Saturday, February 28, 2009

Join the club... an easy way to help.

If you are reading this, and have a blog. here is an easy way to support our work...If you are not already using Google adds on you your site, you could post our google add bar. that way when ever any one clicks on that ad, you will have just made a donation to our work in Central Asia. It's easy to set up... here's how
Open a HTML/Java Script box in your layout section, then cut and past a code into the box... then move the box to the top of your site just under your title, and you are done....
It may only generate a little, but it all adds up... there are a few rules with google. You are not allowed to click on the ad on your own site, and I found out you are not allowed to put directions on your site directing people to use the links...oops.. as money accumulates in this account, time to time I will post a storey of what our "google ad club " has sponsored.

If you are interested, email me at , and I will send you the code.

We can't all go BUT.....

Here is a report from iam1ru Agent Jengish shown in the capital city with Bread to deliver to the homeless.
....So we are still going to the shelter and feeding the homeless guys there. I so wish we could rent a bath house for one day and just take the homeless there. They never get to wash up. Especially when it's cold they just wear the same clothes all the time. And they get lice... Their clothes get filthy, and don't keep them warm. They start scratching and get sores on their bodies.
It's just a thought.
I took three homeless guys to the rehab center. The one I took couple of weeks ago is doing great. He looks a lot better already. I thought he would have a lot of problems with quitting smoking, but he has done fine.
This week, Azamat and I took two other homeless men to the infectious deceases clinic. Got them checked if they have any deceases or HIV. They were found clean, so we took them to the rehab center.
I truly believe to make a change in their lives, first they need to quit drinking. So rehab is the only place I could think of taking them.

Then we went to a manhole to find Sergei. A homeless man who had Syphilis. We got him treated last week, but this week we went to get him checked. But unfortunately we weren't able to find him. We stuck our heads into the manhole where he lives but he wasn't home (if you can call it a home). Oh that manhole reeked! It reeked of human waste and trash and bunch of other unpleasant stuff. I hope he is fine. I hope to see him soon.
Until next time... Jengish

Many of the stories like this one that we bring to light here on this blog, are repeated all over the world... these troubles do not only exist in Central Asia, or in third world countries, they happen right here under our own noses... In our society, we are so concerned about peoples right to choose for themselves, that those that make what we consider the wrong choice, are often left out in the cold... sure if they could "conform" , there are agencies that are willing to step up and help them. What ever the problem was that brought some one to the street will keep there until HOPE and DIGNITY arrives.... If you feel stirred by any of our stories, why not take some concrete steps right in your own home town.... sometimes we walk past a situation for years and give it no thought, but I have a challange for you... if you say to yourself... "Today, I will notice"... you will be amazed at all the places that you could make a difference.

Here is a blog post from my sons blog. He is a pastor, he has worked in soup kitchens, he has worked in shelters on the streets of Vancouver, he has worked with the local food banks, and he packs hampers to support the needy in his community, yet Today, he realises that he can do more....

He came in from the cold, wet...
I’m sitting in the International Reading Room at the downtown branch of the Oshawa Public Library. It’s my favorite room in the library because of the big windows that allow for the perfect amount of natural light, the comfortable chairs that seem to allow for endless hours of work without a cramp in my lower back (the same cramp I get after about 30m of work in most other chairs), and its close proximity to the coffee machine (enough said). It stinks in here today.As I walked through the door my nose was assaulted with a rank odor - the kind of smell you expect upon entering a horse stable, not an International Reading Room. I did a quick scan of the room, looking for the source of the stench. It had to be either a horse, someone who works with horses, a pile of horse manure, or…By the look of his attire I’d say he hadn’t changed his clothes in a week or two. His coat was stained with coffee and dirt - the kind of stains you get from sleeping under bridges and park benches. His black matted hair was partially concealed by an old toque and his face was covered with several days of stubble. I chose a stable, I mean table, not too far from his and began to unpack my bag. I did a quick tally of what it cost me to buy all the “stuff” that now sat in front of me and realized that the contents of backpack alone could have paid for his room and board for a month with enough left over to buy him a clean set of clothes, a new pair of shoes, a water-resistant coat, and a warmer hat.I decided: instead of focusing on the smell I would just start working on my paper. It is, after all, due on Monday.Before too long, however, the library staff caught a whiff of the situation and sent a janitor to deodorize the room with a surprisingly pleasant can of Lysol spray. I watched as my smelly homeless friend put the pieces of this tragic puzzle together, “He’s deodorizing the room with that spray because of me.”Before I knew it he was gone. Nobody asked him to leave; not in so many words.The library can’t be blamed. They took a course of action appropriate to a public library. I guess I got frustrated because I realized that there aren’t too many places where he can go to get rid of the stink - and I’m not just talking about a shower. The fact that he smelled like a horse stable is representative of some much bigger issues:-homelessness-joblessness-poverty-a lack of friends-a lack of people who care enough to do something about the plight of the under-privileged, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised...
Not doing my part,Ben

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Let's Get It Right for the Wrights!"

