Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hope for Kyrgyzstan

 A couple weeks ago, we were approached in the market by a lady that was heading to Moscow for a couple years .  She asked us if we would consider renting her apartment  from her .  At the moment we did not think much about it , but agreed to go and see it.  This was the first time here that we had not been looking for an extra apartment.   As we started to think about it , and the number of times we have teams , and guests here, it really was not a bad idea.. What was even better , is that it works out that if we only have some one there one or two days a month we will be ahead of the game. As well, it will give us a place to use as an office .    

Bed room in the new guest apartment 

Guest living room 
 The apartment also has  a full kitchen with a fridge and a full bathroom with a sit down flush toilet, and running hot water.   All things that our guests will appreciate.  

This morning we made up the bed and stocked the fridge, and the first guests will arrive in a few hours. They are a part of the LAMb team coming from Barrie Ontario for a couple weeks.  So if you want to come for a visit , you just may find yourself staying here .

This afternoon, we made a trip out to Orlofka to visit Vera and Oleg at the rehab centre. 

Vera was quick to tell us how well Jenya was doing .  Jenya is a man from the centre that had taken ill a couple months ago.  They contacted us to tell me that he needed an operation right away.  Fortunately just the day before, I had a donation from someone that said that it could be used where ever needed, and that I would know where to use it.. then hours later the request came in for the same amount.  

Jenya doing well

Jenya was glad to see us, and wanted to say thank you to all our sponsors 
He showed us around the rehab centre , and all the renovations they have been doing 

this is the women's centre 

One of the women there was making lunch 

this is Jenya's rooom

I was checking out the Rabbits.  They also have chickens , and a cow 

Jenya shared how after almost a year of sobriety now, he would like to go to collage and then be a councillor at the centre ... he shared that he wished he had found this new life when he was a lot younger, but at 56, it is as good a time as any to start over.. He has made the first big step!

Next stop was to visit Maksat and his new family.  It was such an honour for us to meet them.
They have 7 older kids , all doing very well, all with good jobs inn Bishkek.  Dr's , police, teachers, and even a customs officer at the airport..hummmmm..  They are now alone, and they still have much to give.  Maksat is just so happy.

Maksat with his new Mom and Dad 

Today was one of those days that we travelled around and saw HOPE.. it was so wonderful ... What a blessing to be a part of so many awesome things that are happening here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebration Day

Great day today.  We have completed the Hospital bed project . 

The money came from the Kawartha Rotary club.  You may remember when Jengish was in Canada, he went to the Rotary with me and received the big check.  

There is an active Rotary here in Bishkek, and part of the deal is that the Bishkek Rotary club comes out to inspect when the project is completed.  They then send a letter of confirmation back to the sponsor. 

Today we had a few Rotary members present, as well as local officials and the hospital director.

We were so encouraged.  When they local Rotary listened to all the renovations that have been done, and saw how happy that the new mothers were, and the difference in how things were, they were quick to come up with a great offer.  

They have suggested that they will take the lead, and start putting new casement windows in the hospital.  The hope is to start with the floor where the new born are, as well as the ICU unity for the Baby hospital. 

This is sooo big, and gives us such HOPE when we see national organizations step up in such a big way. 
Its the kind of thing that we have been striving for, and with them being involved in the last two phases of the projects there, it gives them a good stepping point for the next... This time , we will help them.  I am excited about this.  It will be a BIG project, but I know that the benefits will be even bigger.

On another note, there was an accident on the highway last night , there was a young girl stepped out in front of a car, and is now in serious condition in the hospital. Her family has no money, and the driver of the car has been told to pay for all the medical expenses of the girl.   The driver has all his family collecting money to help quickly so she can get the care she needs.  They had managed to collect  all but $150 .  I agreed to help them a bit, and covered $100,  It has come at such a bad time.  The Visa's have been such a problem for us this trip.  it has cost a fortune.. but that is another whole storey for another day . 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Not business as usual.

Watch this video, you will see one lady dancing .  Even her friends were a little embarrassed and if you watch closely , you will see them try to stop her.. But they did  not know what I know ! 

Only moments earlier , she was a broken person.   
She is new to the dump, and when we arrived there, she did not know exactly what we were doing there, but she did recognise that there was something a little different about us then he usual stream of 40 year old garbage trucks that she sees.    Right away she came to me to tell me that she had been at the dump for weeks trying to get enough stuff to sell so she could feed her 3 kids.  

  She was so intense, and ready to do battle to convince me . When I told her that was the reason that we were there,to bring them food.. and HOPE, she simply collapsed into my arms.      

For all the hurt and anguish that we see and experience while we are here , There is nothing that can convey the feeling when you reach out with a little compassion , and show the mercy that has been shown to us.    I posted this on my FB wall a couple days ago, but not all of you are on FB, so I thought it was worth a repost.  I read it on a blog from a man who runs a rehab centre similar to Jengish's over in Mongolia.

