Thursday, September 17, 2015

20 days = HALF WAY ... ON THE WAY ..

 First thing this morning we took down some of the front gate at #1 farm so that we could fit a truck in .   Its actually the first time we have been able to have a truck back to the barn .  Up until now we carried everything in by hand as there was a cover over the gate, and an old drive shed in the way .  The design with the over hang allows us to drive right up to the windows to load the hay .. worked great 

In front of each window there is a balcony to stand on to transfer the bales over 

Maratt passing the bails in 

I was saying to the kids how sore I was after unloading and stacking nearly 200 bails , I remember a day when I would move over a 1000 bails a day , picking them up off the field and loading them in the barn.... but then that was 35 years ago, and 2500 feet lower elevation . 

  When we were done, we headed over to #2 Podgorna farm where we had lunch.  Aigoola and our single mom had made a wonderful lunch .. Pumpkin Oromo.. Its like a layered pastry that is stuffed with potatoes , onions and pumpkin .. then steamed .. it is soooo good . 

They also made about 40 litres of sweet  pickled pumpkin .. I can not believe how good it is. 

After lunch Aigoola was cleaning the pickle barrels, but of course Goosey needed to supervise that .. Goosey loves her, and its so cute to see her working away with goosey at her side .

At the new women's shelter we are working on setting up some self sufficiency programs .. There we are building a few rooms that will each contain a small business.. One will be a kitchen for making bread, one a sewing room and one will be for doing leather work .   The banya ( sauna ) house there will have a flush toilet, a shower and laundry facilities, that will be adequate for doing the farms laundry.  . 

Today the builder and his helper started the cement work , the sand truck had about 1 inch clearance on each side of the truck , but did make it in and dropped the sand right where we wanted it. 

There are still hundreds of pounds of peppers and tomatoes in the field. The kids from Day spring and Jeremiah house are coming tomorrow to pick a car load to take home with them to can this weekend. 

Back in Canada , our friends are getting ready to celebrate the last day of the WAY with Julie and Acel .. they will join them by walking 5 km with kids from our town, to raise support and awareness .
this is such an encouragement to us .. we love our community ... 

you can make a difference too .. things are moving forward as the girls are walking , but we do need your help .  please make a donation now to show your support. 

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