Tuesday, December 20, 2016

An opportunity to Double your blessings !

I have some exciting news to share. Actually two things, each deserving of its own blog post, so to see more great news, follow the link at the bottom ..

If you noticed on the Christmas wish catalogue , you will notice the last item, A mountain ranch.. 

There is a piece of property come up for sale  that is on the edge of the village where the farm is.  It is about 2 miles away at the end of the road.  The cool thing is that the next village is a 10 day horseback ride threw the mountains.  The mountain behind this ranch is public grazing land, were the animals can be turned out to graze.  

this is the Ranch shown here at the base of the mountain.  the photo was taken from the edge of the village where the farm is located. It's that close!

This settlement is known as "Uzun Bulak" or "Long Spring Creek".  It could not get any closer to the base of the mountain.  Right behind the ranch there is a plateau the looks out over the valley on one side and up into the mountain gorge at your back.  

It is such a beautiful spot that we have been bringing guests there for picnics and horse back riding.  

This property would be fantastic for us as a place to grow into.  There are large barns that we can send the animals too to be able to graze in the mountains.   The rest of the property we would plant more orchards, as well as build some small guest accommodations.    Maybe summer outings for some of the kids from the orphanages.. so much potential.  We began negotiations at $60 000 , and have settled on a price of $25 000.  with a closing date of just six weeks if all works out, we can have it for $24,000  

So here is the exciting part  We have had a sponsor come forward, and offer a MATCH GRANT.  That's right .. We are hoping to wrap this up by the end of the year .. a great way to get n your last minute tax credits and double your investment at the same time.  this will also allow time needed to transfer the funds in time for the closing of the deal. 

We know that the structures will require a lot of work, but that can come with time  This is an incredible location and is a place for the farm to grow into for years to come .. 

But wait to see more exciting news , check out this blog post .. 

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