I “do” this ministry as a result of it being God’s gift to me, an extension of His mercy in my life, therefore it has nothing to do with me being more dedicated or spiritual than anyone! In fact it may reflect the opposite, I am here because God knows I need to be here in order to receive and understand His radical grace!
This “ difficult ministry" is Gods gift to me . It is not something great I am doing for God, rather He in His mercy is doing something great in me, to me and hopefully through me, all as a demonstration of His grace. So please never feel sorry for “poor John” or any other missionary’s name you want to insert, who is in some difficult place doing such a difficult thing…no, all of us are where we are as a result of God’s mercy, His gift to us, a place of experiencing the radical grace of God, which at times may also include great difficulties (2 Corinthians 4:7-12). But no matter, at the end of the day, missions is a demonstration of God’s grace to everyone involved, not business as usual.

One of the little girls in the village waiting for me so she could give me flowers she had for me . 

We were at Victors sisters wedding today .  Victor you may recognise from a couple years back in the Tokmok orphanage. We have continued to have contact with him and include him in things like back to school shopping and outings.  He now lives with his Babushka.  I met her for the first time today,  She told me " Thank you for being a father to Victor."  She then started crying and turned away.   
 Deffently  "not business as usual."

Saturday, April 21, 2012

LAMb International: GONE FISHING!

Even my best "Hold the fish forward so it looks bigger " trick was no match for these fish... read more here ..

LAMb International: GONE FISHING!: It's another beautiful spring day here in Central Asia, with an afternoon temperature of 87 and with Ruby gone to do training in Moscow, it...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When you get as old at Talant, you have to get a burn permit before you light the candles

Davina's birthday is in a few days, so we celebrated both at the same time 

This is what happens when you leave it to two men to feed the baby 

This morning we were at the Hospital to see the new beds arrive.  We had a chance to visit with some of the students of the medical collage .. they were interested in what we are doing here .

some of the old beds on their way out 

New beds in place .. they just love them.

The cribs are a real hit as well.  

I knew it was not a career when I looked into the room and saw the new mothers and their new babies.. Its can be such an overwhelming thing to be part of such a blessing.  

I love this photo . You can see the new crib and bed with the new baby in the reflection in the mirror.

we even bought them new stools for in the dinning room 

This is the new crib that we got for the Baby hospital.  When they had older kids arrive, they had no beds with sides for them . Now they have a nice bed.
This little one was left at the bus stop.  Likely because he has club feet.  In a few days , they will have his documents in place, andd can begin the process of getting him the medical operations he will need.  It only took a word, and our friends over at operationscanbedone have agreed to help us with this need .  |If you are interested in helping out , check them out at 

We had the boys over for a visit today .  We were able to get them some food,.. a large bag of flour (100 Lb), and a large bag of rice, as well as oil, meat, and some new school shoes. 

The older , had some exciting news for us.  He has been living with an older couple that live next door to his Aunt. he has been helping them out, and they have grown to love him.   He has just turned 16 years old, and the couple would like to adopt him.  He is so happy, and would like us to come out and to meet them.

He is always so shy, and quiet, but once he started to tell us, I saw something that I had not seen in him in a long time if ever ...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More then a career

If you have never wept over your calling... it's a career!

I read this on a Facebook status this week    It is something that has stuck with me.   I have pondered it a lot.  Some times I look at all the needs around us and its hard not to weep.  There are just so many needs, and we simply don't have the ways and the means to meet them all.. There are times when I would think that is what brings us to tears, the frustration of seeing people suffer needlessly,  but I have come to realize that even when the finances are not an issue, the sting is still there .. 

The other day we were in the middle of something and the phone rang, and I took the call quietly.  Joe was there with me , and when I got off the phone, he looked over at me and said " does everything have to be complicated here ?" .. BOY IS HE LEARNING FAST .. nothing is ever easy.  He is beginning to see that from behind the scenes.  

I guess what the difficulty is , is that we get too personally invested in  the people and their lives..  Some might say that is a problem... but as I look around , and as I watch the example of others on our team, I realise that I am not alone .  I also see that someone has to attach themselves to those here who are  desperately  reaching out for help, and if not us then who.  

   This is so much more then a career.... I guess that's why we weep

 John 11:35

Monday, April 16, 2012

a quick update

We began the day with a clothing drop to the seniors home, then had a little concert for them and then cooked them all lunch.   We picked up Luba on the way home , she was glad to see us, and it was good to visit with her.  At night we took her and all the kids from Sergey and Anya's to the Yurts for supper. ..for lots of really good pictures and a more in depth account of the day , you have to check out 

Unloading boxes of clothing

this should keep them going for a while 

One of the Babushka's watches on from her room

Waiting for the rest of the gang to come for supper 

It was great to spend some time with the kids 

these are the kids that made all the jewellery that is for sale right now over at   you should go check it out .

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unexpected guests .. What fun

This morning Julie and I went into Bishkek with Bekah so she could write her entrance exams at the University .  

Front doors of AUCA
 Emma spent the day with the girls at Dayspring.  They were dropping Emma off at home at the end of the day, and it was just in time for supper, so I wiped up a little something .
English style fish and chips was a hit with the girls. 