Let's Get it Right for the Wrights!


Dear Friends of the Wrights,

We all know and understand the effectiveness of the work John, Julie and family have done in Central Asia – the country they love so much and have been called to. Let's get them there ON THE GROUND full time! We can do this.

This post is coming out with other blog posts all over the country – people who have blogs that know the Wrights. Let's shock them with the provision of financial resources and letters/notes of encouragement to help them return to Central Asia. They want to go as full time missionaries – they just need our help to get them there.

We propose that we raise a minimum of the following:

$20,000 to cover a year's needs on the home front

· Home expenses – the place to come back to

$30,000 to cover a year's needs on the foreign front

· Travel in and out of the country with family 2 x a year

· Travel in the country to the different sites

· Family expenses – including the educational needs of one daughter

· Lodging and meals

This is just $50,000. We can do this and we can do it quickly. Here is how. Go to JOHN'S Blog and hit the button on the top right hand side of the blog it is for the Wrights….support.

AND guess what – you can watch all that is done there on his will learn to live vicariously in a healthy way by reading and supporting the RIGHT cause. What an opportunity – Will you help?



Lynn and Ruby from LAMb International


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip Questions

I don't know if you have seen this video of Sam Welten, the executive director of Possibilities International, over on the PI web site. I thought that it was worth rebroadcasting here....

Sam does an incredible job at answering many of the questions that we are asked daily.... I can even think of a few more. Sam touches on an interesting point.... Often those who ask the questions are not the ones that DO or GO or even support.... As in the question of "Are we not better to just send money ...not people ?" This is a point that I speak on as often as I have opportunity..... Throwing money at a problem is NOT an Answer... it will simply turn into a big pit to through more money.... We need to through people ... By throwing people, we are able to bring that HOPE and Dignity that we so often talk about.... In this Video, Sam is talking about one very small, but incredibly powerful part of what PI does. and un like me, he is able to hold it together and not start crying... or at least not on camera... ... If you are on Dial up, it is worth finding a high speed connection and watching...
Like ourselves, if you ever have the opportunity to take an orphan shopping , or just spend some individual one on one time with them, you will be forever changed... Your life will have a new meaning and a new outlook. That's what happened to Hanna, that is what happens to our mystery traveler, and that is what is going to happen to some of you when you travel with us through this blog over the next couple of months.... I will tell you what I am going to do... I will select one of the kids, we will introduce them have them tell you a little about there story, then we will keep the camera rolling when we go shopping with them, and spend the day pouring into their lives..... am not a documentation or anything, but I know you are going to be moved.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second Annual Womans day Party

Do you remember Woman's Day last year .... or did you know that there is even such a thing.... Well in Central Asia it is a big deal.... Last year we held a woman's day party at the apartment... I put on a fancy buffet for the ladies and we had lots of treats for them... This was the first time that they had such a treat.... We just got our tickets booked, and it looks like we will be arriving just a few days late, so we have decided to hold our second Annual Woman's day party the night that we arrive...30 hours of travel, and hit the ground running.... We will make up the invitations and send them out on woman's day to all the ladies that we love so much in Central Asia. Now there is something that is going to be a real treat for them... and for us.... We have a new addition to our travel team as of last night.... This person is someone that has traveled to Central Asia in the past and is loved by not just the women, but the kids as well... I can not think of a better woman's day present to bring. I'm telling you there are going to be tears ..... Now "who is it ?" you might ask.... that I can't tell you as this blog is read in Central Asia as well... you are going to just have to wait and see... but one thing is for sure.... This will be one party that our friend never forget.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Have you ever packed a shoe box ?

Yesterday we was in the town orphanage. We are got a gifts " Samaritatn's Pers", and we gave for kids in the town orphanage. We was togever with kids from breack dance. And we have a special presets for all kids.
They togever danced and after we eat cakes, and buns ( we bout cakes and buns) . After we gave a gifts for all kids and they was happy it was joy for them.
I want say, what is very good idea who is start doing the gifts " Samaritan's Pers" is make big joy, and big bless for kids and for who give that gifts. We felt a big joy when saw how kids was happy. Kids had a big joy and forget sai goodbye for us :) They went in their rooms and keep on look the gifts.
We send for you foto you we like.
Dream Agent ...Anya.

