Friday, December 30, 2022

Coming in the new year

Lots more food hampers and Christmas parties today , but I am going to interrupt that report with some time sensitive needs .. Time sensitive because this is the last opportunity to get donations in for the 2022 tax year, and we thought it would be good to highlight some of our upcoming needs . 

We have been providing seeds and a food hamper to about 250 families who plant gardens and share with their family and neighbours .  the cost of this project is $5000  

In just a few weeks it will be time to book our return flights to Kyrgyzstan .  the travel expenses this spring will likely be around $4000. 

Our operating budget for all that we do is also a big need for us .  Donations come in for individual designated needs, but the on going operating budget for salaries and food and utilities is around $2500 per month . 

Photo taken at a team training where some of our team came together for training on how to best support  people living with Trauma .

Please consider donating towards any of these needs. It would be such a blessing to start the year off with some of the pressure lifted . 

OK so I said I was going to hold off todays reports, but thought I would slip one through … This gentleman is so blessed and relieved to receive a Christmas hamper and wanted us to be sure to thank everyone who donated towards this need .  

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Tanya continues to be a blessing

Tanya has been hard at work .. yesterday she delivered gifts to 270 men at the men's home, and today she brought together 160 disabled kids and their caregivers for a wonderful celebration, concert and gifts.  They were all so excited.  

 Tomorrow I will share photos of a celebration with about 250 from another home for disabled men and women .. this was the home that we had people from to the kashar for a picnic a couple months ago.  I can't wait to see the blessings there . 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Tanya continues her moms passion.

Many years ago now I got a message from Larisa telling me she had just had the best Christmas of her life .. Of course for Larisa that was because she spent it blessing the least of these .

Larisa got her caring heart from her mother.  Larisa and her mother are missed by so many , but I know that they would be proud of Tanya who has continued their work caring for those in need .

Here are a few pictures of Tanya today ,packing and  distributing gifts to 270 men at the men's home . 

Christmas at the farm

We had a wonderful Christmas at the farm this year.  Great food , great fellowship. and some cool presents. 

about 30 more food hampers were delivered as well on Christmas Day .. Stay tuned for more deliveries . 

As I type this , men at the mens home for the disabled are receiving gifts .. stay tuned for photos later today.  

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Update from Tanya

Hello John. Merry Christmas... Thank you so much that give me possible to bless poor people in the Christmas time was happy for me to help.. Today I was in different villages. .... All people say hello, thank you a lot ,and Marry Christmas to you.. The chickens was in time all people were happy .. I wanted finish giving food to everyone, but the engine in the car was broke down and it was cold ,I went to Tokmok to repair my car and cant all distribute, tomorrow I will continue to distribute food for the people and send report to you.. thank you so much .."