16 on the list already not to mention the next 20 or 30 after that , its not a lot , maybe $10 a family .. , but multiply that by 20, 30, or 40 .. plus the diesel, and we are already up to $500 .. If anyone would like to help with all, part , or even just a little of this , it would be appreciated more then you know . 

The bird feeders that the boys made over there Christmas break are in place now up at the orphanage camp.  .   

Many of you will recognize Misha from the farm . H has been working about a year now at that same orphanage camp looking after the horses and keeping an eye on things when there is no one else there .. This week he was blessed when he was given his own coal to raise .  Congratulations Misha... This makes me happy to see.

Back on the farm, Alivtina has been a blessing. She comes out to the farm three times a week and does cooking classes with the boys.  Rule # 1  No cooking until the kitchen is spotless .. Its fun to watch the boys work so hard to make sure everything is clean washed and disinfected before she arrives . 

Today hey were learning how to make scones .  If you have made scones you know it is a fine line between a sticky mess and hard and crunchy ... some where in the middle is the perfect scone ... and I am sure that under her watchful eye .. they found that perfect middle ground .. Now for just a bit of the farms home made jam and honey ,,, wish I was there  


Wednesday, January 03, 2024

God Bless you

I received a message today from one of the Babushka's we brought coal to .. She was just letting us know that she is doing well, and wanted to wish us a blessed , healthy and prosperous new year. 
This is not an uncommon occurrence .   I was told a long time ago that we are blessed to be a blessing, but it does not end there. For every blessing that we bring, I have come to realize that multitudes of prayers and blessing are returned as we hand them back to God.  I spent the day with our team bringing blessings in the form of food or coal , and since that day I KNOW that every day there are people lifting us up and praying as they continue to return  thanks to God  for not forgetting about them  and in return , they are not forgetting about YOU.   

The impact that this has in peoples lives is unbelievable , but what is even more unbelievable is how much we are blessed in return . 

I have shared before that I noticed something .. It does not mater a persons religion or beliefs , When they are in true need and you are able to bless them, they all respond the same way "GOD BLESS YOU "   And let me tell you, When an atheist  calls out God to bless you ... man that's powerful 

Here is a video I put together a few years ago .. it still gives me goose bumps .. Enjoy 

For everyone who has supported the work in Kyrgyzstan , listen to this and RECIEVE this blessing as you head into a new year .  

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Developing a Social Conscience

Today was a cold and blistery day outside so Sergey and the boys fired up the heater and spent some time in the wood shop.   The boys had there first class in the basics of woodworking , and what  is a better project then building a bird feeder . 

They did great and were very proud of their workmanship 

They decided that they will bring their creation to a small orphanage they have on their hearts .  This is the orphanage that we brought shoe shopping and then bowling with the boys.  

They are also the orphanage that the boys gave a Christmas tree to when they were blessed with one from a man that they delivered coal to.

I am so encouraged that as part of the boys life skills and development , they have really developed a social conscience.   I am sure that the orphanage kids will enjoy time watching the birds in the new bird feeders. 

This young girl has faced so much in her short life ,   please help us bring some stability by helping with her preschool .

As we look back at 2023 I am once again amazed at how much was accomplished and the lives that have been impacted.   There are a few items that we carry over to 2024 with us .   We are about $7000 behind on school scholarships that we are praying can be cleared up quickly. I am sure that 2024 will bring many of its own challenges with it, so it would be nice to cover these needs and leave the debt behind .   If you would like to help us with this with a special one time donation,  please use the top right link here on the blog.  If using the US donations , please be sure to choose " Act of Kindness (Kyrgyzstan Missions ) from the drop down box. 

Monday, January 01, 2024

Disabled kids experience a little Joy

I received this message and photos from Tanya.  " Hello John 😊👋. party only done 💯👍. Thank you so much for help a. the children and parents were so happy and I am too see there smiling ... Please thank everyone so much,..."