I think that the ice-cream was even more of a hit.
Tomorrow will be another busy day .  The team is going out to the seniors home to cook for them and spend some time with them.  As well, Sergey has a bunch of stuff from the container.  I will be staying back to organize shipping the 15 new beds to the hospital so we can get them set up and in place when the team gets back from the Seniors home.  Then tomorrow night will be out first English club this trip. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A special Day

I have a few minutes while supper is cooking .. the house smells good, and the sound of girls chatting at the table , laughing and playing cards... the way life should be.   For two of these girls, this is even more of a treat.  They are recently orphaned, and  if not for the help of the LAMb workers here, and and a sponsor in the US, life would be a hole lot more difficult for them. 

Today we took them shopping for seeds and plants for their garden 

After we bought the seeds,  we had a special treat for them.
their sponsor arranged for them to have $10 each to buy anything that they wanted at the bazaar.    
Their sister was not feeling well today, so they did a little shopping for her too. Now they are back with us at the apartment for super. 
   actually right now they are reading a letter from their sponsor with Emma . 
  Words can not really express how special this is for them to know that they are not alone.. that there is someone out there that truly loves them, even though they have never met...yet..

Friday, April 13, 2012

Food drop for the Baby Hospital

Today was going to be a day around the apartment sorting and unpacking , until the phone rang.  We got a call from the Baby hospital that they were almost out of Baby food.  For those that don't know, for the last 3 years, LAMb has been the sole supplier of food for the Baby hospital.  Food is not in their budget, and you can't imagine the difference it makes to have good quality formula for the babies.   

Two of the new babies that thought
they would like to eat  today .

This little guy was found at the bus stop.. they think he
was left because he has club feet.  We will see what we can do
to get him the medical care he needs .

this is a make shift crib.  some of the babies in the hospital
are starting to move around and they have no cribs to keep them safe in bed.    By te time I have this posted, Vlady will have arrived with a new crib for them.  We paid a little extra, but got a really nice one that will last , and be safe for the kids . 

While we were there we got an update on the last couple of babies that we knew.  Umut and Julia are both adopted into good families, and are doing well. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

And ALL Rejoiced

greeting old friends 

We had a chance to speak with the lady that Vlady and his wife are helping at the dump.   Kim and Randy agreed to
cover the cost of the operation until the funds could be raised and transferred from America.   Little did they know that while we were visiting her, a donor came forward to help her 

Everyone got a bag of flour and about a dozen apples 

probably one of the most fun times we have spent at the dump happened when Lynn and Ruby got out their
Yukalalies .  Ruby has had 4 lessons and Lynn has had three... so Ruby got to lead, and Lynn would join in once we past the cord of G...( he has not had that lesson yet ).. but it sure did not matter to every one there .. we had a great time 

it was a great visit 

the kids at the village were waiting for me with flowers.  Kids are often a little slow to warm up to me, but not these kids
As they say there .. that we are part of the family...

spring planting was in full swing, and it was such a blessing to see another example of the LIFE that this water has brought to the village.  Earlier in the day we were in the Bazaar in Tokmok, and the Iskra  Mayor was there and saw us.. He came right over and welcomed us, and shared that he heard we would be in town today, and was so sorry that he would not be able to make it to the party, but would make a point of getting together with us soon..then again thanked us for the water ...

One of my friends at the village was celebrating his birthday.   As a special treat his wife had made him KVAS... and he was honoured to share it with me... GULP... so Sergei took one for the team... He then reminded me that I was going to go fishing with him in the mountains this time.. not sure what happened, but next Saturday, we are taking the whole village on a fishing trip... time for the big bus...

The kids love Joe.. this one was showing him the water 

the next part of the day was a true blessing for us.  We went to the home of three young girls that we support through a generous sponsor.  We have not had time in the past to get to know them that well, so it was a treat to stop and have tea.  

we heard all about work and school, .. what they like to do with their time.  We also got a tour of their garden.  they have it ready to plant.  Saturday they will come to our apartment, then we will take them to the bazaar to get seeds and plants for the garden, then they will come back for supper with us..  I told them that I had a letter for them from their sponsor and that they could write back if the wanted... they were so excited about that. 

they are such wonderful kids.. please pray that God would continue to watch out over them.

when we got home we packed gift bags for the men in one of the prisons that we went to today 

this is a common thing at this apartment , but it was nice to have Joe and Blair here to help out .
Today Julie and Emma had meetings and a nice visit with Acel and the girls and Bekah had to study for her University entrance exam, and Altynai had school.  So Joe and I joined Lynn, Dave, Randy, Sergey, and Blair. We went to the Men's prison just north of Bishkek.   It was great to meet up with the worker that visits them regularly.. She was so happy to see us and was again thankful to all of you who supported the Pie Challenge.  She was able to have a special day for all the kids left with out parents because they were in Jail. .  Today we met with about 38 guys.  They were so happy to have us come see them ..and we were pleased to be there .

For more updates from the last couple days from a different perspective, go to the lamb blog and Kim and Randy's blog