I think that it's times like this that make the biggest impact in a child's life.... it is the difference between giving them a home and simply warehousing them until something better comes along.... I'm telling you... NO child that ever comes in contact with Anya will EVER go away feeling like no one cares about them.... She has done such an incredible job keeping up with everything that is going on and meeting all the dreams she finds.... Unless you have tried to accomplish anything yourself in Central Asia, you would not realize how difficult that can be at times.... another thing that you would not realize unless you have been there, is that there is no way you can say good bye to the kids in under an hour, so for them to go off to their rooms with out saying good bye... they must have been totally enveloped with the excitement of there gifts. To the millions that packed these gifts from all over the world..... THANK YOU.

2 more warming rooms completed

Hallo !!!!!!John and Julie
Very joy get your good letter We very grateful for your big labour to search finance -not easily.Your loud voice speek for helpless people.I send the big regard and thanks from the workers and mans sick this invalid's building.Thank you all to whom not indifferent to life of these people.On this photo worker were going to thank for: For rooms of the rest which become please where can hide from chill not to die, as many others man before. This place where can seat on good bench ,instead of board on floor.Warm carpet .New linoleum, clean wall ,good safe electricity ,illumination and otherThe Good radiator dry their cloths and give worm them in winter . Thank you for necessary dinners to food them and keep live. Thank you for warm socks ,rug ,mittens, caps,blankets .For medicine and vitamins.So has said us their doctor Well understand that Lord came and so much change. John Forgive me for my excellent English . I know that need in practice.. good bye
There were two new warming / activity rooms completed with this latest renovation. One room with a TV set and benches and the other room is for crafts. This is just so incredible to see happen... This brings us now to four rooms in the six sections that have heat, and some form of activity centre... The Hope that this is bringing these men is beyond belief... One of the great things is that Larissa and her friends are able to bring supplies and lend support, but a lot of the work the men in the home have had the opportunity to take part in . It has been such a boost to them, it has given them an opportunity to accomplish something... something real and something that they can be proud of.... When we first started these renovations, I felt like I was to tell them that we would make sure that there was at least one warming room in each section, but facing such a desperate situation with so many needs, I was overwhelmed and did not have the faith to step out and make that promise....Now with only two more rooms to go, I am getting a little bolder.... I am almost there.... who knows, maybe someone will come along side me on this one and make that declaration for me.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

US Trained Dr. Returning to Central Asia

Many of you who have been following this blog for a long time will recognise Dr Tatyana... he is the local heart Dr in town. She was such a blessing to us. When we had any medical concerns with ourselves, the people we were helping, and even late night consultation with adopting families, she was the one we would call... we have her cell on speed dial... One of those behind the scenes people that were responsible for making our time in Central Asia successful when ever we are there. In our absence, she has continued to over see the medical treatment of many that we are helping. She is the one that many
of you donated blood test strips to back in the spring.

Vlady is equally important to us , and those that we work with in Central Asia... He has a little old car , and speaks English... but most of all, he wants to help... He worked with us 2 or 3 days a week as a driver and translator, but also was the one that did all the running around and shopping when we would take groups of kids on picnics... he would arrive at the site before us and have everything set up, and even have a cold coke cooling in the stream for me... He also works a large garden, and provides about 4 tons of potatoes for us that he delivers to the needy and the feeding programs for us through out the year. Several of the adopting families have had the pleasure of spending time with Vlady while they were in Central Asia, and their kids know him as Grandpa Vlady.
It was through Vlady and Dr Tatyana that we were introduced to another very important piece of the puzzle.... As we have been working our way through the maze of paperwork to allow our tax status to be extended to cover the United states, we came into contact with Mr Hank and his wife Susan... For years we had heard about them and the caring heart for the people of Central Asia... In fact several of the people that help us and work with us have benefited from there support. Hank is the director of the Society of Cornelius. S of C is a registered charity in the US that dedicates itself to improving the standards in Central Asia, and there main focus is through education... Hank had visited the Orphanages and some of the other places that we support, but despite having a strong desire to help, he knew that the emotions would be to close to the surface for him to maintain that kind of work... that is why he was so eager to come along side us and be able to officially recognise the projects that iam1ru is undertaking and to be able to provide the tax covering.... I might add that he does this at no charge to us. In fact many of his people are hands on in helping us to meat the dreams ....
Hank has some dreams of his own. Along with the many kids that he provides scholarships for in Central Asia, he also has some local kids that are in school in the US with the desire to return to their country and "Give Back "
One of his star students happens to be Alona... Alona is the only child of Vlady and Dr Tatyana.
She is starting her final year of residency as a Nero surgeon, then she will be returning to town to work with her mother. This is just so exciting for us ... Can you imagine the benefits of having a US trained surgeon who is fluent in English ... that knows and understands the culture... living and working only a couple blocks from the orphanages.... If she is anything like her mom and dad, and I hear she is, she will be the bomb..... Now like everything else, there is a small glitch. With the down turn i the economy, several of he sponsors took a big hit. I am used to setting up sponsorships in the range of $30 to $50 a month, but for the last year of her internship S of C is coming up $16 000 short,and with 90 days to go........ I have been so blessed by everyone involved with SOC and the support that they have been to us that I will be assisting them in there fund raising efforts. We will be launching a dedicated blog for Alona in a few days , and set up avenues that people can support..... If anyone out there has any other ideas, please let me know.

