Thursday, December 31, 2020

The last deliveries of 2020

This is not only the last coal delivery of the year, it is the last of our coal .  This Young man below is active helping with kids who are in a bad situation.  Another one of those people who gives from his "lack" in fact it was not even  him who shared his need, but another friend who told us about him ... So today he received coal, fire wood and groceries. 

Like I said this is the last of our coal. We have placed another order a while back, and we are hoping for it to arrive before the 10th. That will give us a bit of time to raise some more coal funds to cover it .  I have discussed with Vlad and we are concerned about shortages so we will double our order.  We have estimated that we will need $2500 for coal and $2000 for food hampers for January.  

Just in time for new years, they have been delivering special food hampers, not just to those who are out of food, but we wanted to bring a special JOY and blessing to some of the more quiet behind the scenes faithful friends who we know.   Its been too long since we have greeted with a hug,  especially with 7000 miles between us not just six feet !  Today it brings me joy to send a virtual hug.


Once the rest were all delivered and cared for, it was time to focus on many of those that work along side us all year long.  People like the mechanic who keeps our cars on the road, the truck driver who helps with coal and large food deliveries, our neighbors who are always there to help if called on.  And others like Tanya, Vera, Olga, Vlady & Tatyana, Israr, Sergey as well as our workers in Bishkek.   For this group, Vlad got some help from his son to pack some special hampers with some extra special celebration treats . 


So on that note, let us take this time to wish you all a very happy new year .

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Clear Message

One of my favorite Parties of the year is with the Blind society.  This is a community that faces such struggles and does not have a lot of support other then the support they have for each other.  This year has been a little different. We have had to be very careful, when they already have struggles , staying clear of covid can be an extra challenge. 

Here is a fun little clip of the fun that they had today.  

Most of important is that they know that they are not forgotten. And they received a clear message that people do care about them. 

I was sharing a few days ago about us helping another organization that is helping kids.  We delivered food and groceries to several of the families of the kids they work with.  Today we brought supplies to the family that runs the center .  They give kids a hot meal, tea, and let them take a shower and clean up, including doing their laundry.  For them we brought a huge supply of soap, tea, sugar, pasta, cream and juice.  

 This is such a blessing to them.  When starting something new like this, I know all too well, when you suddenly get that overwhelming feeling and think "What have I done ?"   Then suddenly God sends you a clear message that you are on the right track, and all is right in your world again.  Today we delivered more then just soap, we delivered a Clear Message . 

Monday, December 28, 2020


There is a difference this year .  Food and coal over the years has gone to families who are living in poverty, many for generations. They have figured out how to live on next to nothing , and can be amazingly remorseful just to stay alive . This year we are going into winter with many hard working families experiencing need for the first time. Many may have a home and up until now were considered middle class or wealthy .. but with the devastation of the economy, jobs and peoples health, its a hole new world.  The message we need to convey is the same one all over the world, that is that  its ok to receive help.  

I shared a couple days ago that there is an unwritten rule about smiling  for the photo no matter how happy you are.  Vlad corrected me today .. They are happy, but many are overwhelmed with the help and simply break down in tears .. It can make a smile difficult ... 

Today we have been helping a couple different organizations get needed help out to their people. 

We were interrupted when we had some car troubles and we ended up having our coal delivery truck tow in our food delivery truck.  That's two down. Winter and winter roads are so hard on the cars, we have the van that will take over deliveries now , hopefully. It lasts until one of the others is fixed.

After a little distraction we were back at it   145 bags of coal, 45 bags of fire wood and 10 deliveries of food. 

This has left us with just 50 bags of coal so we will get another load when the next train comes to town.  We get a large transport load .. 23 tons.  This will be about $1500 rather then $1800 if we purchased in smaller batches .  This will bring us up to 500 bags , enough for about 20 families .   It is so much easier on me as my level of faith has increased over the years.. The coal is needed now so we have gone ahead and ordered it,  with an assurance that money will be there when its required ... Because it is the right thing to do ! 

 Your calling directs your finances, your finances do not direct your calling... A lesson well learned.  


Saturday, December 26, 2020

Did not get the memo !

.This morning some photos came in of families receiving food and coal .    You have to know that they are all just so overwhelmed with the gift.  You would not always know it from the pictures.. There is an un written  rule , actually it probably is written that says you do not smile for a photo,    but trust me they are smiling inside .

oh oh .. some one did not get the memo.  😁

We got in contact with  an organization that has been a big help to us in the city .  They have helped us with difficult to place kids or kids that need legal  help.  They have also provided a place for some of our kids to stay when they were in classes in the city .  We found out that they have a volunteer now much closer to us that is providing meals and showers and laundry  to youth in need as well as supporting some families with coal.  Vlad reached out to them and we are pleased that we will be able to bring them food, soap, shampoo and laundry soap .  We will also get a list of  house holds that are still in need of coal.... We are blessed that you have made it possible for us to meet these needs .. We are truly blessed .. And yes we ARE smiling ☺ .


Friday, December 25, 2020

Tanya Christmas 2020 as promised.

Very joyful fatigue that brings me happiness to my soul..

Kamala and her team had a busy day shopping and packing and delivering Christmas food and gifts to one of the smaller orphanages we have helped .  

Julie asked if they liked it .. Kamala said "Of course they did , there was Kabasa !"

Mean while Vlad was busy delivering to a few other larger orphanages in the valley . 

Red river was first up with assorted fruits and Juice  and cleaning supplies .

Next up was the Ivonofka treatment center where we just put in the new heating system .  Along with the new couch for the common room they also got fresh fruits and juice .  At the same time while there we were able to give them money for the medications that they need .

Over at the baby orphanage they brought the apples oranges and Banana's and fruit, but also brought diapers. 

Back in Bishkek the team got ready for Christmas for the blind society families .  150 families will get a gifts for their kids and a bag of groceries with everything needed to make their own special Christmas celebration . 

Along with deliveries to the orphanage Vlad and his team were packing and have started delivering another 150 food hampers to families .  This time they have added a few special treats and some special Christmas meals .. they are also giving a package of masks with each hamper as well .  Stay tuned for more pictures of these deliveries over the next couple days ...

Next up a report from Tanya 

Hallo John and Julie... We wish you a Merry Christmas all your family from all of us. : I, grandma, 50 families and children, also men from the mens home, and families from dump.  People gave you greetings, congratulations and many thanks, a lot of good words  were spoken by all the people.. I heard the same words many times, from many people - thank you that not forgetting us, now in this difficult moments you help us.... Thank you so much John and Julie and all your friends for making such a Christmas gift for people who were waiting and needed.. People from the dump , On Christmas day went to the dump despite the cold, because they wasnt food at home and at this day I called and said that I want to bring food for them.. They were very pleased... Five days I brought help for family who need and today the group of friends  and I were in a man's home, brought Christmas and especially sweet gifts for men.. In Kyrgyzstan, all people: adults and children love a sweet gift.. Sweet gift as a magical gift.. everyone rejoices when they take up a sweet gift. It gives them joy in the heart.. I am very grateful that you were able to give me such an opportunity to bring Christmas to the hearts of many people and give joy. Thank you for your help John and Julie... The group of my friends  say hello to you and wish you a Merry Christmas .. They were also glad that we could serve and gave gifts for men.. I still have gifts and food , tomorrow I will be give it to the families .. I am tired, but this is a very joyful fatigue that brings me happiness to my soul.. especially on Christmas days to bring help to a familys where there are need food, for me it is a blessing to serve them....Thank you so much. Now I will send you pictures ..

I have hundreds of very moving photos ,  I will share a few now and put the rest into a video you can play when you have a coffee in hand.