a Good DAY

The power is back and so are the stores.. Again there are many heart wrenching needs like Young man Sergey here that needs to know weather to go ahead and try to save his hand, or

Alexander who wants to make life better for those that he
volunteers with every day. He brings a little dignity to the 250 men he shaves, but was wondering if he could have an extra blade for his old razor.....
Even The feel good stories of success
like the arrival of vitamins that the iam1ru sponsors sent over, and how they have impacted those in need and have helped them to

heal, better ,they are all just a little down, and today is a GOOD DAY.... so I am going to leave the other stories over on the iam1ru site, and focus on the good things ... the fun things... the things that I am looking forward to being a part of in just 3 weeks....

I just received these photos from one of the baby orphanages... we had a banana party there, and the kids had a ball . and as always , we tend to do things a Little over board at times, so with the help of our friend Ed Dickson over at we were able to provide milk and other delectable treats....

Could those Eyes get any Bigger ?

his first glass of milk... and he likes it

Fortunately there is a lot more where that came from

Lets see ... what do you eat first... the apple or the Banana... who knew life had choices..?

The thing that touches my heart about this type of thing is that .. this is the beginning.. this is where they start, we do not know where they will end up, maybe in your home... or maybe on the streets... we never know, but what we do know is that they will always know that there is someone out there that cares for them and wants a better life for them.... and that's got to be worth something..... and thats whay today is a GOOD DAY

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Long time coming

OK this post has been a long time coming, and I thought that I better get it posted before the power comes back on in town, and I am flooded with updates. ..
We had an absolutely fabulous time in Ohio. It was such a blessing to spend time with David and Jayne, and just like in Central Asia, we spent all our time together on the run...
Along with putting on Two evenings dedicated to HOPE, we also had two luncheons at their home... It was a special blessing for us to meet some of our friends from the Internet community... I was a little overwhelmed that people would fly in from all over the US to spend the weekend with us.... It has given us a renewed faith that despite the difficult economic times that we are all facing, we do not have to be a part of that...
One of the nights, I spoke about the difference's between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea ... the first is teaming with life, and offers HOPE to all that are around it... it is the symbol of life in that land ... the second is just that... Dead... nothing turns to it for help... it's waters are bitter, it is of no value.... yet the same river Jordon flows into both... so what is the difference.... For thousands of years, the Sea of Galilee has given up every ounce of water that it receives... and it's banks have never run dry... the Dead sea on the other hand has hung onto jealously everything that it receives... there is no outlet.... yet its banks never overflow....
I want to be that sea that brings life and hope to those around me.... and it was evident this weekend in Ohio, I know that we are not alone.....
David and Jayne are such incredible hosts as they opened up their home to nearly 50 Central Asia minded visitors. We are so thankful for all the hard work and energy that went in to this great weekend.
Some of our Central Asian children had a chance to get reacquainted
We had a great opportunity to get to hear each others stories,

Plans were made for the future

Then at the end of in incredible weekend, we said goodbye and headed our separate ways.... but now the world seems just a little bit smaller....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Perfect Storm

On every trip, there comes THE DAY.... The day that everything comes to a head... It is the day that the jet leg catches up to you, it is the day that any group dynamics come into play, it is the day that some of the customs and traditions start to annoy you, its the day that you start to think about home.... basically it is the day that crushes you... and for some reason, it all happens on the same day.... every trip..... This is often the day that will stand out in your memory as the day of greatest impact on you as you try to put it into context with the rest of your life.... This is the day that I believe divides those that will be goers and those that will be senders of the future....
Now I don't know whether it was good management or not, but when we had a team of youth visiting us, ... this was the day that we scheduled a trip to the home for invalid men, and the celebration for the new water line going into the village ... two very emotional , and contrasting ,events . This was the PERFECT STORM.....and it was at this moment that lives were forever changed .
I believe Julie just happened to catch on film the moment when this Father Daughter team went from being Tourists to Humanitarians ... they went from senders to goers.... From this point on, I watched as Hannah changed ... Life for her seems to have taken on a new, or at least more focused meaning ... For the rest of the trip Hannah contained to take every opportunity she could get to impact those around her... and she brought that new passion home with her... Six months after returning home, Her love and her concern for the people and the land that she left behind continues to be in the for front of shaping who she is....

We are so excited that Hannah has decided to join us this March when we return. Her love and her infectious enthusiasm will be an incredible asset to not only ourselves, but to our friends we are going to bless.... Welcome aboard Hannah.... we are so thrilled you will be with us ....